Workshop Announced During CRAZY Facebook Live Event + FREE Drop X Report

Facebook LIVE with Anik July 28, 2016 I'm about to go on vacation tomorrow (woohoo!), so I'm gonna try to keep this short, but I have lots of important stuff to share - so stick with me!

Facebook LIVE Today Was A Huge Success!

I hope you were able to join me earlier for our MEGA Giveaway Week... Here's a breakdown of the stats:
  • 965,266 people reached
  • 6,401 Comments... Yes, you read that right...
A lot of those comments were questions for the LIVE Q&A. I shared tons of great info, so make sure you watch the FB Live Recording here. It was bonkers... and crazy awesome.... and SOOOO much fun :) I think a big part of it had to do with the prizes I was giving away, but more on that in a second. First I have to tell you about...

A HUGE Announcement I Dropped About Our Next Workshop Series

Watch this video to learn more (make sure you save your seat and get your FREE REPORT now)!

The Drop X Formula - Free ReportDownload This Free Report & Read it TODAY! Inside, you'll...

    • Meet Our Special Guests Who Will Join Me For Our Drop X Workshop
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    • And Much, Much More!
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Drop X Starts August 1st at 8pm ET

Mark Your Calendar & Be There LIVE

*Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. I'll be sharing more about this workshop series soon, but save your seat now, mark your calendar, and be there LIVE so you don't miss out!  Okay, now back to the prizes...

Wait... Who Won What?!

We gave away LOTS of prizes in 3 main categories: Education, Entertainment & Electronics (it was pretty exciting... especially for 1 lucky winner who got a MacBook Air OR iPad- CONGRATS! I know you were pumped when I said you won :) )... Now I hope you were watching LIVE, because to claim your prize, you were supposed to be on the event live while it was airing, so you could reach out to us. But I'm feeling generous (hey, I'm already slipping into vacation mode)... So I'm gonna make it possible for you to still claim your prize, even if you weren't watching LIVE. However, you still have to watch my FB Live recording here. If you hear your name called as one of the winners, you MUST reach out to within 24 hours to claim your prize! Hurry, do it now, before it's too late :) Man, I'm buzzing right now... I'm not sure if it's from the awesome Facebook Live Event today, the energy from you #LurnNation during it was off the charts (thank you!), the vacation I'm about to go on, or the incredible Drop X Workshop I literally can't wait to kick off this Monday! I hope you're as excited as I am... Please Like & Share this post... you never know, you or someone you know could have won a prize during FB Live and the clock is ticking for them to claim it! UPDATE: This contest has ended and comments have been removed. If you have a question, comment or feedback, please reach out to