How To Write An eBook Fast

How Anyone (Even Non-Writers) Can Create A 50-Page eBook In Just 10 Days

“Whoa… Write a whole eBook in 10 days? ... Impossible!”

Yes, it may sound difficult. It may seem like that would take weeks. Months even.

But believe me, it doesn’t have to!

It’s really MUCH easier than most people think.

I’m going to go a step even further... Did you know that you don't even have to be a professional writer to write an eBook in 10 days? 

Seriously - just 10 days.

Today I’m going to share how anyone can have their very own eBook written in less than 2 weeks (I’m even going to share a handy infographic to reference)!

The Value Of Writing eBooks

Writing eBooks is a valuable skill!

If you can write eBooks, you can create and grow a digital publishing business

Digital publishing is a business model built around creating and selling information products (eBooks, video and audio courses, membership sites, etc.)

I personally believe that digital publishing is one of the best online business models out there right now. I’ve built my business around it and have made millions in online sales from it.

What makes it so great is that anyone with a computer can do it. You don't need a college education, a background in business, or a bunch of capital.  

It all begins with your mindset

If I said to you, “Hey, write a 50-page eBook in 10 days,” I think that would intimidate a lot of people.

Heck, even some professional writers would balk at that.

But what if I said, “I want you to write a 500-word article today on one subject.”  

Do you think you could do that? I think you probably could.

In fact, I think you could likely write four or five of them today, no problem. If you can do that, then you can write an eBook in 10 days, and I'm going to show you how right now.

The key to this, as with everything else related to business, is to really break your goal down into steps.

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How To Write An eBook Fast (In 10 Days Or Less)

Productive people are masters of chunking things down into actionable tasks.

That's what they do. They are fantastic at it.

With this eBook, all we're doing is sharing how to chunk this process down. Really... that’s the secret to writing any eBook! There are 3 simple steps to do this:

Step 1: Write A List Of 12 Topics 

To get started, you have to do some brainstorming. 

Think about what you're already good at (or what you know a lot about). This could be something related to your job, your hobby, or your passion. 

Once you have the overall topic of your book, simply get out a piece of paper or your computer and let the ideas start flowing onto your page. 

You can sort through what's good and bad later on.

These 12 topics that you list are going to be chapters of your book, so try to keep them related.

Step 2: List Four Subtopics Under Each

Once you've listed (at least) 12 topics that you could cover in your eBook, you need to start breaking those 12 ideas out into chunks.

List out four subtopics under each of the 12 main topics that you listed. These four subtopics are going to be the points that you cover in each chapter.

If you do the math (12 x 4), you get 48 of your 50 pages for your book. Add in an introduction and conclusion page and you get 50. 

So, how do you break that down to get it finished in 10 days?

Step 3: Each day, Choose Five Subtopics

For each day in your 10-day set, you'll choose five subtopics to write about. 

Each day, go through your list of sub-topics, pick out 5 that you feel like writing about, and write 1 page for each of them.

That's literally all it takes to write a 50-page eBook.Infographic: How Anyone (Even Non-Writers) Can Create An eBook In Just 10 Days Now, say you want to write a 100-page eBook.

Just double everything! Write down a list of 24 or 25 topics and have 4 sub-topics for each.

If you want to write a 20-page eBook (i.e. a free report), then just write down a list of five topics and four sub-topics for each.

Play around with the numbers to create the length of eBook that you want and what your prospects and customers would want to read! 

Don’t Like To Write?

I can hear the objections coming from a mile away. 

"I don't have the time!"

"I'm not a good writer!"

Luckily, I've heard all the excuses and have a solution for pretty much all of them. If you still feel like you can't get that book finished in 10 days, not all hope is lost. 

You basically have two options. 

Your first option is to use a transcription service like

With a transcription service, you record all of your thoughts and then send the audio file to the company. They take your audio file and turn it into a document.

I use it all the time.

I simply dictate what I want to say in my eBook. Then I get it produced in a fraction of the time (and for a low price)

I make any edits I want and I’m good to go!

Your second option is to outsource the book to a freelancer. 

If you're really limited on time (and have the money), you can easily find a good freelancer and have them write your entire book for you.

Unlike a transcription service, you shouldn't have to make many edits at all if you choose the right writer. 

Start Your Digital Publishing Business Today

I built my entire business around digital publishing, and I wouldn't change that for the world. 

It's the best decision I ever made because it's one of the most flexible business models out there, and anyone can do it. 

Whether you're a consultant, freelance writer, trainer, or anything else, you can easily start a digital publishing business that earns you real money. 

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