Copywriting: How He Makes $15K an Hour



There’s a simple truth about the world we live in. 

Your net worth and income are directly tied to the VALUE you provide a company or industries. 

That’s why different professions earn different salaries. A person who makes their company $1 million a year will almost always earn more than the person who makes their company $100,000 per year.

And the more DIRECTLY your skills contribute money to a company, the higher your earning potential

It’s a very simple concept...

That’s why it’s so surprising that so many people completely ignore two of the skills that have an immediate and direct impact on every company’s bottom line.

Anik explained both of these skills, and how he got his start with each of them in this week’s episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur.

If you haven’t guessed by now, the first skill is COPYWRITING.

Anik knows this better than anyone else. Over the years, he’s honed his copywriting skills to the point that he earns $15,000 per hour when copywriting.

And that $15,000 wasn’t even his ceiling…

He was making that hourly rate when he was working for other people. When he started copywriting for himself, he started earning so much more!

If you follow along at Lurn Daily, you know how much Anik loves copywriting as a profession.

But it’s not the only skill that can help you earn an insane income online…

Earn Money Online With Sales Funnels

The second skill is understanding sales funnels

Funnels are the cornerstone of any good marketing and sales campaign. They walk the audience through all of the business’s products and explain the benefits of each.

A great sales funnel also demonstrates how the products (or services) can solve the customer’s problems

They start by creating awareness of the products and eventually walk the customer all the way through to a sale.

In today’s episode, Anik explained in great detail exactly how he came to master these two skills. 

As he says, he never would have imagined he’d become a copywriter. But nearly 19 years after starting from square one, he has sold over $300 million worth of products online.

Listen to the full episode, right now!

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