10 (Ethical) Ways to Get More Amazon Reviews


It’s no secret that more (positive) Amazon reviews means a higher likelihood of future sales.

The problem is, getting Amazon reviews can be difficult.

 Luckily, there are several ethical ways to boost your Amazon reviews.

Before we get into 10 ethical ways to get more Amazon reviews, though, let’s take a moment to discuss unethical ways that people get reviews so you can avoid them…

What’s Considered Unethical?

There are lots of ways to boost Amazon reviews that are unethical and can easily get you kicked off the platform.

If you don’t want to find yourself in trouble…

DO NOT Purchase Reviews!

You shouldn’t be looking to buy reviews in any way, shape or form. This is especially so when it comes to “click farms” that artificially increase the number of 5-star reviews you're getting for your product.

Also, no FAKE Reviews!


This goes along with purchasing reviews.

 Fake reviews can be easy to spot and really aren’t worth the trouble of getting booted from the platform.

Now that you know what to avoid, let’s get into how you can ethically get more Amazon reviews!

1. Sell Initially At A Discount


When you're first selling a product, it's good to build its popularity and get some initial sales. One way to do this is to initially sell the product at a discount.

Remind customers that the product is on sale for a special price, and encourage them to provide reviews as a “thank you” if they like the product.

While you may not make as much money immediately, it’s worth trying as long as you're still making some money (or at least breaking even).

2. Email Follow-Ups

It’s always good to check in with customers to see if they're enjoying your product.

This check-in is also a good opportunity to ask the customer to review your product—especially if they enjoyed it!

This check-in can also be part of an automated sequence.

Once you’ve got your customer to sign up for your newsletter, you can check in with them, ask for reviews, give them tips on how to use the product they purchased, and encourage them to purchase additional products.

Above all, make sure your email shows a genuine interest in their opinion. If your customer feels they're being heard, they'll be more likely to leave a comprehensive review.

Just be sure that you're following Amazon's guidelines for email communications.

3. Product Inserts

Have you ever received a product in the mail, and once you opened it you saw that there were a few inserts in there?

These inserts may have been coupons, advertisements or even requests to review the product on Amazon.

Product inserts are an easy way to remind customers to take action once they’ve received their product. This includes asking them to leave a review for the product!

4. Quality Control

Customers like to know that they're being heard and that you're paying attention to the quality of your products. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you incorporate quality control into your practices (if you haven’t already).

Customer reviews are an excellent place to discover if there's an issue with the product so that issue can be addressed. From there, you can replace a faulty product and ask for an updated review.

This attention to quality can not only help you to change the minds of people that have left negative reviews, but also increase your chances of positive reviews in the future.

5. Provide Great Customer Service


Issues will come up here and there. It’s unavoidable.

How you handle those issues can be the real difference between a positive and negative review, though.

Good customer service is paramount not only to positive reviews, but also repeat sales and good word-of-mouth.

It’s also the ethical thing to do…

Make sure your customers feel heard, and address the issues that come up.

6. Join Facebook Groups

To get more reviews, you’ll need more people actually purchasing your product.

By joining Facebook groups, you drive more traffic to your sales page.

In order to do this, though, you need to make sure that you're an active member. You can’t just spam the group or you’ll end up getting banned…

Instead, become an involved member in various relevant Facebook groups, and when the time comes, drive traffic and ask for reviews.

7. Respond To Reviews (Especially Negative)

Sometimes reviewers just want to know that they're being heard. By assuring them that you’ve heard their feedback and are ready to fix the issue, they'll be much more likely to change their review from a negative review to a positive one.

Just keep in mind when responding that being negative and rude won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it'll just make you look worse to potential customers…

Instead, stay objective, helpful and professional when responding to criticism.

8. Respond In Forums


Just like Facebook groups, different online forums can be good places to encourage potential customers to check out your products and leave reviews.

Also like with Facebook groups, becoming a member of forums means being actively engaged.

Do NOT SPAM people!

9. Run Ads

Amazon makes it easy to run ads on their platform, and these ads can easily lead to more sales.

More sales, of course, means more opportunities for customers to leave reviews!

If you're taking advantage of the other tips that we’ve gone over, ads can fast track not only your sales, but your positive reviews.

This, of course, leads to more sales!

10. Ask IN the Product

There are certain products that actually allow you to communicate directly with the consumer. One such example is with books.

Whether you're selling an eBook or physical book through Amazon, you can always ask customers to leave reviews at the end of the book.

Asking for reviews in the product (especially at the end) can be a good way to get them to leave you a review while the product is fresh in their mind.

Get More Amazon Reviews


Reviews Can Make a MASSIVE Difference!

Reviews can really increase your sales and convince other users to buy your products when they may be on the fence.

Use the 10 ethical tips we went over to increase your reviews, and boost your sales.