5 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

Master Time Management: 5 Simple Steps to Rule the Day! Internet Marketing, much like life, is non-stop and ever-changing.

Even for the best of us, sometimes it can seem hard to balance it all… It’s something I hear from Lurn Nation students all the time.

Trust me - if you've been feeling this way, you’re not alone!

Hi! I’m Willie… I work full-time here at Lurn. I’m happily married with 3 young kids at home.

PLUS, I also have my own Internet business that I run on the side.

I often get asked by students, friends and family how I find time to do all of that. And true, it can seem like a lot at times.

Juggling everything is a fine balancing act… Or on some days, maybe closer to a circus act!

5 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

I’m gonna let you in on my secrets that have allowed me to achieve success both personally and professionally.

It all starts with 2 little words… TIME MANAGEMENT

Time management can either be your Achilles’ Heel or one of your greatest assets. This is especially true if you’re trying to create or grow an online business.

Needless to say, I only have 24hrs in my day, too.

But there are steps I’ve learned and practices I’ve adopted to really maximize my time to be as efficient as possible. Since I know I am not alone and many of our students in #LurnNation are in the same or a similar boat as I am…

Here are my 5 Simple Steps to Master Time Management:

Step 1) Establish a Routine

As simple as it sounds, it can be really hard to develop the skill of having good habits and a daily routine.

Even worse, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and have that become the routine.

Well, my routine is always the same: I get up, get the kids breakfast and get them all ready for school. Then I take them to school, come home and start working immediately.

In fact, recently I’ve begun getting up earlier at 5:30am to work a couple hours prior (more on that in a moment).

Step 2) Practice Consistency

Not to be confused with routine, but consistency is one of the BIG reasons I see for why people aren't succeeding in their business the way that they'd like to be.

Consistency is working on your business EVERY DAY.

Sending a few emails this week, then a couple next week and hoping for the best will likely not be enough, especially when just starting out.

If that’s the strategy, don’t be surprised if the money isn’t coming in as fast as you’d like.

Being a Digital Entrepreneur is all about developing a real, sustainable business, treat it like one!

Constant effort brings consistent results.

If you work consistently, you will see results consistently (if not, you won’t).

Step 3) Laugh Often

Make time to laugh every day, and don’t take things too seriously.

Enjoy your business (and your life).

If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, switch it up and do something different.

Already doing what you love? Awesome!

Here are 3 Mini-Breaks to Help Keep the Passion Alive...

Mini-Break #1 

Take a break. Get up and move, stretch or take a short walk. Get your juices flowing!

Mini-Break #2 

Play with your kids or talk to your spouse. J

ust a couple of minutes here or there (be careful here) and then back to work.

Mini-Break #3 

Reward yourself for working hard.

Schedule a reward for the end of your day where you take a moment for yourself.

Whether it’s enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, a nice glass of wine, some relaxing music, or watching or reading something positive, find what works best for you!

Just do something, because all work and no play - is no fun.

Step 4) Go to Bed Early AND Wake Up Early

Late nights and early mornings DO NOT mix (trust me, I tried it).

This is a tough one for some.

A lot of people think they can do more at night and try to stay up late, but I’ve found (and research has shown) that early risers are more productive.

It makes sense… the mind is fresh in the morning!

And don’t give me that it’s too hard to get up earlier (you can, it’s just making it part of a routine, see #1).

If you can dedicate time to your own agenda (before getting sucked into everyone else’s), you will be more productive.

** BONUS STEP 4.5) Work on Your Own Agenda FIRST**

I’m adding this as part of #4 because it's often related to getting sucked into other people’s agenda, but it deserves its own merit.

This is often the biggest “trap” of all; including, but not limited to, voice mail, written mail and especially, email.

DO NOT read or listen to “mail” of any kind, especially first thing in the morning.

This is an easy way to throw off the whole day.

Getting “sucked” into other people’s to do lists can quickly take up a significant amount of time. Set times to check your “mail” and stick to it.

Even consider sending out a notice to everyone, sharing the times you will be checking email.

Step 5) Stay Away from Those Darn Games & Apps

Do you want a new high score on Angry Birds or whatever game is popular today? 

Or do you want to be a success?

Do you want to know what that kid from kindergarten that you never saw again, is doing on Facebook? Or do you want to know more about increasing conversions?

Now I know making this transition can be tough.

I had to go through it about a year ago myself. But, it’s necessary.

Games and apps can be really distracting.

Not just during business hours, but any time really. Sure it’s nice to unplug, but if they’re consuming whole chunks of the day, that’s a problem.

Think about the last time you spent 20-30 minutes or more playing a game or checking Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and ended up getting pulled in for an hour (or more).

Personally, I’ve gone as far as deleting most games and apps from my phone.

Now, I’m not saying you have to get rid of Facebook and all your games and apps (though it may help), but you get my point.

Think about it… What you focus on grows

So focus on your business and watch what happens :)

Got any steps you follow to stay on track throughout the day?

Share your tips and tricks with #LurnNation, so we can help each rule the day!! Please like and share this post :)