Blogging Tips for Entrepreneurs (To Use Today)

Creating a blog is a fantastic way to expand your digital publishing business.

Used effectively, a blog is a tool for branding, delivering content and even lead generation. Unfortunately, many digital publishers do not properly use blogs, if at all. 

In fact, many digital publishers believe blogging is a waste of time... But this belief is 100% wrong.

In this article, you'll discover 5 simple but powerful ways to make sure that your blog actually adds value to your digital publishing business.

Blogging Tip #1 - Post Consistently

The single most important thing you need to do to have a successful blog that builds your subscriber base and makes money is posting consistently.

This does not mean you need to post every day, but it does mean that you need to have new posts up frequently enough so visitors want to come back again and again.

This is where most people fall flat.

They simply do not put enough content on their blog. Before you worry about the layout and the marketing, start by getting into a rhythm of consistently posting on your blog.

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Blogging Tip #2 - Curate Content

An easy way to put content on your blog is to draw it from other websites.

Some of the most successful websites online like the Huffington Post, Upworthy and BuzzFeed do something called “curating content.”

This is when you take content from another site and feature it on your own site.

Of course, you don't just copy and paste another blog post.

Instead, you provide your own thoughts on the content, and then either post a link to the other page or embed the video/audio.

Curated content is a great way to make sure your blog has enough content without having to write every post yourself.

This does not take away from the credibility of your blog. In fact, if your blog becomes an authority site in your niche, then that only makes your brand stronger.

Blogging Tip #3 - Mix It Up

It's good to have a nice mix of written, audio and video content on your blog.

It allows you to deliver content in different ways and increases the perceived value of your blog. With your computer’s internal microphone and a free software program like Audacity, you can create great audio content to put on your blog.

Likewise, with a screen capture software like Screen Flow or Camtasia you can create screen capture videos that look professional and deliver fantastic content.

Blogging Tip #4 - Go For The Email

Your blog can be a terrific source of lead generation.

However, you will be able to build a stronger relationship and generate more sales through email then you will on your blog.

That is why you should encourage the readers on your blog to subscribe to your email list.

The simplest way to do this is to have banner ads on your blog offering a free gift in exchange for their email address.

You can see an example of that, here on the Lurn site (just look in the sidebar to the right and you’ll see how people can sign up for one of our free gifts or courses).

When you connect your email list with your blog, that is when the real power of having a blog comes in.

Blogging Tip #5 - Be Social

One of the best parts about having a blog is the ability to interact with your readers.

Make sure you encourage your readers to post comments on all of your blog posts. The easiest way to do this is to ask them a question at the end of your blog post.

When your readers do comment on a post, be sure to get in the comments section with them and have a conversation.

Be sure to also bring in your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and encourage your readers to interact with you through those platforms as well.

Blogging Tips For Entrepreneurs

There you have it, 5 simple but powerful ways to make your blog a terrific asset to your digital publishing business.

As long as you post consistently and keep these tips in mind, you should have no problem building your brand, generating leads and delivering fantastic content to your customers.

(NOTE: Ready to build your own blog? Check out our FREE blogging course How To Build A Blog on #LurnNation to access our exclusive blogging content that makes setting up and running a blog easy for any business. Learn more here.)