10 Tips To Sell Online Using Free Facebook Traffic


When people think of selling on Facebook, they often think of running ads.

While running ads is an excellent way to drum up traffic, it definitely isn’t the only way.

For people that are on a budget—or would simply like to multiply their results—there are different ways to drive traffic and make sales through Facebook without spending any money.


Well, I’m going to go over 10 tips to sell online using free Facebook traffic with you.

If you follow these 10 tips, you’ll get a better response from your existing audience on Facebook—which potentially means more sales.

Let’s get started with the 10 tips!

1. Post FUN Content


Here’s the thing—people want to be entertained when they are on Facebook.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise—but for a lot of marketers, this is a concept that they miss.

I like to think about how I spend my time on Facebook. Do I like to mindlessly thumb through boring content?

Of course not! I like to be entertained.

This means I—and I think most people would agree here—gravitate toward people who create FUN content.

Knowing this, I try make sure to provide my followers with lots of fun and engaging content that they can enjoy and SHARE.

Make sure your content is engaging and FUN to keep your followers interested.

2. Don’t Pursue Prospects Too Aggressively


A big part of sales is pursuing clients and hustling.

Trust me, I get that.

While this is true, so is that fact that pursuing too aggressively can lead to some unwanted consequences.

People don’t mind being courted, but if a marketer comes on too quickly and too aggressively, they will scare their prospect away.

The way I like to think about it is that people love to buy, but they often hate to be sold.

So, play it cool.

Marketers should let clients know that they are interested in their business but aren't desperate.

Authenticity goes a long way in entrepreneurship and relationship marketing.

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3. Share Stories


Since the beginning of mankind, people have been telling each other stories.

Stories help people to relate to each other on a deeper level. They convey our shared experiences and show us that we can all relate to each other in one way or another.

In fact, research shows that stories actually activate our brains in a much different way than if someone is listening to a list of facts.

Your brain on stories exhibits increased activity, which helps helps you remember things at a deeper level.

That's why I love to share stories when I interact with others—especially over social media. I want them to know that I'm a real person and that I’ve had obstacles that I’ve had to overcome as well.


I like to let people in on what my life is like and how I got to where I am. This means telling stories about both the good AND the bad. 

Doing that is how you get people to relate to you, remember you, and trust you.

4. Help People


Everybody needs help from time to time!

Potential customers may have a question about a specific product, a general question about a niche, or other questions that they need answered.

These questions are an opportunity for an entrepreneur to not only establish their expertise but also help out their customers and potential customers.

People are grateful to those that help them out—and this includes businesses.

Think about it this way…has there ever been a business that has taken the time to answer your questions or help you in any way? If so, how did you feel about the business afterwards?

By taking a moment to help others, I’ve found that many of those people become customers—as do a lot of the people that witnessed the interaction.

5. Engage and Interact


One way for a business to get their name out there is to spend money on ads—which is fine.

We do a lot of ads here at Lurn, and I encourage you to explore that option for your business as well.

However, paid ads definitely are not the only way to get your audience's attention. It's also important to engage and interact in a very human way on social media accounts.

And it definitely shouldn't just be sales interactions.

People like to see businesses involved in conversations—especially when it is about their niche or THEM.

By engaging and interacting, a business shows that they are willing to take the time to actually create a bond with their customers and get involved in the conversation.

6. Be More of a Friend Than a Salesperson


Facebook allows everyone to engage with each other—whether it be person to person or person to business. Some salespeople abuse this privilege, though, and oversell. This scares people away and makes them look desperate.

Not many people follow a business page or join a group for a hard sell. They go on Facebook to have fun, interact, and learn.

Can you imagine if you were standing around with a group of friends chatting and one of them started to relentlessly pitch you a product? Yuck.

But what if you were having an organic conversation with a friend and you realized that they sold certain products or services that you are interested in? You’d be more likely to inquire and maybe even purchase.

On social media, marketers need to provide value first and focus on selling second.

7. Listen to Feedback and Adjust


One of the best things about Facebook for entrepreneurs is the instant feedback that they receive.

Sure, there will be negative people that just like to whine and troll, but overall a business owner can get some amazing constructive feedback from customers if they pay attention.

And I mean both qualitatively and quantitatively.

By that I mean you get feedback from people's comments, but you can also use the analytics program that Facebook provides to see how people are interacting with your content.

From there, a business owner can make adjustments to make their product or service better and to show that they are actually paying attention to what their customers have to say.

8. Join Relevant Groups


For a marketer to interact with prospective customers, they first need to find them!

One of the best ways to find potential customers is to join Facebook groups. There are a variety of different groups in all sorts of different niches that users can join. Users then chat, make suggestions, ask each other questions, and more.

By joining relevant groups, a marketer can really get involved in the conversation, help and engage with potential customers. 

However, most of the properly moderated groups out there do not allow sales posts in their groups. 

That means you need to read the rules, participate accordingly, and provide value to the group.

That's the only real way to gather a following from groups and forums.

9. Ask Relevant People to Like Your Page


There is nothing wrong with a marketer asking the right people for help with growing their page. This includes asking for them to like the page.

However, there's a difference between asking the right people to like your page and spamming people.

A big factor in the difference between asking the right people for likes and spamming is asking relevant people to Like a page. If a marketer simply goes around asking for likes everywhere, they are likely to get ignored—or even banned.

Instead, a marketer should find the right people to ask, and then ask politely. Trust me, this will get a much better response than randomly spamming.

10. Post Promotional Stuff (Just Not Too Much)


At the end of the day, a “business account” is a BUSINESS account. This means there will be some selling happening.

While a marketer shouldn’t get too heavy handed with promoting their products or services, it’s okay to post promotions. After all—they are there to sell and people interact with businesses because they want to buy.

Post exciting promotions, sales, and other great news about your business. Your customers want to know when there is a promotion so they can jump on it!

Just don’t overdo it.

Sell Online With Free Facebook Traffic

With these 10 tips, you’ll be able to boost your sales and drive more traffic through Facebook without spending a dime!

However, I've found that the best strategy is to focus on both paid advertising AND organic traffic on Facebook. 

Those strategies combined typically help people achieve the best results.

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