An Entrepreneur's Guide To Dream Boards


To be successful and build wealth, it’s absolutely necessary to understand how to attract wealth.

To properly attract wealth, an entrepreneur needs to have a mind that is properly tuned into different wealth frequencies.

This, in turn, kicks the Law of Attraction into high gear.

To properly leverage the power of the Law of Attraction, a wealth-minded individual will want to use all of the wealth-building tools at their disposal. This includes one of my favorite tools for focusing my mind on my goals, harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction, and putting my desires out into the universe...

The dream board.

What Is a Dream Board?


A dream board is the perfect tool for attracting the kind of wealth that allows an entrepreneur to find the freedom that they’ve always wanted.

This board is extremely powerful and can focus an entrepreneur's intentions in a way that makes success inevitable.

Some of the most successful people in the world not only used dream boards to get to where they are, but continue to use dream boards to boost their success.

I know that I personally use dream boards as a way to better hone in the power of a wealthy mindset, and it helped me make one of my most difficult goals come to fruition: giving a TED Talk.

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So, why are dream boards so powerful?

You Attract What You Put Out


The Law of Attraction dictates that you get what you put out into the universe and what you focus on the most.

The problem is, most people focus on the negative

They only see scarcity in their lives. Because of this, all they get back is scarcity…

I’ve realized that—to achieve my goals and build my wealth—I’ve had to change the way I think. I’ve had to look at the universe as being one of abundance—and being a universe that wants me to be happy.

With this change of my outlook alone, I’ve been able to better build a wealthy mind.

With this in mind, anyone that wants to be successful will want to consider different tools that help them to hone into the things that they want most from the universe to better attract those things.

One of the best tools to clarify goals and dreams and then to attract them is a dream board.

Dream boards allow people to better visualize what they want—and then put that energy out into the universe. This, in turn, allows the Law of Attraction to kick into full gear. From there, the dream board user can become UNSTOPPABLE.

Of course, it’s important to note that—for a dream board to work—the user needs to actually TAKE ACTION.

While the universe will provide, it will only provide for those that put in the work…

With all of this in mind, let’s discuss how to actually create the perfect dream board that allows for the achieving of even the biggest goals and dreams…

An Entrepreneur's Guide To Dream Boards


For those out there that have not seen a dream board (and even those that simply need a refresher), I am going to go over some of the details about what a dream board should look like, what goes on a dream board, and what materials can be used.

You can even watch me talk about the dream board I created a few years ago if you're a visual learner. 

This should help in the creation of the perfect dream board to attract what the universe has to offer!

First, let’s go over what a dream board actually looks like…

Essentially, a dream board can look however the creator wants it to look—as long as there is a visual representation of the creator’s dreams and goals.

Some people like to create a dream board from poster board and cutouts from magazines. Others like to create a background for their computer with photos of all of the things they want from the universe.

Essentially, a dream board is pretty open to the wants and needs of the person putting the board together.

Still, there are some things that a dream board creator should make sure are on their dream board…

What Goes On A Dream Board?


As the name implies, DREAMS should go on a dream board.

Obviously there is no way to pluck images from your head and stick it on poster board, so instead a dream board will need to be made up of images and text that represent the dreams of the creator.

So, let’s say I want a new car. I would put photos on my dream board of that new car.

Or let’s take something more abstract—let’s say I want to build a new business. I can take pictures of people at work, people succeeding and people celebrating. I can also put up inspirational quotes that will help to motivate me.

What Materials Should I Use?


This is a question I get a lot about dream boards, and the answer really comes down to the medium the dream board is being created on.

If it’s a physical dream board, the creator may only need scissors, a tack board or poster board, glue or thumb tacks and some magazine photos or print outs of computer images.

If it’s a digital dream board, the user only needs a basic tool like MS Paint and some images from the web.

From there, the dream board can be arranged in a way that catches the eye and makes the most important parts more prominent.

Once the dream board is completed, make sure to put it somewhere that you can see every day. Set it as the background on your phone or computer or hang it on your wall. The point is that you’ll want to be able to focus on it until it begins to change your mindset.

This will help you to develop the wealth mindset that you need to succeed!

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