Running Out Of Inventory: A Story Of Determination


Something pretty amazing is happening throughout Lurn Nation.

While we strive to make each week extraordinary, I’ve never before seen the type of magic we all experienced this week.

This third week of 2016, my students, my customers, my team & my vendors gave me an incredible reminder of how we’re all sprinting toward success.

Let me break down just what happened (& how YOU can benefit from it in the next few days):

This past Thursday, Jan 14th, we did a Pre-Release for my brand new book: The Circle of Profit, Edition #2. We offered 2,000 of these soon-to-be bestselling books for FREE. We just asked for a tiny shipping+handling fee & we would ship the physical book right to you.

Well, I knew they’d sell out fast. Maybe in 3 days. Even 2 days.

But for the life of me, I NEVER expected them to go as quick as they did.

The Unexpected News

Just 18 HOURS after we released them, all 2,000 books were GONE!


Initially, I thought it was awesome news. This means people really want my book. It will definitely be another bestseller. Maybe even outselling the original version that over 100,000 people bought.

The Bad News

Then I started getting emails. Messages. Phone calls from Lurn students & followers.

I was crushed.

I had practically promised all of you that these books would last through at least a couple days. But they went super fast… and many of you were left empty-handed.

I have to tell you, I have a team of superheroes.

The minute we learned we sold through ALL 2,000 books, they JUMPED into action.

The Plot Twist

We immediately came up with a new plan: to ask (beg) our printer to get another 1,000 books printed. If you know about printing books, this was not a simple request. It would cost them considerable money & time.

I half expected them to tell me "NO."

The AWESOME News — Redemption

We just got the news: They said "YES!" They will put in a RUSH to print another 1,000 copies of my new book.

The best news? I'm still going to give these new copies of my book away for FREE - they'll be available Tuesday morning!

So, Tuesday, January 19th at 8AM EST (New York Time), we will OPEN again!

Since we sold through 2,000 of them in 18 hours, I expect these 1,000 books to go even faster! Mark your calendars. Check this blog for updates.

And watch your inbox for your chance to get The Circle of Profit, Edition #2 for Free - Just help us out with a small shipping+handling fee. In just a matter of a couple days, we:

1) Listened to our students & customers

2) Shifted our entire game plan in response to Lurn Nation

3) Successfully printed 1,000 extra copies… For YOU!

I don’t know of another company out there — big or small — that could have pulled off this tiny miracle. I’m so proud of my team, my vendors & the dedication of my students. Thank you all!

Don't wait, sign up for our waiting list right now, right here! Be sure to mark your calendar to get it early too, because I know we'll sell out fast again!

Now, if you plan to be one of the first in line to get 1 of these 1,000 second-print copies, let us know.

Leave a Comment below. Please also remember to hit Like and Share this too :) We Did It — 1,000 More Copies Coming Tuesday! Get Ready!