How to Boost Your Email Conversion Rate Today

email conversion rate

Getting traffic to your content or website is an excellent starting point, converting that traffic is critical for monetizing. Today, we'll show you how to boost your email conversion rate with 3 specific tools. 

Each of these resources is very simple. So if you’re just starting out, there is no steep learning curve to overcome. 

Here are 3 tools you can start using to boost conversions in minutes…

Email Conversion Rate Tool #3 - Sumo

This is a great resource that will let you start out completely free of charge. If you like the products, there are ways to upgrade your account down the line. But if you want to stick with the free products, you can use them for life.

Sumo is used by nearly 900,000 websites. It has numerous email capture tools you can easily embed on your site like:

  • Email capture pop-ups
  • Embedded images with email captures
  • Sign up boxes that scroll with the user
  • Welcome “drop down” boxes 
  • “Smart Bars” that embed on the top of your page
  • Numerous embedded share buttons

Sumo’s tools are great for beginners because no coding is required at all. You can literally sign up and start converting traffic in minutes…

Email Conversion Rate Tool #2 - Google PageSpeed

Now, this tool won’t capture email addresses for you, but it is absolutely critical if you do plan on converting traffic.

One of the biggest factors when a user converts is page speed. Think of it like this. Do you really want to give your email address to a company whose site takes forever to load?

This free tool will analyze your page’s load time and offer suggestions on what to fix and how to fix it. You can also see how quickly your competitor’s sites are performing. 

People’s attention spans online are shorter than ever. Make sure your site loads as fast as possible if you’re serious about conversions and monetization.

Email Conversion Rate Tool #1 - Hubspot

First on our list today is Hubspot. This is another platform where you can start with a suite of free tools, and upgrade your account as you see fit. 

The platform can help you get set up with web forms to capture emails. But that’s just the start. They also offer…

  • Pop-Up Forms
  • Surveys and Quizzes
  • Live Chat Features
  • Content Upgrades
  • And even Chatbots...

You can get a live demo of their products for free and see which tools will work best for your website and your audience. 

For most of the features, no coding is required. 

It really is perfect for beginners looking to test different features on their sites. They also provide a dashboard where you can easily track data and see how your conversion efforts are working…

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