Why NOW Is The Time To Go Mobile (Even If You DON'T Yet Have A Website)

It's 2016. Are you monetizing mobile? It’s 2016. We now have hover boards (kind of). Millions of households have personal drones. Plus, for the 7 billion people on earth, we have around 2 BILLION cell phones. Source: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/mobile-email-stats So, what happens when someone with 1 of those 2 billion cell phones connects to your website? Or, if you don't have a website (yet), is there a way you can still capitalize on this massive opportunity, too? Well, that's what you need to be asking yourself as we head into 2016: Are you truly optimizing this massive mobile opportunity? Well, are you? If you're not, it’s probably been on your to-do list for a while. Maybe you were just waiting for it to move from “a cool thing to do” to “100% imperative to my business”. Maybe you were waiting for the demand from mobile users to be so great that you just couldn't ignore it any longer. Maybe you were waiting for a business incentive that affects your leads, sales and profits. Folks, it’s HERE! In big, bold, neon letters. Now is the time to mobile monetize and optimize! Learn How — Save Your Seat for Anik’s Mobile Week Workshop! Let me put it this way: From this point forward, EVERYONE can & should be focusing on mobile. Now if you have a website, I really need you to pay attention to what I'm about to say... Every day your site is NOT optimized for mobile devices, prospects are…
  • Leaving your site
  • Choosing NOT to do business with you
  • And maybe even sharing their bad experience with a few of their friends – Gulp!
As a result, you lose leads, sales, goodwill and opportunities to make money (And hey, that’s what you’re in business for… right?) Now you may be thinking, “Maybe my site isn’t perfectly optimized for mobile devices… but you can still access it with a cell phone.” That’s no longer enough. Today’s consumer has the patience of a 3-year-old.
  • So, if your site doesn’t fit well in their mobile screen… They’re GONE!
  • If they don’t get the option of a mobile-friendly site or a full, non-abbreviated site… See ya!
  • If by using their smartphone, your prospect has to scroll left and right… Adios!
  • If they can’t easily find what they’re looking for in just 1 or 2 clicks… Bye bye!
  • If they can’t effortlessly checkout on your shopping cart in just a few clicks… Off to the next site!
Sure, not all prospects will immediately bail if your site isn’t mobile friendly. But re-read each of those examples above and think about your past experiences as a consumer. Have YOU ever exited a site, or not bought something because it wasn't easy to navigate on your phone? I know I have... So you can see just how HUGE this opportunity is to even launch a business just around mobile. Here's a fact for you: Over 50% of email opens are now coming from mobile devices. So it’s definitely an area that you should pay attention to in your business. Like now. (Source: Litmus) Best part… it’s a pretty easy fix. In fact, Lurn is offering 2 Free Trainings to help you get Mobile Optimized in just MINUTES. The trainings are on January 6th & 10th — Full Details Here. Like I said, even if you don’t yet have a business or website, Anik’s Mobile Workshop can immediately change that! In this exclusive, no-cost training, Anik and his special guest will show you some cool mobile software that can help you launch your business. Want proof? They'll be launching a business from scratch LIVE on the first workshop… right in front of your eyes. Sign up here. The way I see it, there are 3 reasons why you must be Mobile Optimized NOW. Reason #1 — Your Audience Wants It Just a few years ago, people still used laptops and PCs for 90% of their online activity. If you had a mobile optimized site, you were ahead of your time. That’s just not the case today. More than HALF of all web searches take place on mobile devices. People today own multiple devices. Your prospect could begin her search on her laptop, research it on her tablet, and then finally make the final purchase on her smartphone. If your website doesn’t seamlessly respond to all of her devices, you’ll lose her. It’s no longer a “want”. Today people NEED sites that are mobile optimized. Even if you don’t yet have an online business, Anik’s Mobile Workshop hands you the shortcut to monetizing mobile! Reason #2 — Google Demands It We’ve all learned by now: It’s Google’s world, we’re just playing in it. Well, in April 2015, Google rolled out huge changes in its algorithm that puts a value on mobile optimization. In short, Google rewards websites that load quickly on mobile devices. Sites that are easily accessible and usable are ranked higher. On the flip side, sites that aren't mobile friendly... well, their rankings could tumble. Reason #3 — It Affects Your Bottom Line Websites need to look good on a small cellphone screen. Prospects need to be able to easily navigate the site. The opt-in page and shopping cart must work seamlessly on mobile devices. To have a successful business, you need to pay attention to these things and know they're working across all platforms, especially mobile. Believe me, how your website responds on mobile devices will seriously impact your visitors, leads, sales and how much money your business brings in. Save Your Seat for Anik’s Mobile Workshop & Watch Them Launch a Mobile From Scratch — You Can Do It Too!
Do you remember when having a website went from “an extra marketing tool” to “a must-have business experience”? What about when having a social media presence went from “the next cool thing” to “critical to communicate with your audience”. That’s where Mobile Optimization is today. A few years ago, hardly anyone was doing it. A few months back, there was a major shift. Today, if you're not monetizing and optimizing mobile, you’re not just behind the curve… You could be seriously hurting your business.   Save your seat for Anik's 2 Free Mobile Week Workshop Trainings on January 6th & 10th One more thing before you go, please Like, Share, and Comment on this post. All of us at Lurn love hearing from you :) Note: Comments are no longer active on this blog post. If you have a question, comment or feedback, please reach out to support@lurn.com.

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