Significantly Boost Your Customer Base with Influencer Marketing


In order to be a great marketer, it’s important to have every marketing tool in your toolbox. One that people often either neglect or are completely unaware of is influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a phenomenal way for marketers to take their efforts to the next level and to draw in a brand new, eager audience that they may have otherwise missed.

As different social media sites have popped up and grown, the opportunities to leverage influencers to sell products and services has grown as well. Anyone with an Instagram account can scroll through the feeds of content creators that they follow, and are almost guaranteed to see at least one influencer ad.

To take your marketing to the next level, it’s necessary to understand not only how to find influencers, but why you need them in the first place.

Why You Need Influencers


While marketers can tell potential customers how amazing their product is until they are blue in the face, the product may still lack credibility—especially if the product is new or has a damaged reputation.

It should come as no surprise that people listen to the recommendations of people they trust. Where often this is a friend or family member, in the age of social media, the person that they are listening to also may be an expert in the niche.

Now, celebrity endorsements are nothing new. Having an actor sell a cologne or having a sports star sell shoes is an old practice. Social media has changed the game when it comes to influencer marketing, though.

Instead of listening to sports heroes and actors, people are starting to follow experts in the fields that they are interested in. Because their fans see them as experts, when these influencers say that a product is worth their time, their fans have a tendency to listen.

Consider a fitness Instagram model.

It’s likely that this model is only known for being in great shape. Many people follow this model because they want to be in shape too. So, when the fitness model is seen drinking a certain protein shake, people will be more likely to purchase that protein shake as well.

Influencers have a built-in fanbase of loyal followers that respect their opinion. With the help of influencers, you can tap into this fan base.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit? (And How?)


There are so many different types of businesses out there, but there are also many different types of influencers. Because of this, a large variety of businesses can benefit from influencers.

This includes both companies that sell physical products, and companies that sell services.

Physical Products

Physical products and online influencers go hand-in-hand. The example earlier was an excellent example of how a physical product can be marketed with the help of an influencer.

Influencer marketing isn’t just for the fitness industry, though. Marketers can also take advantage of these niches:

  • Pet/Animal Care and Training
  • Fashion
  • Makeup
  • Health
  • Music
  • And More

For pet training, a company can provide an influencer with a special training leash. For musicians, a company can provide them with a free guitar.

There are many ways that companies that sell physical products can benefit from influencers in order to sell their product to a larger audience.


While products may seem like the obvious choice for influencer marketing, influencer marketing can also be used to sell services.

Let’s say a health coach would like to sell their services through an influencer. They may help that influencer to get over a hurdle that they have, in exchange for that influencer telling the story, and endorsing the coach.

While marketers may need to think outside the box a bit more to sell services through influencers, it definitely can be done.

Finding Influencers


In order to take advantage of the power of influencer marketing, a marketer first needs to find influencers!

Luckily, finding influencers (and even reaching out to them) is easier than most people think.

I understand that a lot of older marketers that have been in the game for a while may be confused by social media, or may not know how to navigate it to find the right influencers. In reality, it’s a lot easier than it seems.

Search Social Media


The first step is to sign up for various social media accounts. One very popular company for influencer marketing, for instance, is Instagram. Because of the visual nature of this platform, it’s easy for influencers to sell physical products.

After signing up for a variety of social media platforms, it’s time to start looking for influencers. This can be done by simply typing in keywords and finding influencers that have used these keywords.

Hashtags are still very popular, and influencers use them A LOT to get the attention of potential followers.

So, if an influencer is in the fitness industry, they may have a hashtag like #weightlifting, or #fitness.

Start searching for influencers using these keywords, then start following both them and the people they associate with.

After following a good amount of influencers, a marketer should start checking their social media feed to see what the experts and celebrities in the niche are posting. It’s important to pay particularly close attention to whether or not the potential influencers have sponsors, and if it looks like they are already engaged in influencer marketing.

If it looks like an influencer is posting photos with a product (and especially if they are linking that product), it’s a safe bet that they are open to sponsorships. From there, a marketer can reach out and see if they are accepting new sponsors.

While it’s easy to discover whether or not certain influencers are open to sponsorships (as they already have sponsors), other influencers may have simply not been approached by a sponsor yet.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to reach out to influencers that have a good following, but may not have any visible sponsors. They may be waiting for the right sponsor to reach out to them.

Boosting Sales Through Influencer Marketing


People buy from who they trust. This is why influencer marketing should be part of your internet marketing strategy.

Start searching for influencers in your field, and start reaching out.

It’s understandable if you still aren’t totally sure of how to do this…

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