How to Tap Into the Massive Potential of Facebook Messenger Marketing [Case Study]

It’s coming…

A new opportunity is emerging that is revolutionizing marketing yet again.

Last week, we discussed the power of Facebook Messenger...

Now, I’ll show a Case Study on HOW our special guest expert has discovered a cool, new way to leverage the paradigm-shifting potential of Facebook Messenger Marketing.

The floodgates have just opened. Facebook has recently introduced many features that are making Facebook Messenger one of THE BEST marketing platforms out there.

In the last post, I also introduced ChatMatic.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

ChatMatic is a new tool that allows users to automatically send direct messages, via Facebook Messenger, to everyone who comments on specific posts and ads on Facebook.

It does a whole lot more too, and it’s constantly adding new features to help busy entrepreneurs ride this massive wave.

ChatMatic is one of the best tools I’ve seen in a long time. The opportunity here is tremendous and multi-dimensional. Not only is Facebook Messenger Marketing growing rapidly, it’s also changing HOW to best interact with potential customers.

No matter what type of business - Affiliate, Digital or eCommerce...

Is Facebook Messenger Marketing a Fad?

Facebook Messenger Marketing - Is Facebook Messenger Marketing a fad

If I'm planning to enter anything for the long-term, I want to make sure that it’s not just a passing fad.

This begs the question: Is Facebook Messenger Marketing a fad?

My answer is an emphatic NO. When looking at the numbers and the big picture trends, it’s pretty easy to see that Facebook Messenger is going to be used more and more.

First of all, Facebook is Facebook, an absolute titan in today’s world.

Facebook Messenger not only stands on the giant shoulders of Facebook itself, but also the widespread usage of messaging apps. Right now, messaging apps are used by more people than social media. So in many ways, Facebook Messenger Marketing has A LOT going for it.

Over 11% of the world’s population uses Facebook Messenger on a monthly basis. Source: THE NEXT WEB

Just let that sink in.

You know what’s disappearing though? The phone number. Facebook Messenger is positioning itself to be THE platform for global communication, and rendering traditional SMS (text messaging) useless.

Just think about how your own behavior has changed...

Have you used Facebook Messenger recently? I‘d bet that you have. I personally use it much more than texting now.

The bottom line is that Facebook Messenger is the future and its marketing potential is virtually untapped.

The best part? There's a great new tool that makes Facebook Messenger Marketing easier than I personally believed it could be…

ChatMatic: A Secret Weapon

Facebook Messenger Marketing - ChatMatic: A Secret Weapon

By now, you hopefully understand the awesome potential of Facebook Messenger Marketing. But how can we leverage this potential? The answer is ChatMatic.

ChatMatic is the embodiment of a new revolution in marketing. The basic premise of ChatMatic is this…

It sends automatic, custom messages to people who comment on your ads and posts. And the messages go to their PRIMARY INBOXES. Just think about the enormous potential there.

ChatMatic is targeted, one-to-one, automated and scalable. Any marketer would kill to have a platform that does all of that. Combine those qualities with the explosive growth of Facebook Messenger, and it's a golden opportunity right there.

ChatMatic is like the Facebook Messenger version of an email autoresponder. We all know how ridiculously effective email autoresponders are. Facebook Messenger is a rapidly growing app that will only provide more and more opportunities in the future.

If that’s not enough, ChatMatic also leverages the marketing power of social media.

That’s another huge advantage.

Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Source: Hubspot

ChatMatic aligns the effectiveness of so many proven strategies and makes it easy to implement.

Automatic Success

Facebook Messenger Marketing - Automatic Success

ChatMatic is an automated system. And because it’s automated, it’s quick, easy and SCALABLE.

The faster a brand responds, the more likely someone is to remember the brand and become a customer. This is where the automation really comes in handy.

Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. Source: Gartner Research

With ChatMatic, it’s the same amount of effort to respond to 100 people as it is to respond to 10 people.

ChatMatic is continuously adding features to make the tool as dynamic as possible. Because, for example, sometimes you might not want everyone who comments to receive a message. Not only is ChatMatic automated, it’s highly customizable as well.

ChatMatic gives all of the benefits of automation without being spammy or impersonal.

The Power of 1

Facebook Messenger Marketing - The Power of 1

In a ChatMatic survey of 1,000 people, 80% of consumers agree that they’re more likely to buy a product after talking to someone.

This idea of actually interacting with potential customers seems so obvious, right? But most businesses overlook the power of 1-to-1 conversation.

In marketing, there are few things more important than 1-to-1 customer interaction. Through personal interaction, people and businesses can build TRUST and CREDIBILITY that mass broadcasting simply can’t achieve.

1-to-1 interaction can also be a positive introduction for a brand. It warms people up and makes them more likely to buy. This eventually leads to repeat customers and can even mean raving fans who promote your brand for you.

The Inbox In

Facebook Messenger Marketing - The Inbox In

There is a key point with ChatMatic that I want to drive home…

People actually open and respond to messages in their Facebook Messenger inbox.

And they will continue to do so. Facebook is doing a great job at preventing inbox spam. Remember, pages can only message people who comment. This means that messages in someone’s inbox have intrinsic value and are not cheapened by spam.

The fact that messages go straight to the user's personal inbox (not their “Message Requests” folder that no one checks) makes ChatMatic highly effective.

Again, think about what YOU do. I can tell you that I read and respond to almost every message that makes it to my personal inbox on Facebook Messenger.

There’s a certain trust factor here. And if a message is sent right after someone comments on a post from that page, they’ll recognize your brand and be genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Opt-In Made Easy

Facebook Messenger Marketing - Opt-In Made Easy

As described in last week’s post, ChatMatic has another amazing feature, the one click opt-in.

Out of a poll of 5,000 people by ChatMatic, 75% said that they would rather opt-in using Facebook rather than type their email address in an opt-in page.

Instead of having prospects go to an opt-in page and type in an email address, ChatMatic allows them to opt-in just by clicking a button and linking to their Facebook account.

In a world of increasing mobile devices and less typing, this is where things are headed. This simplified, easy opt-in process allows the ability to collect leads more effectively than ever.

Where’s the Proof?

Facebook Messenger Marketing - ChatMatic - It Really Works!

Everything sounds good so far, right?

Sure, it’s good to have a sound theory behind everything, but what about real world results? That’s what really counts.

ChatMatic really works.

I wouldn’t even consider it if it didn’t, or if I didn’t think it was a great tool.

ChatMatic is as effective as it seems. The results people are getting speak for themselves…

ChatMatic Case Study

Here’s a case study from Travis, the founder of ChatMatic. The following screenshots are from an ad he ran on Facebook. The first is the ad itself and the second is the breakdown of what he spent compared to what he earned.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

As you can see, Travis spent $13,607.37 and made $22,816.00... A $9,208.63 Profit.*

There’s more to the story though…

The ad he ran was for SOMEONE ELSE’S PRODUCT and he used ChatMatic to send people to one of his own products when they commented on the ad.

So the $22,816 was just the sales of HIS product, which had nothing to do with the ad. Meanwhile, his affiliate promotion ended up doing over $40,000 in sales (which wasn’t tracked on Facebook because they were in the affiliate's system).*

Pretty crazy story, right? Travis made $22,000 off of people commenting on his ad and using ChatMatic to monetize them.*

*Note - Results may not be typical nor expected.

What’s also interesting is the relatively small number of comments it took to make such a big chunk of cash. Since the conversion rates with 1-on-1 interaction are so high, it doesn’t require excessive volume to get results.

Travis only had 214 comments on that ad. With just that, he was able to generate loads more sales.

Facebook Messenger Marketing - ChatMatic Case Study Results

Now just imagine the potential when there are thousands of comments on a post. People are responsive to Facebook Messages, more responsive than any other method of communication. With ChatMatic, we can capitalize on this!

No Rocket Science Degree Required

It doesn’t take a genius to duplicate Travis’ results…

The great thing about ChatMatic is that it allows us to leverage something just about everybody already uses on a daily basis. It’s simply automating something that we’re all very familiar with and using it as a highly effective marketing tool.

If you know how to use Facebook Messenger, you’re already a master of the communication aspect of this. Just add a bit of marketing strategy behind a platform that's already being used and see how it works in action!

The effectiveness and potential of ChatMatic is pretty incredible... so much so, that we devoted a 2-part Success Weekly series to it!

Click here now to watch this replay and learn more about ChatMatic. Plus get a special early bird discount that's being exclusively offered to #LurnNation - but you have to act fast to get it!

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