Email Marketing 2022: 5 Must-Answer Questions

Email Marketing 2022


No matter how you’re reaching your audience - through social media, with a blog, with an email - you need to provide them VALUE with every single message.

That might sound daunting, but we’ve made it easy for you.

In fact, if you answer these 5 easy questions for your audience in every piece of content you create, you can see a significant jump in engagement, conversions, and sales.

You see, these are the 5 questions they’re asking themselves every time they hear from you.

So by answering them proactively, you’ll have a much more captive audience.

Here they are…

#1 - What’s Going On? 

Everyone is busy all the time these days. 

That goes for every single person you’re reaching out to. Make sure you let them know immediately why you’re talking with them.

Don’t be vague, be upfront with them about what it is you’re sharing with them. 

Do you have tips they need to hear right away? Do you have a promotion or offer that can solve their problems?

Let them know ASAP!

#2 - Why Do I Need to Know This?

This is where you “sell the benefits” of your message.

What problems will this message or product solve? Really think about it before answering. Be specific about why this message is so important.

The reader is probably thinking “I’ve got other things to do, why is this important?”

Get inside the head of the reader and answer that question for them. 

Maybe the coaching you’re providing clients has recently led to a 50% sales increase for another client. Be specific!

#3 - Why Right Now?

This is where you create urgency

If your reader opens your email (for example), and isn’t compelled to act right away, they won’t end up buying or signing up.

That’s just how it works. People very rarely save an email and come back to it a month or two later.

There is so much information out there that constantly distracts. There’s always another email, text message, or notification incoming. 

So make sure you create urgency by letting the audience know why they need to act fast.

Is the sale ending soon? Is there an important date approaching.

The second you don’t create urgency, you lose the audience

#4 - How Do You Know?

Now it’s time to build up your reputation.

In most situations, the audience does not know you or your business. Let them know more about you and why they should listen to what you have to say.

You can rely on:

  • Testimonials...

  • Reviews...

  • Case studies...

  • Your track record...

Social proof is huge here. But stories about your background can work as well. 

Once the audience trusts you, you’ve done most of the hard work.

#5 - What’s In It For Me?

Here’s where you close the sale or intended action.

What benefits is the user going to get out of whatever you’re asking of them? 

This goes back to what we said earlier, sell the benefits not the features. Reiterate what problems will be solved

By this point, the audience knows why you’re reaching out to them. Now it’s up to you to let them know what they’re going to get out of the interaction.

Again, be specific. 

  • This workout helped Bill add 12 pounds of muscle in 2 months...

  • The #1 secret to improving open rates by 20% in MINUTES...

  • 3 steps for getting 1,000 Instagram followers today...

In each of these examples, the reader knows exactly what the outcome will be.

Answering each of these 5 questions will also put you “inside the head” of your audience. Remember, selling is all about psychology. 

The more you think like your readers, the more you can help them!

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