25 Personal Development Quotes That Inspire Real Growth


Personal Development

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To better yourself, it’s good to listen to the masters.

Because of this, I’ve put together a list of 25 personal development quotes that'll help you to not only succeed in business, but in life overall.

 There's A LOT of wisdom in these quotes, so feel free to write them down, share them and look at them whenever you need an extra boost.


1. “Life Is Growth. If We Stop Growing, Technically And Spiritually, We Are As Good As Dead.” - Morihei Ueshiba


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You should always be looking to better yourself and push beyond your boundaries.

Look, I know it can be easy to get comfortable and rest on your laurels. By doing this, though, you’re giving up on progress.

 I’ve learned over the years that if you aren’t moving forward, you’re slipping backwards.


2. “The Only Person You Are Destined To Become Is The Person You Decide To Be.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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We all make decisions on a daily basis of who we want to be.

Even the small decisions begin to add up over time and—before we know it—we're someone we don’t want to be.

Make a decision of the kind of person that you want to be, and then start working toward becoming that person. 


3. “Be The Change You Want To See In The World.” - Gandhi


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I know that it can be super easy to feel negative about the world. There are a lot of things that go wrong in your life and in the world around you.

Still, we can’t let this negativity bring us down!

Instead, we need to continue to be positive, and to be good people in general. 


4. “You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream.” - Les Brown


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I often hear, “…but I’m too old to change my life.”  

It’s never too late to correct course and start living your dreams!

 I know that you may have spent years or even DECADES getting to where you are. Because of all of this invested time, you may believe that this simply is who you are now.

However, you’re NEVER too old to make changes and even start over.  


5. “The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself.” - Warren Buffet


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When most people think of investments, they think of financial investments. They concern themselves with making more money and focusing on how many dollars are in their bank account.

Put some time and energy into becoming a better you. You’ll see that success soon follows!


6. “Personal Development Is A Major Time-Saver. The Better You Become, The Less Time It Takes You To Achieve Your Goals.” -Brian Tracy


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Trying to achieve your goals without being the best version of yourself is like slogging through the mud. Sure, you can get somewhere, but it is going to take you forever, and it is going to be a LOT more difficult!

On the other hand, if you take some time to work on bettering yourself, you’ll find that achieving your goals comes that much easier.

When we're our best selves, our ideal lives are so much easier to grasp.

To be successful in life, make sure you work on yourself—and continue working on yourself!


7. “People Don’t Grow By Accident, They Grow By Design. Design Yourself. Design Your Future. Success Never Just Happens.” -Anonymous


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People seem to think that they'll magically become rich, famous and successful. This is FAR from the truth.

Becoming successful and becoming your best self takes not only work, but design. Create a roadmap to your best self and you’ll find getting there is a whole lot easier.


(Note: Want more inspiration? Check out these personal development goals that will help you start to change your life.)

8. “You Are Essentially Who You Create Yourself To Be, And All That Occurs In Your Life Is The Result Of Your Own Making.” -Stephen Richards


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This is similar to the last quote, but there's an emphasis in this quote on how you have control over your own destiny.

While many people think the universe is completely random, I choose to believe we really create the life that we live.

You have a LOT more control over your own future than you may think. Own it!


9. “Look In The Mirror…That’s Your Competition.” - Anonymous


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It’s easy to compare yourself to others—it’s something that we all do. The problem is, those people aren’t us, and we have no idea what's really going on in their lives or in their heads.

Because of this, it’s actually really silly to try and compare ourselves and our lives to others.

Focus on being better, and don’t compare yourself to others or demean yourself.


10. “Setting Goals Is The First Step In Turning The Invisible Into The Visible.” -Tony Robbins


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A lot of people have these big ideas of where they want to be and the life that they want to have. Then, when you press them on how they'll get there, their eyes go blank.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you should have a big picture idea of what you want your life to look like. This gives you something to shoot for.

If you don’t have a roadmap to get there, though, you’ll never get anywhere.


11. “If You Are The Kind Of Person Who Is Waiting For The 'Right' Thing To Happen, You Might Wait For A Long Time. It's Like Waiting For All The Traffic Lights To Be Green For Five Miles Before Starting The Trip.” -Robert Kiyosaki


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A lot of people wait for the stars to perfectly align before they take any kind of action. These people also never get anywhere. 

If you want to make a BIG change in your life, you need to roll the dice and see what happens. Otherwise, you’ll wait for the “right time” until your dying day.



12. “With Integrity, You Have Nothing To Fear, Since You Have Nothing To Hide. With Integrity, You Will Do The Right Thing, So You Will Have No Guilt.” -Zig Ziglar


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It’s sad to see people that think that the road to success involves stabbing people in the back and lying. That’s actually very far from the truth.

Not only will you accomplish your goals faster by having integrity, but you’ll also be able to sleep better at night.



13. "We Are What We Frequently Do." - Aristotle


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I talk all the time about the habits that we form in our every day lives. You may want to become one thing, but your habits and actions say that you want to become something else. Focus on creating positive daily habits so that you can become the person that you want to be.


14. "Forget Yourself And Start To Work." - Gordon B. Hinckley


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Let go of your ego. It does nothing but hold you back.

If you have a real life mission and are willing to stop at nothing to get it, you can't get hung up on your thoughts, feelings and emotions. All you can do is get to work. 

Everything else will take care of itself.


15. "Do, Or Do Not. There Is No Try." - Yoda


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Listen, who can you trust if you can't trust Yoda?

I work with a lot of entrepreneurs, and one thing I see a lot in new entrepreneurs is that they aren't actually committed to success. They aren't willing to give up comforts. They aren't willing to go the extra mile. 

If you're going to become an entrepreneur, do it. Don't just try.


16. "Income Seldom Exceeds Personal Development." - Jim Rohn


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A lot of people want to make a ton of money and want external things, but they don't take the time to look inward. Without taking a look at what you need to improve, you'll never see the financial gains you're looking for.


17. "Absorb What Is Useful, Discard What Is Not, Add What Is Uniquely Your Own." - Bruce Lee


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You're going to get a lot of advice throughout your career, and you're going to learn a lot as you continue to study. While some of this information will help you succeed, other things you learn will be less useful. 

Only keep what works for YOU.


18. "You Cannot Dream Yourself Into A Character; You Must Hammer And Forge Yourself One." - Henry David Thoreau


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Thinking about being a better person and achieving your goals isn't enough! If you want to better yourself and achieve your goals, you must take action.


19. "Your Goals Are The Road Maps That Guide You And Show You What Is Possible For Your Life." - Les Brown


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Your goals are there to help you get to where you want to go. Once you see your goals you can better imagine your future and the right path to get there.


20. "We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence, Then, Is Not An Act But A Habit." - Will Durant


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You need to form habits to change who you are. This includes habits of excellence. It's through taking excellent action that you'll succeed.


21. "There Is Nothing Noble In Being Superior To Your Fellow Man; True Nobility Is Being Superior To Your Former Self." - Ernest Hemingway


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It's easy to compare ourselves to others. It's hard to compare ourselves to our former selves. 

While who you are deep down may not change, there are parts of you that will need to change to improve. Focus on these changes - not on other people.


22. "To Effectively Communicate, We Must Realize That We Are All Different In The Way We Perceive The World And Use This Understanding As A Guide To Our Communication With Others." - Tony Robbins


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Not everyone thinks the same. Also, not everyone has the same goals. If you want to work with others and make sales, you need to understand the wants and needs of others - not just your own.


23. "Twenty Years From Now You Will Be More Disappointed By The Things That You Didn't Do Than By The Ones You Did Do. So Throw Off The Bowlines. Sail Away From The Safe Harbor. Catch The Trade Winds In Your Sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain


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You don't want to regret what you did and didn't do on your deathbed. Make sure that you take action every day that will lead you to excellence. That way you'll have no regrets!


24. "As The Physically Weak Man Can Make Himself Strong By Careful And Patient Training, So The Man Of Weak Thoughts Can Make Them Strong By Exercising Himself In Right Thinking." - James Allen


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If you're just starting your journey, you may have a ways to go. That's ok! We all need to start from somewhere. With practice and repetition, you'll gain knowledge and will become a better version of yourself.


25. "Personal Development Is The Belief That You Are Worth The Effort, Time And Energy Needed To Develop Yourself." - Denis Waitley


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You won't get anywhere if you don't believe that you're worth the time and effort. Believe in yourself and believe that you're worth of a better life!


What To Do With These Personal Development Quotes

Choose one these quotes that inspires you the most and write it down, post it at your desk and share with your friends! 

One of the best ways to keep your mind on achieving your goals is to keep visual reminders of what you're working toward all around you. 

I personally love dream boards for this, but everyone has their own way of doing things. 


(Note: Want more inspiration? Check out these personal development goals that will help you start to change your life.)