Using Facebook Effectively As An Entrepreneur


Facebook can be an amazing tool for becoming extraordinarily successful, or for wasting a bunch of time and energy.

Sadly, I see a lot of people doing the latter instead of the former.

I know that I spend my time on Facebook being productive, and I use Facebook as another tool to make connections, drive traffic, and make money.

Anyone out there trying to grow their own business should be doing the same.

Sadly, people  often use Facebook the wrong way…which leads to lackluster results.

How Most People Use Facebook


First off, I want to let everyone out there know that I’m not picking on you. This is constructive feedback.

Take it as such…

Still, it’s good for people to stop and think about how they are using Facebook the wrong way if they want to start using it the right way.

Here is the wrong way to use Facebook (and how most people use it):

Wasting Time Scrolling

I’d venture to say that most Facebook users waste their time mindlessly scrolling through their feed.

In fact, there is a phenomenon in which people take out their phones and simply scroll back and forth because they are essentially trained to do so!

Instead of scrolling just to scroll, I always make sure there is a purpose to my scrolling when I am on Facebook.

Arguing With Strangers

Nobody needs this kind of negativity in their lives!

Still, this seems to be an extremely popular pastime for Facebook users…

The thing is, almost no one has ever changed someone’s mind over Facebook—and even if they have, it’s rare.

Instead of taking time out of your day to yell at people you don’t know, spend that time being productive.

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How Entrepreneurs Use Facebook


Now that we’ve gone over the wrong way to use Facebook, let’s take a moment to talk about the right way to use Facebook.

I’m going to briefly go over how I use Facebook—which is a LOT more productive than what we just went over a moment ago…

Engaging My Audience

The first thing I make sure to do when I am using Facebook is to engage my audience. I make sure to connect with the people that I am following on Facebook and react when they engage with me.

It’s important for a business owner to show their customers that they care and that they are willing and able to engage with their customers.

By engaging with my audience, I build trust and make deeper connections with my audience. I also learn more about any concerns they have, and I use their constructive feedback to improve my products and services.

Asking Questions

I love to ask questions to my followers to not only get their attention but to get them involved!

People like to be social on social media…who knew, right?

By asking questions, I am able to open up the conversation. From there, I can get involved and ask my followers to get other people involved.

This helps to grow a community.

My community is filled with people that are willing to help each other, answer questions politely, and suggest changes that I may have never thought of on my own!

Making Connections

Another way that I like to use Facebook is to make connections with others.

I like to connect with other people in my business community to form mutually beneficial relationships.

There are so many business owners, content creators, distributors, and more out there that are looking to connect. By making these connections, I have been able to boost my business, find amazing talent, increase my leads, and develop mutually beneficial relationships that have led to the success of both parties.

Adding the RIGHT People


To make these powerful connections and increase the effectiveness of your Facebook efforts, you’ll need to make sure that you are following the RIGHT people—and that the right people are following you.

Consider the tips below for adding the RIGHT people to your Facebook feed and overall network.

Adding Successful People

You want to add successful people to your network if you truly want to grow as an individual and as a business owner. 

Even if there are others out there who are nice people that want to add you, their negative energy, lack of focus, and diminished drive will do nothing but set you back.

Instead, anyone that wants to be successful should go out of their way to surround themselves with successful people

The people that you are friends with and are following on Facebook should be people that are working hard to achieve their goals.

Now, when I say “successful” I don’t just mean people that have reached the peak of their success.

I suggest following not just people that are already successful, but also people that are working hard to become successful.

These people also often have a lot to offer—and they are also often likely to want to collaborate with others.

Add successful people, and start communicating with them to build a success network!

Adding Supportive Friends

Not everyone that I add on Facebook is a business owner or collaborator.

I also have friends that I like to follow and keep up with on social media…but I make sure that the friends and family members that I follow on Facebook are upbeat and supportive!

I also avoid adding people I don’t know (unless it seems like they may be a good fit). This helps me to cut down on the riffraff and stick with people that I know will help me along the path to success.

Since we are discussing what you see on your feed…

Controlling Your Feed


It can be easy to get distracted if you don’t control your Facebook feed.

There are lots of posts flooding Facebook at any given time, and a lot of them are negative, annoying, or counterproductive.

Sadly, people often get caught up in these posts and—before they know it—they’ve wasted a chunk of their day getting outraged and responding to these ridiculous posts.

I always make sure to control my Facebook feed to stay productive.

Here are some tips to control your feed:

Don't Follow People That Annoy You

If someone keeps getting on my nerves on Facebook, I quickly hit the “unfollow” or “unfriend” button.

Sure, everyone needs to vent here and there, but if someone is constantly complaining, gossiping and posting negative things, there is no reason to follow them.

This is especially so if these people are taking the time to post negative comments on your posts!

Don’t give your time to people that are only trying to waste it.

Don't Follow Things That Make You Angry

As a society, we have fallen into a state of constant outrage.

While it may feel satisfying in the moment, being in a state of outrage is destructive. Take this and multiply it by CONSTANT outrage. and you’ll see that you are getting nowhere.

I avoid things that I know will make me angry.

This helps me to keep my mind on positive things—and my work!

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Speaking of which, I heavily encourage anyone out there trying to achieve success to surround themselves with positivity!

This may include pages that post inspirational quotes, people that are consistently upbeat, and other positive people and pages.

The more positivity you have in your life, the better!

From there, make sure to CONNECT and ENGAGE with these positive people and pages. Let them know that you appreciate them, and that they are helping to keep you motivated!

I find that a little boost of positivity can actually get me back on the right path when I wander, and it makes me more productive!

Using Facebook Effectively As An Entrepreneur


Facebook can be a tool for growth or a barricade blocking your path to success.

Unfortunately, I see more people blocking their path to success by wasting their time mindlessly scrolling through their cluttered feeds.

Instead, make sure you are using Facebook the RIGHT way to get more done, boost your, efforts and increase the positivity in your life!

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