Free Traffic Generator: 7 Blog Posts To Charge Your Efforts

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

Here’s a a key ingredient that most online businesses are lacking…


Traffic is basically the number people that visit your business. And because of this, traffic is the lifeblood of online business. It’s the fuel that keeps a business going.

If a Zen master also taught digital marketing, they would say something like this… Know traffic, know business. No traffic, no business.

Yes, traffic is what keeps a business alive. But most online businesses suffer from two traffic problems that are killing their business…

2 Problems Most Online Businesses Have With Traffic

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

  1. Not Getting Enough Traffic
  2. Not Getting The Right Traffic

Not getting enough traffic is the obvious one.

If an online business isn’t getting enough traffic, it’s not going to be generating enough income it needs to stay afloat.

The other problem is not getting THE RIGHT traffic. All of the traffic in the world is meaningless if those people aren’t interested in what the business is offering.

For example, a company selling a Paleo cookbook wants people who are interested in Paleo, nutrition and cooking to be visiting their website. Because people who aren’t interested in that are far less likely to buy a Paleo cookbook.

This is why it’s not only important to generate a significant amount of traffic, but also a significant amount of people who are actually interested.

And here are some of the best resources to maximize traffic.

These posts will help you build your free traffic generator so that you can make money without spending a dime on visitors.

7 Critical Blog Posts To Build Your Free Traffic Generator

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

These blog posts are goldmines for anyone looking for a legitimate free traffic generator. I highly recommend looking into each one and seeing what you need the most to start off 2018 with massive success.

1. How To Drive Massive Amounts of Free Traffic From YouTube

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

This post is all about traffic generation via YouTube.

In it, you will learn…

  • Why YouTube is so powerful for driving traffic
  • How to leverage “YouTube SEO”
  • How to create awesome videos
  • YouTube tips and tricks for online business success

2. How To Drive Massive Amounts Of Free Traffic From Quora, Reddit And Forums

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

Most people completely overlook the power of forums. Forums, as well as sites like Reddit and Quora, can be incredibly effective at driving traffic. And not any traffic, they help drive THE MOST passionate people related to a niche.

All you need to know is a couple strategies outlined in the post, and the traffic will come pouring in.

3. How to Drive Massive Amounts of Free Traffic From Facebook And Twitter

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

This post is social media traffic 101, focusing on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s what it goes into…

  • How to make a brand stand out
  • How consistently to post
  • How to create awesome content
  • How to engage with potential customers
  • Resources for creating great content

4. How To Drive Massive Amounts of Free Traffic From Blogging

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

Blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic.

In this post, you will learn..

  • How blogging is amazing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • How to create great content that people love
  • How blogging can make any other business model better

5. 7 Ways to Grow Any Business With Facebook Ads

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

Facebook Ads are the most powerful way of generating traffic.

With Facebook Ads, anyone can generate massive amounts of free traffic INSTANTLY. And not only that. Facebook Ads can target the exact people who are interested in your brand.

This blog post provides 7 ways to grow any business with Facebook Ads.

6. 5 Steps To Unleash More Leads And Sales From Facebook Ads

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

Now this post takes a step-by-step approach to Facebook Ads. With this simple 5 step formula, any brand can greatly increase their leads and sales.

7 . The 7 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

This blog post approached Facebook Ads from yet another angle, common mistakes. Be sure to read this article to avoid the most common mistakes with Facebook Ads.

By knowing these, anyone can fast track their way to success and more traffic.

Blog Posts For Driving Traffic

So that wraps up this list.

Honestly, these are some of the best references on traffic generation... period. Make sure you read them and start building your free traffic generator today.

Wishing you a successful 2018.

- Anik Singal