What’s Up With Those Web Push Notifications?

It is called a website push notification. And it is gold because it CANNOT be blocked by the standard popup blocker.

No it’s not spam. But it does provide the awesome opportunity to get in front of people in a world cluttered with too much information.

The Future of Popups

The Future of Popups

The website push notification is a relatively new technology. It was created by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and it came onto the Internet scene just a few months ago. These notifications are automatically installed on computers and come with automatic updates.

This technology is now being used by the big players such as CNN, Facebook, eBay, and YouTube. And if they use it, it definitely works.

Again, this popup cannot be blocked by a popup blocker!

By default, the push notification is turned on. It can be can be turned off. But this requires going into the browser settings and going through a few steps. This is something few people bother to do.

Plus, this popup isn’t a jarring interruption when a person is browsing. The typical spammy popup fills the entire screen. It’s an annoyance. Push notifications are different. They discreetly, but still noticeably slide in from the top of the screen. It captures attention without hog-tying it.

But the best thing about this new website push notification is…

It gives the user the choice to opt-in!

These notifications come with the choices Block or Allow. If the person chooses to block notifications from a specific site, that’s it. They won’t have to worry about notifications coming from that site ever again.

I always talk about the importance of giving people a choice. This is critical in today’s world of interactive marketing. If people choose to opt-in, then they will be more open to what we, as marketers, have to offer. If they choose to opt-in, they are giving us permission to send them notifications. That’s a micro-commitment which creates momentum.

Wondering how effective these notifications really are? If it’s only used by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, how many people actually see them?

The answer is A LOT.

W3schools.com gets over 45 million visitors every month. They have been tracking the browser usage of those visitors since 2002. In 2017, 92.7% of all the visitors to their site were using either Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

That means these website push notifications reach 92.7% of the people browsing the Internet. That is a heck of a lot of people!

At this point, it is easy to think, “Well, that’s fine, but what can I really do with a notification like that?”

The answer is EVERYTHING!

The key is to leverage the power of this…

Push Connect Notify

Push Connect Notify

Push Connect Notify is an app created by Jimmy Kim and his amazing team at Snaptactix. This new app takes website push notifications to a whole new level. It is absolutely brilliant!

Push Connect Notify allows Internet marketers to do the following:

  • Customize push notifications. It is easy to brand notifications. A company can use its logo, colors, and specific words to create a unique push notification for their website, blog, or eCommerce store.
  • CHOOSE to ask people to provide their email address. Sure, it is clear they are being giving the choice to subscribe, but why not get their email, too?
  • Communicate with visitors by sending them notifications. It is even easy to redirect them to any website. There are no restrictions.

This is truly powerful.

Push Connect Notify grabs attention because the notifications aren’t bland or devoid of value. Think of them as notifications packed full of personality and actual value. They allow for the engagement of the audience. It becomes possible to make an offer AND collect a visitor’s contact information. And this app takes advantage of the “micro-commitment” approach to marketing.

How does this work? When the first push notification pops up, users can choose to allow continued notifications to come to them or they can decline them. Remember that these notifications can be designed to look unique. Specific words can be used to attract customers.

If they say YES, that can be the end of it, OR another notification can come up that asks them for their name and email address. This step is definitely a must.

If they have already said yes once, chances are they will take this extra step.

Just think about what this means when it comes to list-building. I am a HUGE advocate of building a solid email list. An email list is one of the greatest business assets anyone will ever have. After all, why direct someone to a sales page so they can buy once and then lose them forever? Or have to market to them all over again?

By collecting their email address first, they can be marketed to over and over again at no additional cost. And using Push Connect Notify provides an additional means of collecting those emails for mere pennies!

Push Connect Notify is ridiculously effective. I know because I have personally used it and it has truly worked wonders for me. It’s a new, amazing and high-converting way to build email lists.

The Push Connect Notify app is easy to use. It provides a user-friendly dashboard that allows for simple management of push notification campaigns. There is so much that can be done via this dashboard, such as viewing:

  • The number of active and inactive subscribers
  • The timeline of how many subscribers joined and when
  • Details of all active campaigns
  • Individual notifications

I hope the POWER of the Push Connect Notify app is clear. Can you see the massive potential here? Every Internet and email marketer should use Push Connect Notify as part of their overall marketing campaign. Well, if they care about optimizing their business.

Website push notifications.

Folks, this truly is the next generation of website push notifications. It can help any Internet marketer:

  • Increase subscribers
  • Grow email lists
  • Increase profits
  • Give more value to customers and site visitors
  • Manage notifications and subscribers with ease

And it doesn’t matter what type of online endeavor this app is used for. It might be a simple blog and the notification will let subscribers know each time a new post is published. Or there might be a new product coming out and subscribers need to be notified. It might be an amazing new affiliate offer that subscribers need to know about.

The online business or niche market doesn’t matter. Its benefits extend universally. Push notifications are a brilliant way to reach any audience and build a solid email and subscriber base.

Reach more people than ever before with Push Connect Notify. It doesn’t even require payment of a monthly fee. How great is that?

Ever Internet marketer absolutely must have Push Connect Notify!

Push Connect Notify!

Click the link below to get Push Connect Notify today:

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