5 Reasons Why You Get High Open Rates But No Clicks


I’ve seen a very common problem among email marketers that absolutely drives them nuts…And it’s understandable that it drives them crazy!

This common but important issue is that they are getting high open rates for their emails…but NO CLICKS.

I know that this would drive me nuts….

The thing is, there are a few mistakes that many inboxers make that lower their chances of customers actually clicking on the links in their emails.

Even marketers with high open rates can make these mistakes—making all of their best efforts completely futile.

Below are 5 common reasons email marketers get high open rates, but no clicks

Before getting into these pitfalls, though, I wanted to mention an amazing free course that can help you to avoid making these mistakes to begin with: Digital Bootcamp.

1. Your Product Is No Good


Selecting the right product to sell is an extremely important decision. The right product could mean massive sales, while the wrong product could lead to epic failure.

There are lots of affiliate products out there to choose from, and choosing the right one can be a bit tough.

If the product that is being pitched is getting no results, though, it may be time to consider pitching a different product.

If the product is created by the marketer, this can be an even bigger issue. This may mean making some adjustments to the product, or completely going back to the drawing board.

If the product is an affiliate product, though, switching over to a new product can be a simple change.

With that being said, before giving up on a product, I would suggest making a few of the other changes that will be mentioned below.

The product may not be the issue at all. In fact, the product may actually be very popular!

 If the product isn’t selling after making the changes below, though, it may be time to experiment with a different product.

I would suggest checking out sites like Clickbank that allow marketers to view the popularity of a product before selling it.

This increases the chances of picking a popular product that will be more likely to sell.

From there, the right product can be chosen to boost the click rates and make a significantly higher amount of sales.

2. Your Offer Is No Good


Sometimes the product isn’t the issue…

A marketer may have an excellent product—and it may even be a product that is wildly successful with other marketers.

Still, they can’t seem to make it work. So, what is the issue?

Well, some marketers have an excellent product but a crappy offer. This can make a world of difference when it comes to a customer wanting a product and deciding that it simply isn’t worth it…

One issue that marketers run into with a poor offer is their price point. While they may not be able to fix the price of the actual affiliate product, they may be offering bonuses and upping the price of the overall offer.

If you want to make money selling products online, you have to create irresistible offers.

3. Your Subject Line Overpromises


Customers are looking for honesty and consistency…

In other words, they don’t like being lied to.

While this may seem obvious, many marketers make the mistake of overstating the benefits, price, or other aspects of their offer.

Because of this, when the customer actually checks out what the marketer is selling, they are upset and instantly click away.

While punchy copy is extremely important to get customers to open emails, if the subject line isn’t telling the whole story or isn’t telling the truth at all, customers won’t be as likely to click the link for the product.

Make sure to ride the line between exciting and overpromising in your subject line to keep customers happy, and ensure that they continue to trust you.

4. Your Audience Doesn’t Match Your Product


A marketer can sell the absolute best product on the market, but if the customer doesn’t want it, then they likely won’t sell very much of it.

Think of it this way—a clothing store may sell nothing but clothing…and tires. They may have the best tires on the market. But, if someone is going to the store to buy a new pair of pants, they probably aren’t going to leave the store with a new set of tires…

While this is a dramatic example, there are many marketers out there that are selling products that are out of sync with their audience.

I understand the reasoning—a certain product is selling like crazy and they want to jump on the bandwagon.

Just because a product is popular overall, though, doesn’t mean it’s popular with every audience.

It’s also important to take the specific targeted audience into consideration—even for a product in the same niche. 

The audience and the product need to line up to ensure sales.

5. No Visual Flow


While this may seem like a minor issue, it can make a world of difference…

People aren’t looking to read big blocks of text when they are casually skimming an email. Instead, they want to see shorter sentences that create a flow that is easy-to-read, and doesn’t seem like a chore.

This doesn’t mean emails need to be extremely short—it just means that the actual content needs to be given room to breathe. 

Consider the visual flow of many blogs and successful newsletters out there. Then, do your best to emulate this flow.

The right flow will keep your readers engaged, and will encourage them to keep reading!

High Open Rates, No Clicks

As a new marketer, it's incredibly frustrating when things don't work out exactly how you want them to. With something like getting high open rates and no clicks, it's like you're banging your head against a glass ceiling. 

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