Crypto Plan: How He Makes Hundreds a Day

crypto plan

We rarely speak about investing here at Lurn Daily, but that’s what we’re discussing today.

On this week’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur, Anik spoke all about the crypto-trading system he’s been using since July. 

When Anik first heard about this system from his friend Dan Hollings, he was skeptical. But when Dan came back and asked him again if he was interested, Anik decided to give it a try.

The results Anik has seen over the past three months are crazy

In fact, he made $78,000 in profit in that time span.

  • That’s an average of $26,000 per month...

  • And $866 every day...

Best of all, the system uses “trading bots” that are automated

Today, Dan came back on the podcast to talk more about his system, and to announce he’s hosting a live-event with Anik.

Here’s more about the system and the upcoming event…

How Dan’s Crypto Trading System Works 

As Anik says, when it comes to crypto, he was a total “newbie.” He didn’t “trade” at all, and he really didn’t understand most of the crypto charts he had seen. He really just wanted a system where he’d barely have to do anything.

That’s why Dan’s system was perfect for him. You don’t need to be a crypto expert whatsoever to use it. 

Dan’s system used Artificial Intelligence to capture profits from price movements in crypto. It doesn’t matter if prices are up, down, or sideways. 

In fact, that movement is where the profits are made

Dan calls the small price movements in crypto “The Wiggle.” Anytime prices wiggle, his automated bots take action. And because crypto prices are notoriously volatile, there are a lot of “wiggle” opportunities.

Now, the bots are not capturing huge profits all at once. The way it works, the bots make tons of VERY SMALL moves. They may be small, but they ADD UP.

Once you set up the bots, they are automated

That means you don’t have to go into your account every day and trade or fiddle with the system. In fact, Dan says some of his students that are the most “hands off” actually do the best. 

So far, Dan has taught this system to roughly 10,000 students.

Now, Dan is going to be joining Anik to show off this system. You can save your seat for this event, right here

He’ll be explaining how the system works, the backstory to how he found it, and how to get bots set up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

You’ll definitely want to mark your calendar because this event is only happening ONE time. 

One note - you do need to qualify for this event. This type of system is not for everyone - so we’re making sure anyone who reserves a seat has pre-qualified. You can see if you qualify right here.

Again, the event is taking place on Monday, December 6, at 7pm EST. See if you qualify and save your seat now!