10 Copywriting Courses That'll Help You Step Up Your Game

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“Damn. I think I had my camera on the wrong setting,” I said as I flipped through the overexposed pictures I’d taken on a trip to Sri Lanka.

“These are useless.”

I’d been on one of the most amazing trips of my life and thought I was taking incredible photos the entire time, only to find out that half of them were ruined because I didn’t know how to use the DSLR camera I’d bought a few months before the trip.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only time that scenario played out.

After three years of frustration, I finally started looking at online photography courses. I came across a travel photography course from a well-known travel blogger that cost $100, about ⅕ of how much the camera cost me.

After working on the course for a couple of months, it was 100% worth it.

I finally understood things like shutter speed, aperture, the rule of thirds, Adobe Lightroom, and several other tips that helped me get more out of my camera.

And I even got feedback on some photos from the instructor and a group to join.

Basically, I learned more in the two or three months I was working on the course than I did in about three years of just playing around with the camera myself.

All because I put my trust in an expert.

So, how does this relate to copywriting?

Copywriting Courses Help You Get To Your Destination Faster

You’re here either because you want to become a copywriter or you want to learn to write better copy for your business.

Maybe you’ve read a little bit about copywriting.

Maybe you’ve even done a little bit of copywriting for yourself.

But you don’t know what good copy looks like. You don’t know the different types of copywriting. You don’t have a system that works. You don’t know how to diagnose problems with copy. You don’t know where to get clients.

And the biggest problem? You don’t know what you don’t know.

While you can certainly find a lot of that information for free on the internet, your journey is likely to look a lot like what my journey did when I was trying to figure out how to use my camera.

You’ll get some good stuff, but you’re going to get a lot of bad stuff too.

And it’s going to take a lot of time.

The primary benefit of signing up for a copywriting course is that you put yourself on a faster track to success because you’re learning from someone with experience.

5 Free Copywriting Courses At Lurn

5 Free Copywriting Courses At Lurn

At Lurn, we understand that you want to make sure you’re getting value before putting money down on a course.

That’s why we have a bunch of free courses inside of #LurnNation.

However, not all of them will help you on your journey to improving your copywriting skills.

But these five courses will.

#1: Copywriting Bootcamp

Copywriting Bootcamp is an introduction to copywriting that’ll help you understand what exactly copywriting is and how you can use it.

With over two hours of content, you’ll learn:

  • Why direct marketing is dead (and how interactive marketing is taking its place)
  • The four forms of copywriting
  • The five-step formula to copywriting
  • The free book funnel
  • Two case studies about how to earn money as a copywriter

Who should take this course: This course is for people who are new to copywriting and want to learn more about the fundamentals.

(COURSE: Copywriting Bootcamp)

#2: FB Bootcamp

FB Bootcamp is an introduction to Facebook advertising that’ll help you understand how Facebook ads work and how you can write copy that converts in those ads.

With over two hours of content, you’ll learn:

  • How to setup Facebook advertising
  • What great landing pages and sales pages look like
  • How to choose the right objectives and targeting
  • The most powerful types of ads
  • How to create a high-converting ad
  • How to launch and optimize ads
  • Two case studies covering funnels and lead generation

Who should take this course: This course is for people who are ready to apply their copywriting to real ad campaigns.

(COURSE: FB Bootcamp)

#3: Email Secrets: What Gmail Doesn’t Want You To Know

Email Secrets is an introduction to email marketing and how to optimize your emails for deliverability.

With just under two hours of content, you’ll learn:

  • How the Gmail inbox works
  • What behavior-based automation is
  • Deliverability best practices
  • Improving open rates and click rates
  • Nurturing and converting leads
  • List exhaustion and cleaning your lists
  • Tagging, segmenting, and conditions
  • Retargeting

Who should take this course: This course is for people who either want to build their own email list or improve their copywriting for emails that they’re writing.

(COURSE: Email Secrets: What Gmail Doesn't Want You To Know)

#4: Freelance Bootcamp

Freelance Bootcamp is an introduction to the world of freelancing. In a little bit under an hour of content, you’ll learn:

  • What makes freelancing a great opportunity
  • What you need to succeed
  • How to get your first client
  • Three ways to market your services
  • How to automate the lead generation process
  • How to scale your business
  • Case study of someone who built a successful copywriting agency

Who should take this course: This course is for people who want to start working as a freelance copywriter.

(COURSE: Freelance Bootcamp)

#5: The Pitch Formula

In The Pitch Formula, Kevin Harrington, original Shark on Shark Tank, shares the three-step system he uses to close deals.

With around an hour of content, you’ll learn:

  • How Kevin Harrington got to where he is today
  • The system
  • Step #1: Tease
  • Step #2: Please
  • Step #3: Seize
  • Overcoming objections

Who should take this course: This course is great for people who plan on doing copywriting for video sales letters and webinars.

(COURSE: The Pitch Formula)

At the end of taking those five courses, you’ll have:

  • An understanding of the different types of copywriting
  • A five-step system to write copy
  • Ideas for funnels
  • An understanding of Facebook ads and how to run them
  • How to write copy for ads
  • An overview of email marketing best practices
  • Ideas for how to start your own freelancing or agency business
  • A three-step sales system

With that knowledge, you can easily go out and start getting clients for yourself as a copywriter. Once you have experience doing that, you’ll want some more advanced copywriting knowledge.

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5 Paid Copywriting Courses At Lurn

5 Paid Copywriting Courses At Lurn

Once you’re ready to move on to more advanced options, we have some great stuff available at Lurn.

These five paid courses will take you from intermediate to advanced.

#1: Copywriting Academy

In Copywriting Academy, we build on the concepts you learned in Copywriting Bootcamp. In over 61 hours of content, you’ll learn:

  • More about the copywriting business
  • How to further research your market
  • How to build opt-in and registration pages
  • How to write high-converting emails
  • How to write written sales letters
  • How to write video sales letters
  • How to write for webinars
  • How to get clients
  • Several supplemental resources

Who should take this course: This course is for people who want to take their copywriting business to the next level.

(COURSE: Copywriting Academy)

#2: FB Academy

FB Academy is the more advanced version of FB Bootcamp where you’ll learn how to master the art of Facebook ads from people who do it every day as a living.

In over 31 hours of content, you’ll learn:

  • How to create and master funnels
  • How to build great landing pages
  • The anatomy of Facebook ads
  • Advanced targeting
  • Advanced optimization
  • Advanced funnel techniques
  • How to use important tools

Who should take this course: This course is for people who want to master copywriting for ads, whether for their own business or to better service their clients.

(COURSE: FB Academy)

#3: Inbox Blueprint

Inbox Blueprint goes significantly more in-depth into email marketing best practices and techniques than any of the free courses that we offer.

In over 680 hours of content, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the most profitable niches
  • How to attract (& warm up) cold traffic
  • An entire email marketing system
  • How to build a relationship with your list
  • How to create and market your own products
  • How to drive traffic to your opt-in pages
  • Access to 100+ hours of bonus training and webinars

Who should take this course: This course is for people who want to learn advanced copywriting techniques for email marketing.

(COURSE: Inbox Blueprint)

#4: Freelance Blueprint

Freelance Blueprint goes further into the freelance business model and gives strategies for how to generate more business.

In nearly nine hours of content, you’ll learn:

  • How to find and manage clients
  • Strategies to market your business
  • Ideas to scale your business
  • How to build a team
  • How to use Upwork
  • How successful freelancers have built their business

Who should take this course: This course is for people who are interested in growing their freelancing copywriting business.

(COURSE: Freelance Blueprint)

#5: Emails That Sell: Master Email Marketing & Learn How To Increase Open & Click Rates

In Emails That Sell, you learn specific strategies to write high-converting emails. In nearly four hours of content, you’ll learn:

  • The foundations of great email copy
  • The four types of emails
  • Email design
  • How to set your strategy
  • How to refine your copy
  • How to avoid the spam box
  • Access to swipe files

Who should take this course: This course is for people who are serious about improving their copywriting skills for their emails.

(COURSE: Emails That Sell)

5 Tips To Succeed In Online Courses

5 Tips To Succeed In Online Courses

Now, just signing up for a course isn't enough.

If there's anything we've learned about online courses, it's that most people sign up for them and then don't complete them

As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

Here at Lurn, we don't want you to meet that fate. When you sign up for a course, we want you to not only complete your course, we want you to apply what you learn and succeed. 

So, use these five tips to get the most out of whatever course you end up choosing. 

Tip #1: Create A Learning Schedule

One of the most important things I've learned to do since I started taking courses online is to have designated times and days of the week that I set aside for my coursework. 

Everyone's schedule will look different, but take a look at this sample schedule to give you an idea of what I mean.


Example of a Sunday-Saturday learning schedule created in Excel


You can also look at our very own Jeremy Bellotti's concept of a Quarterly Curriculum of Mastery to help you plan out your learning schedule. 

Either way, planning it out and making time for it will go a long way in helping to ensure you make your way through the entire course.

Tip #2: Apply What You Learn To Real Projects

One of the most important things that adult learners can do to take ownership over their learning is to apply what they're learning to real-world projects

If you're taking a class about Facebook ads and you aren't running any Facebook ads, you aren't going to get a ton out of that class.

So, have a way to apply what you're learning before you sign up for the class.

Don't sign up for an email marketing class if you aren't planning on starting an email marketing plan until next year. 

If you're taking a copywriting course and don't have any clients, build your own website to apply what you're learning. Practice making some sales letters and video sales letters even if you don't have anything to sell. 

Offer to do it for someone else for free if you have to.

You're going to get significantly more out of the class if you apply what you're learning in real life.

Tip #3: Put Something On The Line

For me, putting money on the line is one of the biggest motivators out there for me to finish a course. 

When I sign up for a free course, it's too easy for me to not feel guilty about leaving it.

Whether this means finding an accountability partner or paying money for a course, it helps a lot to have a bit of extrinsic motivation to accomplish your goals. 

You can even check out an accountability website like Stickk if you're having trouble finding some external motivation.

Tip #4: Don't Overwhelm Yourself

One common mistake I see people make with online courses is they overwhelm themselves with content. 

They sign up for five classes at once or try to finish their entire course the first week they buy it and burn themselves out. 

Remember, learning isn't a sprint.

You aren't going to master new content in just a couple of hours per week. 

It takes time.

So, instead of trying to blow through courses as fast as you can, focus on figuring out a pace that allows you to intergrate and apply the information without overwhelming you.

Tip #5: Focus On One Course At A Time

One of the best ways to pace yourself with content is to choose one or two courses at a time and focus only on those. 

We all have busy lives, and trying to keep up with four or five courses is too much. 

You won't get depth on any of those courses, and you'll likely end up dropping most (or all) of them due to being too busy and overwhelmed. 

Instead, choose the course that's most relevant to you right now (something you can apply to your life immediately), and stick with that course through to the end.

You'll get much more out of it than you would otherwise.

So, Are Copywriting Courses Worth It?


There’s no question that you'll to lear more about the art of copywriting quicker through courses from an expert than through trial and error.

While you’ll still have to go through your own trial and error, you’ll iterate through those mistakes much quicker than you would if you were trying to figure out the problems on your own.

And you can access all of them here in one place.

What’s there to lose?

(Note: Want even MORE info about how to use copywriting to grow your business? Grab your spot in this FREE course to learn about the tools and strategies you (and your business) have been missing out on.)