How To Drive Massive Amounts of Free Traffic From YouTube

Free Traffic From YouTube

Sure, there are plenty of ways to generate paid traffic online…

But there are also many ways to generate FREE traffic.

Now, I’m the first to admit that there is a tradeoff between free and paid traffic. It’s basically a trade of time for money.

With paid traffic, a lot less time is required. Plus, paying money will generate traffic more quickly.

But most of the time, this traffic won’t be as high in quality as free traffic.

What do I mean by that? Free traffic is generated by getting out there and engaging with people. This warms people up to the brand in a natural way. It’s more than mere advertising.

And there are many different ways to generate free traffic. Here are some:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Updating site content regularly
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Link to other sites and hope they do the same
  • Take advantage of viral content
  • Put the site URL in all signatures

But there is another way to generate free traffic that is incredibly effective. We’ll get to that in a moment.

But first, it’s important to learn what to avoid with free traffic.

Avoid the Traps

Free Traffic From YouTube

Not all forms of free traffic are equal!

Some forms of free traffic take up way too much time and they don’t produce good results. For example, posting on social media multiple times every day is very time-consuming. And it takes a LONG time to drive traffic that way.

Does this mean that these methods shouldn’t be used at all? No. But you do have to pick your battles.

The key is to find the free methods of generating traffic that produce massive results without working to exhaustion. And prime among these is YouTube.

YouTube makes it possible to generate A LOT of traffic and it’s absolutely free.

The Power of YouTube

Free Traffic From YouTube

I can’t even begin to tell you how powerful YouTube is.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world!

I bet many people don’t see YouTube as a search engine, but that’s exactly what it is! And here are some amazing statistics to prove it:

  • YouTube has an incredible 3 billion users.
  • There are over 30 million visitors on YouTube every day.
  • A whopping 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute.
  • Close to 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube.
  • 25 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every month.
  • On average, 80% of 18- to 49-year-olds watch YouTube.

YouTube is a powerful platform. It reaches a LOT of people. Why? Because a lot of people are actively looking for answers.

And video is a great way to connect with those people and give them the answers they seek.

It’s possible to explain things in great detail using video. And it is an amazing platform for visual niches because it is easy to do demonstrations that show how things work.

But what IS YouTube exactly?

YouTube is a combination of all the things we love about the internet. It’s the place where the very best of the online experiences merge and become one. YouTube is all of the following:

  • Video hosting
  • Social media
  • Community
  • A knowledge-sharing goldmine

And it is a place for businesses to reach their customers. To build relationships in a way that cannot be done elsewhere.

Plus, using YouTube is so easy! There is absolutely no comparison.

Why It's Easy to Get Ranked on YouTube

Free Traffic From YouTube

YouTube is for everyone!

ANYONE can upload a video and it’s absolutely free to do so.

Once a video is up, it’s much like a post on any social media platform.

If enough users pick up on it and comment, like, and share it—well—it can easily go viral. And people LOVE videos—especially videos they can relate to. The more they can relate to the videos, the more they will keep coming back.

Listen. This is so easy to do. Contrary to popular belief, creating videos isn’t hard at all.

YouTube and the advances in smartphone and camera technology has completely leveled the playing field. It’s so easy to shoot a high-quality video, edit it using easy-to-use video editing software, and put it up on YouTube.

The average person simply did not have the finances or technology to make this happen even 15 years ago.

And with YouTube, SEO is still possible. Using keywords in titles and descriptions, it is easy to optimize a video to rank high in the search engines.

And the key to success with YouTube is to understand how it all works, starting with the…

Different Types of YouTube Videos

A person does NOT have to be a master filmmaker to create a powerful YouTube video.

In fact, it isn’t even necessary to be comfortable in front of the camera!

This is because there are so many different types of YouTube videos that can be made. It is easy to find the one that works best in terms of personality, level of experience, and the end goal. With that in mind, here are the different types of YouTube videos that can be made:


This is exactly as it sounds. In this video, it is simply talking to the camera.

But so much can be done with this, such as:

  • Talking about the brand and the person behind the brand
  • Introducing a new product
  • Product demonstrations
  • Product reviews
  • Interviewing customers and industry experts

This list really includes pretty much anything that can be done right in front of the camera. These types of videos can be super powerful. Yet they aren’t complicated to make.


I know there are plenty of people out there who are NOT comfortable with being onscreen. Fortunately, it is easy to create powerful and informative videos without ever showing your face.

Just make a video using PowerPoint slides and screen-capture software.

Using PowerPoint makes it possible to give a presentation or teach with the use of slides. And this works just the same way as standing in front of a room full of people—except no one ever sees the speaker.

And screen-capture software makes it possible to capture screenshots or to film the screen while doing how-to videos, tutorials, or video game walkthroughs.


There was a time when only the big animation companies could make high-quality animated videos. But not anymore. For a very reasonable cost, anyone can purchase and use software such as Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Toon Boom Harmony, or Autodesk Maya.

Using this software, it is possible to create unique characters and bring them to life on the screen. Then simply write a script and record the voiceover and an animated video will be ready to capture the attention of the YouTube world.


It is even possible to create professional-quality movies and documentaries. I don’t recommend this starting out because they take a lot more time and money.

But the fact is, the average person could NEVER have done this even 15 years ago.

And now they can. A good camera can be purchased for a reasonable price. Film-editing software is also available without going bankrupt. Get together the people needed and establish the setting and a highly professional video is absolutely within reach.

But to do all this, the right tools are essential…

The Tools Needed For YouTube Success

This is going to be a very short list.

Surprising as it might seem, for most types of videos, nothing fancier than a smartphone camera and a selfie-stick are needed to make a good face-to-camera video.

And if the video is screen-capture, then PowerPoint and a good microphone will do the job. Along with screen-capture software, such as Camtasia or Screencast-O-Matic.

That is literally ALL that is needed.

Unless the desire is to make a super high-quality professional movie or documentary, this doesn’t need to be fancy. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

As long as the video is clear and the audience can connect with the person behind it—that’s all that matters!

How to Quickly Shoot and Upload Videos

Making a video can seem overwhelming—but it really isn’t.

Making a video involves a simple step-by-step process that is remarkably easy to follow.

The first step is to outline the video. Choose a topic that people are actively seeking information about. Then write down the main points to touch on in the video.

Once these are outlined, go into each one in more detail, writing down precisely what to say. When this is finished, the script for the video is done!

Next, it is important to pick a good location to shoot the video. If the shoot will be inside, choose a quiet room that has good lighting. If the video shoot will be outside, then choose a location that offers a good backdrop and good lighting.

With the script, camera, and required software, simply record the video! You can do as many takes as you want. And once it is finished, the video can literally be uploaded to YouTube directly from a smartphone in seconds.

That is all there is to it!

How Frequently to Upload Videos?

The key with YouTube videos—like that of social media and blog posts—is consistency.

If people are following, they want to know they can rely on new videos to come out on regular basis. They want access to new content consistently. And they WILL go elsewhere if it can’t be delivered effectively and reliably.

They key is to choose a schedule that can be realistically managed over the long-term.

Post new videos at least once a week. And post at the same time every week. This is far better than putting out 10 videos all at once and then disappearing. People might watch the videos and love them, but they will want more.

And along with the consistency of a posting schedule, the videos need to be made in the right way.

There needs to be a strategy that, when followed, will ensure the video is highly effective—whether promoting a funnel offer or getting people to take some other form of action.

YouTube Tips And Tricks

Just like with any other form of communication with the consumer, a YouTube video MUST start with a good title.

This title is the first thing people will see—it’s their first impression of the video.

And the sole function of the title is to get people to click and watch the video!

That means the title needs to catch the attention of anyone who sees it. The best way to do this is to ensure the title addresses a problem—and that it stands out as controversial or highly unique in some way.

The title should also contain specific keywords, so it will rank high in YouTube searches and in Google.

The video also needs a good description. This description will include the following:

  • The relevant keywords
  • A link to the website or page people are to visit
  • A solid description of the video content
  • A call-to-action

The call-to-action should also appear at end of the video. The ultimate goal of the video is to get people to take action—based on what is being promoted or what the next step in the funnel is.

With an ecommerce business, the call to action might be to visit the product page. With an email marketing business, the call to action might be to get the free report and join your list. With a coaching business, the call to action might be to get on a free strategy session. The possibilities are endless here.

But how is it possible to really know what to make a video about?

How To Find The Best Topics

The niche has been chosen. Products and offers are in the funnel.

But like a blog or other website content, videos must provide value to the audience.

And this means choosing topics that are of interest to people. What are people interested in? There are plenty of ways to find out, such as:

  • Find other videos in niche—See what is currently being done on YouTube. Find out what is going viral. Then take it and put a unique spin on it.
  • Find popular topics on forums, Buzzsumo, and Reddit—People are always talking about what’s of most interest to them. They LOVE to talk about themselves. Comb through forums and find topics that people have posted and that have a lot of discussion/responses. These will make great video topics.
  • Find popular articles in the niche—Check out blogs and websites to find recent articles on fresh or popular niche topics.
  • Check the news—Breaking news in a niche or industry can make great topics for videos.

Basically, look for ideas everywhere. Even offline, it is possible to find great topic ideas. Talk to people. Ask questions. Listen to conversations.

The key is to keep alert and think about everything seen and heard while out and about.

And when making videos, model them after other viral videos.

NEVER outright copy someone else’s work. However, mimicking the flow of viral videos, how they use titles and descriptions, the type of video, video length, and other aspects of the video can help create videos that have the potential of going viral.

There are many ways to generate FREE traffic—but there is one that is incredibly powerful.

The YouTube video.

People absolutely love videos. And more people than ever before are watching videos on YouTube. This is an opportunity that CANNOT be missed.

Creating YouTube videos is easier than it appears. However, there are so many little tips and tricks that can turn a good video into a great video. Tips and tricks that can help make a video go viral. That can really draw the attention of a lot of people and drive A LOT of traffic.

To be successful, it’s crucial to know these tips and tricks.

And we want to help. We want to teach those tips and tricks to anyone who wants to successfully use video to drive traffic.

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