Make Money Selling Products Online By Creating Irresistible Offers


Everyone wants to make money selling products online, but not many people know how to do it. I've been doing it successfully for over 15 years now, and I've done it in a lot of different ways. 

However, the skill that has taken me the farthest in my journey is copywriting

Specifically, my ability to create and promote irresistible offers is why I've been able to sell millions of dollars worth of products online. 

If you want to make money selling products online, you HAVE to learn how to create irresistible offers

I've made just about every mistake that you could possible make, and I've boiled the process down into a simple system. 

Let's check it out. 

Product Vs. Offer

The single biggest mistake I see people make when they're trying to make money selling products online (or anywhere for that matter), is that they try to sell the product instead of the offer.

So, what do I mean by that?

If you read my article about the elements of creative copywriting, you know what I mean when I say that you have to sell the sizzle.

To better understand that idea, you can think of your product as the steak and your offer as the sizzle. 

Essentially, you want to sell the benefits of a product instead of the features

Let's talk through an example. 

Have you ever been to a store and seen one of those five-hour energy drinks sitting next to the counter at checkout?

How much caffeine is in one of those things?

If you look close, the caffeine level in five-hour energy drinks is essentially the same as the caffeine level in a cup of coffee. 

So, why does the five-hour energy drink sell for $5 when a cup of coffee sells for $1 or $2?

The simple reason is that the five-hour energy drink is an offer. The company isn't selling the caffeine level in the drink. They're selling the fact that you can throw back that little energy drink and have energy for five hours. 

That's exactly what I mean when I say you need to create an irresistible offer. 

The Seven Elements Of Creating An Offer

The problem that many people run into when they're trying to make money selling products online is that they only focus on one or two elements of an offer when there's actually several elements to focus on. 

For example, let's take a quick look at how I could break down a course that I'm selling to turn it into an irresistible offer.

Main Product

Your main product is pretty self-explanatory. 

This is just the product that you're selling to people. Beginner copywriters tend to focus only on describing the product and its features, which is why so many of them struggle with making sales.

My main product here will be the course that I'm selling.

Main Benefits

Copywriters with a little bit more experience know that they have to sell the main benefits of their product to really capture people's interest. 

However, those who aren't too advanced tend to stop here and miss out on a lot of sales. 

For this example, the main benefits of my course would be what the students get out of the course (i.e. an Amazon store that can net them 'X' amount of dollars per year).

Limited Benefits

More advanced copywriters know that they have to sell the limited benefits of their product in addition to the main benefits.

While the students may come to my course for the idea of financial freedom in their life, there are also a lot of other smaller benefits that they get from the course as well. 

This could be extra support, mentors to work them through problems, etc.


When I'm selling a course, I'm not just selling the modules. Most people don't care about the individual modules in each course that I'm selling.

What they care about is whether there will be a support system in place for them when they're struggling or failing.


Another powerful element of the offer I'm creating with this course is that people will have access to a community of other students, mentors, and teachers to help them feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. 


Not only are the students getting the benefit of the knowledge in the modules, they're getting the benefit of all of the experience of the instructors, mentors, and community members. 


There is an entire network of students who have taken the course before them (and with them), and that student network is a powerful benefit to the course. 

Breaking Down The Offer

A beginner copywriter would take that course I'm selling and describe the different modules and lessons that they student would get if they purchase the course. 

Nobody is going to buy that. 

The advanced copywriter breaks the product down into an offer that is then product down into a series of benefits that makes the student feel like they are taking advantage of me because the offer is so great. 

If you learn how to really break down your product into a series of offers and benefits, you'll have no trouble selling your products. 

Make Money Selling Products Online

Listen, there are hundreds of different ways that you can make money selling products online. 

I've done it successfully for over 15 years, and I've trained thousands of students who have successfully made money online. 

I have no doubt that you can do it too. 

Whether you're starting an e-commerce store or creating digital products, learning effective copywriting is going to be the skill that helps you make your breakthrough. 

No entrepreneur can succeed without it. 

To learn more about copywriting and creating irresistible offers, check out my free copywriting course, Copywriting Bootcamp

There are also a ton of different courses inside of the #LurnNation platform that will help you make money selling products online. 

I can't wait to see you there!