This Marketing Strategy Leads to $100k a Month

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If you’re looking to make more money in 2022 (and really, who isn’t), you can’t afford to miss today’s podcast episode.

Taylor Welch is an absolutely GENIUS when it comes to marketing and monetization. His track record speaks for itself…

So far, he has developed 6 different 8-figure brands. Read that again. Six!

Clearly, he knows how to build a business.

But there was something Taylor said recently that REALLY caught Anik’s attention. 

He said in a social media post “passive income is the best type of income.”

If you’ve been following along, you know that’s exactly what Anik has been striving for in 2021 - more passive income. In fact, Anik’s biggest personal goal for 2022 is developing his passive income streams.

As he puts it, there is nothing better than when “your money makes money.”

And that’s exactly why Anik was so happy to welcome Taylor onto today’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur

During their conversation, Taylor shared the 2 keys he has used to build his own passive income

How Taylor Has Built $100K a Month In Passive Income

According to Taylor, your passive income all boils down to 2 simple metrice: time and yield.

You first need to boil EVERYTHING down into those keys. 

As an example, he used Anik’s goals. Anik says he wants to earn $100,000 a month passively. That works out to $1.2 million annually. 

Now, let’s say Anik decides to invest in something common, like a market-tracking index fund. Typically you can expect a 9% annual YIELD from that style of investment.

So with that TIME and that YIELD, Anik would need to invest $13.3 million. 

Obviously, that’s an oversimplified example - but it demonstrates the math. 

And of course, most of us do not have that much money to invest. And that’s OKAY.

There are so many different ways to build passive income. And there are different strategies that work for different people…

Taylor used the example of real estate

So many people these days are earning 13%, 14%, even 15% a year on their real-estate investments. Now, when that’s the case, obviously you can start with a much lower initial investment to get to that same passive income trajectory. 

Of course, the yield you look for is going to be determined by how much time you have and how much money you want to invest. 

It also depends on your own personal risk tolerance.

It all comes down to you and your own personal situation.

Here’s what’s truly amazing. Taylor’s portfolio of investments has been yielding 50%! Not 5%, not 15%, 50%

And while he started with a large investing amount, you don’t need to.

During their conversation, Taylor covered so many different ways everyday people can start collecting more passive income

He also covered different types of investments based on your risk tolerance.

It was a truly great episode, and they covered a ton - including:

  • The best low-tax investments…

  • How to PROFIT from inflation…

  • How to “think” like a wealthy person…

  • Defensive investing strategies…

  • How Taylor allocates his portfolio…

If you’re looking to build your wealth in 2022, this is an episode you absolutely can not afford to miss…

Listen to the full episode now!