Copywriting: How This Lurn Student Makes $11K a Month



During the pandemic, Tucian Cardos made the same decision that countless people around the world did…

He decided to start his own business.

Tucian decided to leave his career in HR and take the entrepreneurial leap.

And it has definitely paid off.

After taking courses at Lurn and honing his copywriting, Tucian has been able to bring in as much as $11,000 per month.

Most interesting of all, Tucian has been marketing to a very small market: Hungary. 

It might not be the biggest market, but Tucian has found a way to sell online courses full time from home. 

And now he’s bringing down 6-figures.

In fact, his audience consists of just 2,300 YouTube subscribers and 1,400 email addresses.

Yes, he is making $11,000 a month with lists that small!

In this week’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur, Tucian sat down with Anik and explained the step-by-step process he used to find such success…



Inside Tucian’s Path to 6-Figure Success

Make no mistake, Tucian does not consider himself an overnight success. He started trying to make money online in 2014, and was “grinding” for years.

But it wasn’t until he started taking some of Anik’s copywriting courses that he started seeing real success.

It was there that he learned that if he found his niche and mastered selling with the written word, he could finally succeed.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Tuciann is originally from Hungary (he lives in the UK now), so he speaks Hungarian and has plenty of friends there. He knew during the pandemic that a lot of people were struggling and looking to also make money online. 

That’s where he found his niche.

He had been in the online entrepreneurship market for years. And even though he had never found huge success to that point, he knew a lot of tips and tricks for eCommerce, copywriting, and advertising.

That would be his niche. Selling his expertise to people who needed it most. 



How He Built & Monetized an Audience 

His next step was creating a YouTube channel

He started creating videos for his friends and family that were asking him how to make things like Instagram profiles and Print-on-Demand accounts.

But when he was making those videos, he started using the copywriting techniques he had been learning - just in video form.

That’s when he really started to see his channel take off.

He kept educating himself on all types of online entrepreneurship topics. Every time he would learn something he’d make a video explaining what he learned and how people could use the knowledge.

Now, there aren’t a ton of people doing the same thing in Hungary. So his channel really started getting attention. 

He found a niche that there was demand for, but also had very little competition.

The conversation Anik had with Tucian is one of the most inspiring and motivational we’ve heard in quite some time.

Throughout the rest of the episode, Tucian explained…

  • How he began offering his own courses...

  • How he has scaled his business...

  • What he has learned about selling to niche markets...

  • How he uses Facebook Groups to grow his audience…

  • How he created a course with basic equipment...

  • And how he built a business with just FREE traffic…

You can listen to the full episode, and hear Tucian’s complete strategy, right here...

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