The Early Entrepreneur: 5 Steps To A Millionaire Morning


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Guys, let me preface this article by telling you that I have tried A LOT of daily routines throughout my years in entrepreneurship.

And to be honest, most of those routines did NOT include a morning routine. I was always much more of a night person when I was younger, but something has changed in me over the last couple of years.

I tell you this because you can make changes to your life no matter what point in life you’re at.

Whether you’re just finishing high school, changing careers at the age of 40 or just looking to make incremental improvements to your life, it’s never too late to change.

I should know.

I’ve been a young and successful entrepreneur, a failed entrepreneur and a re-built entrepreneur. I’ve had to grow and change throughout my journey, and I guarantee you will as well.

So, let me save you some time by letting you know what works well for me after years of trial-and-error.

If you take these five tips (or even one or two or three) and start applying them to your daily life, you’re going to get more out of your day.

Tip #1: Wake Up Early


I know.

I hear you night entrepreneurs screaming at me from a mile away.

When I was younger, I used to be the same way. Nights were the only time I felt that I could get things done when I was starting my company back in my dorm room in college.

Even after I left college, I let that habit continue. I was young, had some money and didn’t have a boss telling me to wake up and work every single day. I don’t regret those days since I wouldn’t be where I am today without them, but I’ve realized recently that those late night didn’t actually make me more productive.

In fact, I was hurting myself.

You see, waking up early and setting a schedule for myself allows ME to own my morning, which in turn allows me to own my day.

I love the fact that I’m getting things done while everyone else is still asleep.

So, I start my day around 6:45am.

Tip #2: Drink A Bottle Of Water And Take Vitamins


Although you might think your body is being lazy while you’re asleep, it’s actually working hard in the sense that it’s preparing you to get up and face another day of work and socialization.

Depending on your weight, your body actually burns between 300-500 calories in a night. That’s why you likely feel thirsty when you wake up after a good night of sleep.

If you want to get out of bed and have your brain firing at full capacity as quickly as possible, it’s important to give it what it needs: water and nutrients. I personally like to drink at least a full bottle of water as soon as I wake up, and I also supplement it with vitamin B12.

Figure out what your body needs in the morning to function at full capacity, and give it what it needs.

Tip #3: Own Your Morning


When I was younger and first starting out as an entrepreneur, I thought I was owning my time by being reckless with my sleep schedule. Because I didn’t have anyone telling me what to do or when to wake, I was living what I thought was the life of an entrepreneur.

But what I found is that that lifestyle is unhealthy and unsustainable.

By being reckless with your hours, you’re succumbing to desires rather than being disciplined with your time.

My morning routine helps me feel significantly more in control of my life because I choose how to start my day on my own terms.

A big part of that is NOT doing a few things when you wake up:

  • Don’t check your phone

  • Don’t check your email

  • Don’t check social media

  • Don’t check the news

When you check any of the above first thing in the morning, you’re allowing outside parties to set the tone of your day.

Unfortunately, that tone usually isn’t something productive for you.

Tip #4: Read


I can’t stress this one enough because reading is the easiest thing that ANYONE can do to change their life.

There’s a seemingly infinite amount of knowledge out there for you to consume, and all you have to do is read a little bit to improve yourself and your life. I personally like to read for at least 30 minutes every morning, but you could also use podcasts, audio books or courses.

The point is to nurture your mind with relevant information so that you can improve a little bit every single day.

Tip #5: Meditate


I use the word ‘meditate’ here, but it’s different for every person.

Some people meditate. Some people do yoga. Some people stretch. Some people go on a walk in nature.

For me, I pray.

While I use the word meditate, what I actually mean is that you need to spend some time going to your quiet place where you can clear your mind, reflect and envision how your day is going to go.

Taking some time out of your morning every day to do this allows you to relax, focus and stop stressing over the little things.

Create Your Own Millionaire Morning


I can’t tell you exactly what your morning should look like, but I can tell you that this simple routine has changed my life.

Becoming intentional with everything that you do in life is important to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

At the end of the day, there won’t be anyone telling you what to do or how to spend your time, so you need to take control of it yourself.

Once you’ve done that, you’ve taken a major step toward owning your life and becoming the entrepreneur that I know you can be.

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