5 Ways To Get More Likes Without Paying


For a marketer to grow their business, they need to make sure that they are building up a loyal following of customers.

One of the easiest ways to grow and maintain a strong customer base is through the use of social media—especially Facebook.

Still, getting likes on your page can be tricky…and costly.

Well, that is if you don’t know how to get more likes organically.

I am going to go through how I get more likes without spending a dime running ads or otherwise spending money to drive traffic.

The five ways to get more likes without buying them that I am going to go over are proven to work and can provide any marketer out there with fantastic results.

Make sure to incorporate these five methods in your marketing campaign to drive more likes and grow your customer base!

1. Optimize Your Posts for Shares


To get more likes without buying them, traffic needs to be organic. This means optimizing posts for shares.

The more a marketer can get their customers to share their content, the more free traffic they receive!

This means a couple of things, though,

First, this means that the posts should remind the customer to interact and share. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking a customer to do something to get results.

The other thing is creating posts that people want to share!

If all of the posts on a business’ page are pure marketing, no one will want to share them. Instead, there needs to be a balance between customer engagement and sales.

Let’s take a popular fast food restaurant that has been killing it on social media as an example.

This company posts heavily branded images that involve their food and food packaging, but they do it in a funny way. They will often make pop culture references, and their posts are very creative.

This sort of creativity leads to lots of customers not only sharing the posts but also commenting that they will be more likely to frequent the restaurant because they like the effort that the social media team puts in.

While not every post needs to be share-worthy, enough posts need to encourage shares and be worth sharing to increase organic likes.

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2. Post Consistently

Here’s the thing—sites like Facebook have made it very clear that businesses will receive less traffic for each post without boosting their posts.

This means if a business wants to be noticed, they are going to need to post consistently.

Not only does posting consistently raise the chances of customers seeing and engaging in posts, but it also gets them used to seeing posts from a specific company.

It becomes a part of their social media experience and—if the posts are engaging—a part of their experience that they enjoy.

In order for Facebook and other social media sites to show content consistently, they need to know the content provider is getting responses and engagement from their followers.

With consistency, there is a higher chance of getting the attention of followers, building a natural audience, and getting more shares—which leads to more likes.

3. Make Posts More Personal (And Less Automated)


It can be easy to write a bunch of posts in advance and simply put them on a schedule.

While it’s okay to have some scheduled posts, it’s also good to have some organic posts that are a little more personal.

Even some of the automated posts should have a personal feel so that customers don’t feel like they are getting spammed by a bot.

I personally like my posts to sound like they are coming directly from me. I want people to know that there is someone on the other end!

This also means more engagement.

Whether a marketer has the time to respond to posts or they can at least hire someone to do so, there should be someone on the other end when customers reach out and/or want to start a discussion.

Think about times when you commented on a post from a company and they actually responded (and not with a canned response).

How did it make you feel? Probably pretty special!

Customers want to feel important and like they are being heard. If they do, they will be more likely to tell their friends and family about how awesome the company is (and share their posts).

This, in turn, means more organic likes!

4. Cross-Promote


There are so many influencers out there that are ready to help other companies out—if those companies are willing to give them exposure as well.

I know that I’ve personally seen a lot of companies that I follow cross-promoting and helping out other companies by sharing posts from their pages or simply posting the link to their pages on Facebook encouraging customers to “like” the page.

Sure, major corporations may not do this a lot, but a lot of up-and-coming companies don’t mind working with others to cross-promote and build business relationships.

I would heavily suggest reaching out to other companies in your field or similar fields and asking about cross-promotion.

Cross-promoting can be the beginning of a mutually beneficial business relationship with another company that may even expand beyond social media!

5. Optimize for Timing

One of the most important parts of marketing is understanding the habits of customers. This includes when they are most active on social media.

From there, ads can be optimized for timing—and can more effectively reach the right audience when they need to be reached.

Take a look at when customers are most likely to respond to posts, and consider the demographic that you are trying to reach.

For instance, an older demographic may be less likely to respond to posts at 10 PM than a younger demographic would.

Optimize your posts for timing to increase likes, shares, comments, and page follows!

Get More Likes Without Paying Today


If you follow the tips outlined above, you’ll be able to boost the amount of likes that you are getting to each of your posts, and to your social media pages overall.

From there, you’ll be able to more effectively target your customers, drive traffic, and increase sales!

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