5 Ways To Hustle Less & Produce More

Hustle Less, Produce More

Being productive doesn’t always mean working harder.

I see a lot of people on social media talking about “hustling hard.” Actually, it's all I see. But this isn’t always the best way to do things. Now, don’t get me wrong—I believe in hustling. I think hustle is extremely important when it comes to achieving your goals and building your business.

At the same time, I prefer hustling smarter, not harder because you actually work less and get more done.

 Aimlessly working just to work isn’t hustling, and it certainly isn’t effective or sustainable.

In reality, you can actually work half as hard, and still hustle!

Let’s go over 5 productivity hacks that will help you to hustle SMARTER, not HARDER.

1. Become Task-Oriented

Hustle Less, Produce More

There’s something about writing things down on a list and crossing those things off that simply feels amazing.

While this process helped me to keep pushing forward and build momentum in the past—with everything that I now have to do on a daily basis—I’ve learned that writing things down physically just doesn’t do the trick anymore.

That’s why I now use a virtual task system to keep track of my tasks, and make sure I get everything done.

Here’s the thing - one of the greatest stresses that every entrepreneur faces is remembering things. With everything that needs to get done, it can be easy to allow tasks to fall through the cracks. Trying to remember everything is very stress-inducing, which is counter-productive.

When you write things down (especially in a virtual task system), keeping track of your tasks becomes much easier.

Personally, I like to use Asana, as it is a good tool for bigger teams. Even if Asana isn’t right for you, there are plenty of other task tools out there to take advantage of. Find a task tool and become more task-oriented!

Also, use Google Calendars to help schedule your day.

2. War Room

Hustle Less, Produce More

When my company needs to make brute progress, I assemble everyone in my team into a room, and I declare war!

Obviously this isn’t literal, but when I declare “war,” I declare it on a certain thing that needs to get done. In the war room, my team and I all focus on one thing. The goal is to not leave until that one thing gets done.

With war rooms, my team has been able to accomplish things that will often take weeks in one day. Here’s the thing, though—you don’t need a team to declare war! You can create your own war room for just yourself - you just need to find a dedicated space and focus on that one task until it gets done.

Next time you have a major hurdle or you need something done, declare war!

3. Move

Hustle Less, Produce More

When I’m in my office, I tend to fall into a routine.

People also know where I am, which can get distracting when I really need to focus. In order to be productive, sometimes you need to change things up—and this includes your surroundings. That’s why I’ll often move to a different physical location.

This may mean:

  • My home office

  • The library

  • A different room

  • A quiet spot

  • Even my car!

A new environment helps to send your mind a subconscious trigger that its time to get things done. When you’re in a new location, you’re there for a reason. This subconscious reminder helps you to be more productive.

The next time you need a boost in productivity or you need to avoid certain distractions, pick up and move to a new location!

4. Zone Time

Hustle Less, Produce More

I know that you’ve probably been trained to multi-task at this point, but multi-tasking often isn’t productive.

Instead, you should STOP multitasking, and instead focus on ONE THING. By doing this, you allow your mind to enter a ZONE and stay there. By being “in the zone,” you are able to continue to build momentum and get more done. By stopping and starting, on the other hand, you are constantly having to start the process all over again!

So, what is “Zone Time,” exactly?

Have you ever been doing something and you simply “zone out?” Hours go by and you don’t even notice…

This is Zone Time!

You can get your best work done and double the amount you get done in Zone Time!

5. Administrative Assistant

Hustle Less, Produce More

While not everyone can afford an administrative assistant, they can really help you to focus on getting things done. An administrative assistant takes care of the smaller tasks—and can often do them better than you can!

If you can’t afford a full-time assistant, consider hiring a part-time virtual assistant on:

  • Onlinejobs.ph

  • Guru.com

  • Upwork

These sites have affordable assistants that can help you out part-time.

Hustle Less, Produce More

Hustle Less, Produce More

These productivity hacks have helped me to focus on what’s important, and work smarter, not harder. They’ve also made my life less stressful, and—of course—they have helped me to make even more money!

Hustle smart, not hard!