Reasons For Outsourcing Work (It's SIMPLE!)


Many entrepreneurs just don't understand the reasons for outsourcing; they feel like the best way to save money is to do everything themselves.


While this sounds like a good idea on paper, in practice it leads to a massive amount of missed opportunities.


No one is good at everything. Even I have a team around me of highly qualified professionals that are amazing at what they do—and I’ve been doing this for over a decade.


There is nothing wrong with hiring outsourcers…actually, I would highly suggest it! By hiring outsourcers, I have been able to actually SAVE a MASSIVE amount of money.


There are a variety of reasons why this is the case, which I will go over in a moment.


Before anything else, a change in mindset is needed.


Any entrepreneur that thinks they can do everything perfectly by themselves is destined to fail. Great entrepreneurs understand their strengths and weaknesses—and they find people that can pick up the slack where they aren’t as talented.


Let's look at three simple ways reasons for outsourcing jobs.


Hiring Outsourcers Means Less Costly Mistakes



With any new skill, there is a learning process.


During this time, mistakes are expected to be made. While making mistakes generally isn’t a bad thing (actually, I encourage making mistakes and learning from them!), making big mistakes while starting a business can cost a LOT of money.


I’ve seen many entrepreneurs try to learn as they go. I’ve also seen those entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and overworked. While trying to cram knowledge on every subject imaginable, they lose sight of what is going on with their business overall.


Over time they start losing money more and more rapidly, until their business is bankrupt.


By hiring outsourcers that are good at what they do and understand the field they are in, those same entrepreneurs could have not only saved money, but saved their entire business.


Look, there’s nothing wrong with learning new skills. I try to consistently learn more and more about how to run different aspects of my businesses. Still, I understand that I not only cannot possibly know how to run every aspect of my business, but I also don’t have the time to do so.


It’s better to leave it to the professionals than to start making costly mistakes.


Skilled People Know What They Are Doing




By hiring the right people that know what they are doing, it’s easy to not only save money—but make a TON more money.


As I just mentioned, trying to learn a lot of new skills and implement them can be costly. Instead, it’s way better to hire people that understand their field and know their craft like the backs of their hands.


When hiring quality outsourcers, an entrepreneur can rely on those outsourcers’ skills. They can then relinquish control of those aspects of their business, and know that they are in the hands of people that know what they are doing.


It’s also important to understand that—without being a professional at something—the level of work that is produced is at the amateur level. I don’t want an amateur running ANY area of my business! If that amateur is me, then it’s time to hire someone to do whatever I am an amateur at.


A professional will provide polished work that doesn’t look like it was done by someone that has only a couple of months of experience…


It’s extremely important to keep in mind that better quality almost always leads to higher sales.


If a budding entrepreneur doesn’t know how to build a website, their website isn’t going to look polished or professional.


Because of this, when a customer visits their website, they will think the business owner is an amateur and/or doesn’t care about their business and the products or services they sell.


On the other hand, if a customer visits a website and it is professional, clean, sleek and well designed, they will be more inclined to think the business takes itself seriously.


People don’t want to deal with amateurs—they want to deal with professionals. That’s why it’s important to hire other professionals to make the right first impression with new customers.


More Time to Focus on Growth



Starting a business is a full-time job.


I know personally that whenever I am starting a new business venture, I need to give it all of my attention. Luckily, I have a team of amazing people that can help to run my other ventures while I am working hard to get a new venture off the ground…


For new entrepreneurs, though, the team generally isn’t built yet. Because of this, they need to rely on themselves to really grow their business, and stay focused on the big picture. When entrepreneurs stretch themselves too thin, though, they are unable to focus on growing their business.


Because of this, they fall behind and lose out on more and more sales. They spend their time doing things they shouldn’t be focused on, and that time ends up costing them money.


Instead of wasting their time doing things they have no place doing, entrepreneurs should focus on what they are good at—starting and growing a business. For things like…

  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Operations

…an entrepreneur should hire stellar outsourcers that can help them to make their dream a reality.


Learn More Reasons For Outsourcing And HOW To Do It


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