Anik's World Tour Stop In L.A.

Anik's World Tour 2016 - LA

More pics from my Los Angeles World Tour event can be found here. Please tag yourself if you're in any!

Wow! I can’t believe we’re already more than halfway through 2016…

Time flies when you’re having fun, which certainly seems to be the case for me! This year has been particularly fun...

And a big part of that has been because of my World Tour events, more specifically the amazing people in Lurn Nation that I’ve met during these small, private events.

Connecting with Students Face-To-Face

You see, one of my big goals this year was to connect with more of my students face-to-face! I kicked off my tour in my own city, in the Washington D.C. area (click here to see), then visited the beautiful city of Vancouver (click here to see).

For my 3rd World Tour stop, which was actually a few months ago, I hit up another awesome city on the west coast, Los Angeles!

Highlights from My SOLD OUT LA Event…

The neat thing was that there were people from ALL OVER California at this event. Of the 35 people who attended, the majority were NOT from LA and many had traveled hours to be there.

This group size was great, not too big and not too small. So I decided to do things a bit differently than I have in the past…

I asked everyone there what questions they had and what topics they wanted to cover. Then we went over it all in a very Q&A style approach.

A Few of My Favorite Stories!

At this event, I met one of my youngest students, a high schooler, who is in love with our industry. His parents brought him and his mom stood up and explained how they have full confidence in him and support him 100%. Then she said that they put him in my hands! And, as if passing an invisible torch, they left right after they introduced him and their son stayed! That was awesome :)

Meet one of my youngest students - A High Schooler!

I LOVE seeing kids and young people have their dreams supported and being able to help them (and people of any age) reach their goals! There’s truly no better feeling… We’re certainly going to keep an eye on this young man, maybe even partner up with him some day!


Another cool story came from the photographer we had hired to cover this event. He shared that he had bought and read my book in 2 days. He already has his opt-in page up and a business started from it! It will be great to see how he grows and scales!

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A local LA wrestler, who owns his own wrestling school, came as well. He brought me a signed picture of himself, which was really cool! 

Meet one of the LA event attendees - An LA Wrestler!


I’ve always known that Digital Publishing can work for people of all ages, in all types of professions and with various backgrounds. But seeing it firsthand and meeting Lurn Nation students face-to-face has been so incredible!

THANK YOU to Everyone Who Attended My LA World Tour Stop

What's Next On My World Tour...

This has been such an amazing journey! I can’t wait to share the highlights from my World Tour Stop that took place a few months ago in Mumbai, India (just waiting on some of the images, but I’ll be sure to post them when I have them)!

Please stay tuned for when I announce my future tour dates/locations. You can keep up to date with where I’m headed here (we’ll add new cities as we have them):