The #1 Overlooked Tool That Can Dramatically Help You Grow Your Online Business

I get asked a lot questions by students about how to grow their business. But the other week, one student stopped me in my tracks and really made me think. She asked...

“Is there any ONE thing that most email marketers OVERLOOK that has the potential to really grow their business?”

In my mind, I was searching for the best answer. I wanted to tell her something that was easy, quick and cost almost nothing. Then it came to me...

Click Tracking!

I know, I know. You’ve probably never even heard of Click Tracking. I don’t talk about it much. But trust me, Click Tracking should be an essential part of your email marketing business. We believe in it here at Lurn. In fact, not a single email here is sent out without click tracking activated. Think about it this way: Email is the heartbeat of an email business, right? In all of your emails, the links — or the CLICKS — bring people to your website, opt-in page or shopping cart. Well, it turns out, some of your links (as much as 30% - Source: ClickPerfect) are either broken, go to the wrong page, or are not optimized. That means that as many as 30% of people who are trying to get to your site or buy from you… simply can’t! So I recently asked the Founder & Creator of ClickPerfect (and my friend/business partner), Jimmy Kim, to explain exactly what click tracking is and why you need it. Lurn’s Director of Education, Dave Lovelace interviewed Jimmy, so we could get the full scoop and an awesome, feature-packed LIVE DEMO! You can watch the FULL interview and demo in this video post, but I also wanted to include some of the highlights below…

Dave's Q&A with ClickPerfect Founder & Creator, Jimmy Kim...

Take Back Control of Your Clicks (and Business) with Click Tracking

Dave: Can you share with our students the importance of click tracking? Jimmy: Whether you’re doing email or solo ads or including links on your webpage, click tracking allows you to track just about everything. Where you sent them, what time they clicked, their IP address, if they used a mobile device or not… the list goes on! All of those metrics can really improve your marketing. One of the biggest benefits of click tracking is to find out if you have broken links or not. Without click tracking, you wouldn’t know if you had broken links. You would simply lose money and opportunities. So Anik and I created what we consider to be one of the best click tracking tools out there. It’s called ClickPerfect. We’ve even been using it in our own businesses for the last 9 months. Today, I’ll show you how you too can try ClickPerfect for 30 days for free. No strings, easy! CLICK BELOW if you don’t want to wait and you’re ready to sign up for ClickPerfect now!

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What Are the Top 3 Reasons for Click Tracking?

Dave: So where would you use a tracking link? Can you give us the top 3 benefits? Jimmy: First, let’s say you sent 5,000 emails out to an affiliate’s website. Then, the affiliate’s site went down. You just lost out on the potential for hundreds or thousands of clicks. However, once you have click tracking, you simply change the link within ClickPerfect. Now, even though the emails have already gone out, the link is now re-directed to the right page. Second, click tracking lets you better control your traffic. If you’re sending prospects to a page that’s simply not converting, click tracking lets you change the URL right away. Quickly and on the fly. Third, you can easily direct traffic based on location. What if half of your market were from the U.S. and the other half were from China? Now, you can easily link the appropriate markets to the appropriate sites that fit their language, customs or needs. It’s really easy and really cool! Dave: Jimmy, there are 2 types of clicks, right? Can you tell us the difference? Jimmy: Absolutely. You have Unique clicks and Raw clicks. A unique click is from an individual who clicks through for the first time. After the first click, no matter how many times he or she clicks, those are raw clicks. So, raw clicks = clicks. Unique clicks = people. People who click multiple times are some of your hottest prospects. Therefore, with a click tracking tool, you can actually drive people on their second or third click to a whole new page. => Click here if you like the sound of ClickPerfect and you want to start your Free 30-Day Trial

How Click Tracking Saves You Money and Frustration

Dave: What about solo ads, which we also call email media? Isn’t there an advantage to using click tracking to keep them honest? Jimmy: Yes, great point! If the solo ad business is promising you a certain number of clicks, click tracking will ensure they’re not trying to short that count. That can save you a lot! Also, many autoresponders out there don’t provide real-time tracking. ClickPerfect’s click tracking advantages is a great way to keep people honest, while keeping yourself informed with exact data. Dave: What about rotating and split testing? Jimmy: Yes, absolutely. Split testing can quickly take you from beginner marketer to master marketer. So, you can constantly test different emails and opt in pages. The link stays the same… you simply change it in ClickPerfect. Easy!
Thanks for that Jimmy and Dave - awesome interview and demo!

Try Today’s Premier Click Tracking Tool: ClickPerfect — 100% Free for 30 Days!

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Now you know several reasons why click tracking will seriously help your business, marketing and sales. Well, we’ve evaluated many click tracking tools out there, and although we’re a little biased since we created it, we believe in ClickPerfect. This is the last tool you’ll ever need. It does everything. Sure, you may never need some of the advanced features shown in the demo. But they’re there when you want to give them a try. Yes, ClickPerfect is pretty powerful. But we also made it ridiculously simple. Just watch a tutorial video or two and you can quickly become a ClickPerfect master. Do yourself a favor, and take back control of your business. Maximize your clicks and control your traffic and marketing. Click the button below to get started with ClickPerfect! It’s 100% free for 30 days. Get started now.

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