5 Steps To Getting High Quality Clients (Most People Mess This Up)

Getting High Quality Clients

Everyone has at least one valuable skill.

Each and every person has at least one skill that people are willing to pay for.

Yes, that means you too.

And that skill can become a business. What kind of business? A consultant.

Honestly, thanks to the internet, there are absolutely NO limits to what can be done and who can be reached. We have access to a global online market.

And we can literally work with anyone, anytime, anywhere!

There has NEVER been a better time to be an entrepreneur. It’s possible to help individuals and businesses—both large and small – anywhere in the world.

And one of the best ways businesses can be helped is through digital marketing.

In this age of the internet, businesses need to harness the power of digital marketing or they WILL fail. There is simply no other choice. And that is where a consulting business can launch and grow to incredible new levels.

Digital marketing consulting opportunities are EVERYWHERE. There are so many of them!

Let’s take a look at some of the best opportunities…

Consulting OpportunitiesGetting High Quality Clients

There are many forms of digital marketing—and that means there are many forms of digital marketing consulting.

Some of these forms are in higher demand than others. And that means they are the most sought after and lucrative opportunities out there.

These are the opportunities that are the best to focus on.

Here are the four most profitable digital marketing consulting opportunities to take advantage of today!

SEOGetting High Quality Clients

Want to show up high in Google searches?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is how to do that.

SEO continues to be one of the most effective online marketing methods. This is the process of writing content that will help a business rank high on Google and other search engines—organically.

Businesses ideally want to show up at the top of the list of search results. Barring that, they want to be within the first three to five search results on the page—ideally above the fold. At the very least, they want to rank on the first page.

Someone who can offer solid SEO skills can do for many businesses what they can’t do for themselves. Businesses seriously pay BIG bucks for someone to come in and make their content SEO-friendly.

They will pay to have someone come in, assess their current content, and come up with a plan to improve SEO of all web pages and all blog content.

This is definitely one of the top skills to have. Because it produces long-term results and it builds over time. Once a business is SEO-friendly, they will get incredible amounts of traffic without doing anything else! How awesome is that?

And in this Traffic Bootcamp, it is possible to learn and master SEO. Once these skills are mastered, it is time to offer those skill to businesses and get paid top dollar.

CopywritingGetting High Quality Clients

Copywriting is hands down THE #1 skill any business person can have.

Yet, a lot of business people have no idea how to write effective copy.

And that’s where a copywriter’s skills can come into use. Businesses will pay HUGE money to have a copywriter write their:

  • Written sales letters
  • Video sales letters
  • Webinars
  • Opt-in pages
  • Lead magnet reports

If this copy can truly bring them leads and convert well, it is worth its weight in gold.

And don’t worry. Many people think they can’t be a copywriter because they aren’t good at writing. But there is no need to be a master writer or a Nobel Laureate to write copy. There IS a need to know the rules that make that copy effective.

And that can all be learned in the Copywriting Bootcamp.

Facebook AdsGetting High Quality Clients

Facebook Advertising is THE most effective form of advertising on the internet.

Facebook offers so many benefits to advertising, it’s truly unbelievable. Facebook Advertising, offers:

  • HUGE amounts of personal data, willingly provided by Facebook users
  • Incredibly refined targeting capabilities
  • Easy setup process
  • Low cost
  • A reach of more than 2 billion active users every month
  • The ability to retarget
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • The ability to use images and video in the ads

With Facebook Ads, marketers can target the EXACT people they want to reach. Now that’s powerful.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Anyone can get started with just a few dollars per day. So why not do it?

Yet again, most people don’t have any idea what they’re doing when it comes to writing the copy for a Facebook ad. For one thing, Facebook has a lot of rules and they must be followed to the letter.

But more importantly, it is important to know how to catch people’s eye with incredibly attention-grabbing as text, images, and video.

This isn’t as hard as it seems. It can all be learned in this incredible Facebook Bootcamp.

Once the skills have been mastered, that person will have the leverage to be able to charge well for their Facebook ad writing services.

Email MarketingGetting High Quality Clients

Email marketing is right up there with copywriting and Facebook Advertising in terms of importance.

In fact, email marketing is the FOUNDATION of online business.

Email marketing makes it possible for you to capture leads so that the same people can be sold to over and over again at no extra cost.

But even more important is that through email marketing, it is possible to build a relationship with subscribers. It is easy to continuously provide them with valuable content and offers. Over time, they will come to trust the marketer and then they can be easily guided along the sales funnel.

Plus, an email list becomes a HUGE asset. This is something that is actually worth money!

But again, most business owners do NOT know how to write effective email copy.

Fortunately, we teach all that in our Digital Bootcamp.

Which means anyone who takes it will be able to go to work for businesses all over the world.

The Big ProblemGetting High Quality Clients

Okay, so we talked about ways to become a digital marketing consultant. Great. But there is one big problem most people face…


This is THE major hang-up for any kind of coaching or consulting work.

Look at it this way—a person can be the best chef in the world. But if they can’t get people into their restaurant, their skills are useless.

Honestly, getting clients is the most difficult thing. It’s where people need the most help.

But anyone CAN do it—as long as they know how.

And here’s how…

5 Steps To Getting High-Quality ClientsGetting High Quality Clients

When it comes to going out and finding digital marketing consulting clients, it can seem pretty overwhelming.

After all, the internet is a BIG place!

But those clients ARE out there and it is possible to find them—and get their business. And here are five steps to make that happen.

1. Understanding the Whole FunnelGetting High Quality Clients

The very first thing anyone needs to do when it comes to finding clients is…

Understand the entire sales funnel!

Seriously, this is an online business just like any other. There IS a sales funnel—or at least there should be.

To develop this sales funnel, it is important to have a clear idea of different offers that will appear down the line. What other services will be promoted? What is the end goal?

Perhaps the initial offer will be something small like a FREE or low-cost Facebook ad.

Once the customer is happy with that, they will be willing to considering rehiring. They will move along the sales funnel. Perhaps the next offer is writing a sales page or opt-in page. Again, once they are happy with the work, they can be moved along in the funnel.

What’s the ultimate goal? Where should the funnel lead?

To an entire advertising campaign! To the company’s entire marketing contract!

Why not?

When there is clear understanding of what will be promoted along the sales funnel, there won’t be any overlap. Each and every offer will be clearly defined for the client. They will have a full understanding of how they will benefit every step of the way.

And they will be asked to make a slightly bigger commitment each and every time. Until the ultimate service offering is reached.

Once the sales funnel has been thought out in detail, it’s time to start looking…

2. Online PresenceGetting High Quality Clients

Everyone is online these days. And everyone is on social media.

To find the right digital marketing clients, it is critical to be online and right in front of them. Fortunately, there are so many online options to choose from.

The first thing that comes to mind with the word business is LinkedIn. LinkedIn IS social media for business. And LinkedIn recommendations can act as solid testimonials for the work someone does. This is online business networking at its finest.

And speaking of social media, it is also possible to use social media profiles to get a business name out there and find clients. I’m talking about platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Nearly 90% of companies in the U.S. are using social media for the purpose of marketing—because it works!

Just remember to keep business accounts separate from personal accounts.

A website is also a necessity because it is critical to have a site to which to direct potential clients. On the website, they can get to know more about the business and its services. And ideally, they can book services or at least they can contact the service provider to inquire and hire.

Of course, part of a solid business website is a blog. These days businesses of all shapes and sizes have blogs. Why? Because people READ blogs. So, make sure your business website has a blog and post to it regularly.

Aside from these ideas, other ways to find digital marketing consulting clients include:

  • Writing an eBook—These are easy to write yourself or easy to outsource. Write about anything that will be valuable from the client’s perspective.
  • Podcast—This is a great way to build an audience and connect with people.
  • Guest blog posts—When someone is a guest blogger is builds their credibility and brings more visitors to their website.
  • YouTube—It is SO easy to make great videos through which potential clients can learn about a business.

Ultimately, it is important to put time and effort into reaching out via these various resources. New clients are everywhere. The key is to go where they are and make sure they can see the opportunity right in front of them.

3. Reach Potential ClientsGetting High Quality Clients

An online presence is a more organic way to attract new clients.

However, it is still important to actively search them out. And this can be done through outbound and inbound marketing.

Essentially, outbound marketing is when a business actually reaches out to people they identify as potential clients. In this case, the initial contact is made by the business.

For example, look for potential clients on LinkedIn and send them a personal message.

On the other hand, inbound marketing is done through advertising and content that are designed to draw people in. Once potential clients see the ad or content, it is up to them to make initial contact.

This is where Facebook Advertising comes into the picture. As we discussed above, Facebook’s advertising platform is unparalleled in its targeting capabilities and reach. This makes it easy to find inbound traffic.

Regardless of whether inbound or outbound marketing is used, the key is to focus on the problems the business can help potential clients solve.

Perhaps the client’s blog posts are lacking in SEO or simply could be written in a more engaging way. Maybe they need help writing ad copy or sales pages.

Either way, once initial contact is made—either through running ads or reaching out to people—maximize that contact with potential clients by sending them to a discovery form….

4. Discovery FormGetting High Quality Clients

The discovery form is simple.

It’s just a form that clients fill out prior to working with someone.

Now, it is important to understand that the discovery form has two purposes. The first of these is…

The form allows clients to provide their information and describe their biggest challenges.

And this form can be customized depending on niche. This ensures very targeted, very specific information is collected.

The second function of the discovery form is that it acts as a lead magnet. When people click on an ad or on a link in a message, they are taken to the discovery form. Here they can CHOOSE to provide their information.

This acts as a filter, removing the people who aren’t serious about hiring a service provider.

Once people fill out the form and submit it, they are on the business email list. And the business has the information required to “diagnose” the client’s needs. Think of the discovery form as a doctor—let them tell it their symptoms and then make a diagnosis.

Finally, there is the…

5. Initial CallGetting High Quality Clients

If everything goes as planned with the discovery form, the business has the needed information to make the initial call.

It is on this call that the prospect becomes a client.

This can be called a “Strategy” or “Accelerator” session. The purpose of the call is to show them that the business can solve their problem. Make them WANT to become a client of the business. Make them think it is their idea!

This call is extremely important. It should follow a specific formula, which is as follows. The flow of the call is:

  1. Frame—Start by framing the call. This means tell them exactly what is going to happen during the call. This way there will be no surprises. Plus, if they stay on the call, they are essentially giving their permission to be sold.
  2. Wants—Go over what they want and the problems/challenges they have. This shows them that the business has a solid understanding of the situation.
  3. Lead—Take ownership of the call and direct them towards the solution.
  4. Overview—Provide an overview of the solution, which is the service the business provides. Be detailed in how the service will help them specifically.
  5. Enroll—Actually enroll them. Sign them up as a client. Get the gig!

This process will end with a new client officially brought on board. And that client will be happy because they made the choice to accept your services. All the business did was get in front of them.

Getting High Quality Clients

There is no time like the present to take advantage of the internet and put your skills to work.

We truly do live in the golden age of business. And digital marketing is growing so quickly that there are many business owners who need the help of service providers.

As a digital marketing consultant, the best opportunities lie in helping clients with:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Copywriting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing

And building these skill sets have NEVER been easier.

But there is one big problem skilled digital marketing consultants have—getting clients!

The inability to find quality clients hold many digital marketing consultants back from success. But there are ways to find quality clients and this 5-step system is the best. To recap, the five steps are:

  1. Understanding the Whole Funnel
  2. Online Presence
  3. Reach Potential Clients
  4. Discovery Form
  5. Initial Call

By the time a digital marketing consultant gets to Step 5 the client is as good as theirs. And this is a high-quality client for one simple reason…

That client practically jumped through hoops to hire the service provider!

They gave their permission throughout the entire process. They are serious about hiring that business to work for them.

Building digital marketing skills and finding clients isn’t only possible—it’s entirely doable!

A great place to start is our FREE Traffic Bootcamp.

It has all kinds of unique strategies and the most cutting-edge information on digital marketing.

Success is there for the taking!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Bootcamp.