eCommerce & Facebooks Ads: A Winning Combination

Most people know by now that I’m a digital marketing guy.

I just don’t do physical products.

’ve even tried before because so many people I know said, “Anik, you can make a killing!

I didn’t believe it would work. I didn’t believe I would make a killing with eCommerce—and I was right!

At first, I was making sales and the money started rolling in. But it wasn’t long before I started LOSING money. With things like keeping inventory and problems with Amazon listings, I walked away from eCommerce and never looked back…

…until I met my wife, Andrea.

Andrea was already passionate about eCommerce when I met her. In India, she had helped build an eCommerce company from the ground up. When she moved to the US, she turned to Amazon. But she quickly found out there was too much profit loss associated with that.

So, she decided to open her own eCommerce store. She was putting in really long hours and the results were almost nil. I supported her 100%, but I also wanted to say, “I told you so.”

At this point I turned to a friend of mine, Adrian Morrison. I knew Adrian had an incredible eCommerce business model. He was making 6 figures every month and he kept no inventory.

I introduced Andrea to Adrian and he trained her to use his eCommerce model. That training took less than two hours, and just days later, she made $500 in sales. She was elated and I was relievedand also a bit surprised.

From there Andrea was able to scale her business quickly. She is now making $60,000 to $80,000 per month and is about to launch multiple stores.

This eCommerce business model is the real deal folks! I have seen it work with my very own eyes.

Adrian Morrison was able to create an unbeatable eCommerce system. Let’s take a look at how he did it…

Adrian’s Story


Adrian started out in eCommerce with absolutely no marketing or business experience.

In fact, he was attending college when he started out. Adrian was diagnosed with ADD as a child and had been made to feel stupid all his life. When he couldn’t get into law school, he didn’t know what to do. He was ready to give up.

But Adrian’s older brother had discovered internet marketing and was making big money. Adrian got his brother to teach him how to create ads online. Shortly after learning a step-by-step formula for creating ads, he earned his first $75 in commission.

Adrian has since launched several 7-figure online businesses. And he has never looked back.

One eCommerce store Adrian runs took less than 30 minutes to build and generates as much as $400,000 per month.

Adrian didn’t just learn how to create online ads from his brother. He also learned that the biggest risk someone is going to take when building an online ad is $5.00 and 10 minutes of their time. This is where Facebook ads enter the picture.

With a proven eCommerce model propelled by Facebook Intelligent Ads, anyone can start a potential 7-figure eCommerce business for a mere $5.00 and 10 minutes of their time.

And eCommerce is a very straightforward concept. It is the business of selling physical products through an online store.

As a point of reference, the ultimate example of a successful eCommerce business is Amazon. But we don’t have to be the next Amazon to achieve massive eCommerce success.

eCommerce is a fully scalable business. It is dynamic and constantly growing. The US Department of Commerce reported that in 2011, online retail sales were $194 billion. By 2013, online retail sales had gone up to $262 billion. By 2015, these sales totaled $341.7 billion. See the trend here?

The eCommerce pie is a very large one and this is an opportunity to get in on a piece of that pie.

eCommerce provides so much opportunity. It doesn’t just offer an opportunity to make money. It offers the opportunity to have a business that comes with sustainability, security, and longevity.

Not only that, any eCommerce store can be taken to the next level when leveraging the power of Facebook ads. Most people literally throw their money away with advertising. But by using Facebook ads in a very specific way – what Adrian calls Facebook Intelligent Ads – anyone can have a continuous stream of eager customers.

At this point, some people must be wondering, what is the exact strategy that makes this possible?

Let’s take a look…

Adrian’s eCommerce Business Model

Business Model

Adrian started out as an affiliate marketer. And as an affiliate marketer, Adrian was making loads of money. But only promoting other people’s products can come with many risks. At the end of the day, if that company decided to shut down or his services were no longer needed, Adrian would be left out to dry … with NOTHING to show for his previous efforts and success.

This way of doing business did not offer Adrian any security, stability, or longevity. He was at the whim of the businesses whose products he sold.

He had no control!

Adrian created the business model he uses and teaches today because he realized he needed full CONTROL over his online business. Control is so important in online business for the following reasons:

  • Having the choice of when to start or stop selling a product.
  • Deciding what the profit margins will be.
  • Building a list of email addresses. And owning that list to keep marketing to those people.
  • Develop and promote any personal brand.
  • Having an exit strategy.

eCommerce is so simple. Most people can have an eCommerce business up and running in less than an hour. How? Because it doesn’t require any inventory or special technology.

All that’s needed is an hour of time, a laptop, and an Internet connection.

Adrian’s eCommerce template is not only straightforward for anyone to set up, but also makes it simple to actually attract ideal customers by using Facebook Intelligent Ads.

And here’s something really interesting: It’s even possible to make money by offering FREE products!

That probably sounds completely insane, but it’s true. Adrian has developed an amazing 5-Step process that has made him millions all while offering free products.

Adrian’s Simple 5-Step Process

This 5-step process is foolproof. With it, anyone can start an eCommerce business that has the potential to make 7 figures.

And it all starts with passion…

1. Identify a Passion


Passion drives life and it drives true marketing success. A business that lacks passion won’t go very far.

But this doesn’t necessarily need to be an individual passion. Someone can easily build an eCommerce business based on other people’s passions. In fact, other people’s passions are the fuel for a business because these are the things people care about.

In other words—What other people like is what really matters.

Search for what other people are passionate about and turn that into profit. For example, I don’t care about Harry Potter in the least. But I bet there are millions of people out there who are completely devoted to EVERYTHING Harry Potter. The Harry Potter franchise is a great niche to explore.

If I want something a little less commercial, then something like the cat niche is profitable. There are plenty of cat lovers out there. This niche is based on everything people need and want for their pets. Cat toys, cat nip, cat beds. All of that. And it doesn’t even matter if I like cats.

They key is to first do the homework. Find a niche, and make sure it’s something that other people are completely thrilled about. This will take any eCommerce business in the right direction.

2. Find a Product


After deciding on a popular niche, it’s time to choose a product. This doesn’t have to be an expensive product. And it’s not necessary to sell thousands of products to find success. Adrian has a philosophy that is absolutely spot on…

Less = More

In other words, FOCUS on fewer products that are unique. Focus on passion products, which are the products people really want. If customers are givem too many choices, they will be unable to make a decision.

It is best to choose a handful of particular products and focus on convincing the customer to hit the “Buy it Now” button. Adrian has made the majority of his $2.4 million selling just 4 products. He accomplished this because these were hot products and they were unique. They just weren’t readily available.

To find a product, Adrian recommends using a reputable manufacturing or wholesale website such as Ali Express. Here, it’s possible to find almost any product for any niche. Again, we want to make sure to choose a profitable niche and a product that will actually sell.

Let’s continue with the Harry Potter example, because it’s fun. There are so many potential products to sell in the Harry Potter niche! One quick search on Ali Express gives us over 16,000 results for “Harry Potter.” There is so much potential here.

Browsing on Ali Express will provide some ideas for products in any niche. And searching for the same product elsewhere will show the retail value of those products. But don’t go buying anything yet! There’s a bit more to know before that.

The next step to understand is how to use the most powerful word there is in the marketing world…

3. Use the Most Powerful Word—“FREE”



That word holds a tremendous amount of power. In fact, it holds so much power that it’s possible to offer products for free and still make a lot of money.

Think about how crazy people get when it comes to getting something on sale. Think about what people do for Black Friday sales. It’s incredible!

Now imagine what they would do for something that’s FREE.

The key here is to choose inexpensive products. Products that don’t cost a lot sell better. And while people will happily buy these products, it is easy to do promotions that give the product away. Adrian makes 70% of his profits by giving away things for free. How can he do this and still make a profit?

By using what is called the “Free + Shipping” model.

What this means is that he gives away the product for free, but builds the profit into the shipping and handling charges.

Say he has a product that costs $2.00. If he gives that product away for free and charges $10 for shipping and handling, he made a tidy and impressive profit of $8.00. People will literally flock to get this free product because the word FREE stops people in their tracks.
Adrian describes how well this strategy worked for his students…

“Using this strategy, I’ve been able to take many students that were struggling and failing and within 24 hours, have them making sales for the first time ever, profitably.

The model I am using is called the ‘Free + Shipping’ model.

See, the products that I am selling online are so cheap, that I can offer them for ‘FREE’ and build all of my profits into the shipping and handling charges. Remember, I’m only paying around $2.00 for the product. If I charge $10 for shipping I’m generating a sweet profit of $8.00 per sale.”

Let’s go back to the Harry Potter example. Something like this Harry Potter pendant necklace seen on Ali Express might be a good option.

It’s only $0.89 and has a good rating score, so it may be a good potential choice. If we were to charge $10 for shipping, we would make $9.11 off of every sale. Of course, we would have to do more research before actually buying it, but it’s a good example of what we’re looking for here.
This strategy seems incredibly simple—AND IT IS!
But there’s more…

4. Facebook Intelligent Ads

Facebook Ads

This is where we drive our ideal customers, who are excited about the products we’re offering.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. It gets premium traffic and has the very best targeted advertising.

There are over 1 billion people on Facebook. And every person freely shares a lot of information about themselves: likes, interests, age, location, relationship status…etc. This is a marketer’s dream!

With all of this data, Facebook allows advertisers to create highly targeted ads. This means that we can run ads to the exact people we want to reach, who would be most likely to buy our products.

Continuing with the Harry Potter example, we can specifically target Harry Potter fans on Facebook. When creating an ad, we can target people who like Harry Potter-related pages or have any Harry Potter-related interests. It’s also a good idea to target people who like the author, JK Rowling, as well. This will allow you to reach the exact people who would be not only interested, but eager to buy your products.

Adrian has found a way to use Facebook to further optimize his ads, which put them in front of the best customers that actually convert. Just remember…


It’s all about conversions. Period. Facebook ads can be so strategically targeted that they will only appear in front of people who are likely to buy. That leads to amazing conversion rates.

For this reason, it’s important to optimize ads to get conversions, not just clicks. To accomplish this requires the following:

  • A product
  • $5 to get a Facebook ad up and running
  • A good product image
  • Some text that describes the product
  • Setting the ad to use Facebook Conversion Intelligence

It takes a measly 9 minutes to complete these five steps. Only 9 minutes and $5 and the ad is live. Just remember to start small. Make sure the ad is working, and when it is, then the campaign can be scaled.

Besides targeting, there is another amazing benefit of how Adrian uses Facebook Intelligent Ads: SHAREABILITY

When advertising on Facebook, the word FREE works wonders. It engages people like nothing else. Basically, there are 4 things people can do when they see the Facebook ad:

  • Like it
  • Share it
  • Comment on it
  • Tag others so they can see it

Just saying the word FREE in the ad gets an unbelievable amount of engagement from the people who see it. Really. After all, what do people do when they see a good deal? They tell their friends about it!

And that is exactly what happens when advertising on Facebook with the Free + Shipping method.

And since the average Facebook user has 338 friends, imagine how many people see the ad when it is shared. We are talking thousands, even millions of people seeing the ad and it doesn’t cost a penny extra to get it out there. The ad can easily go viral!

This amazing viral potential, sparked by simply using the word “free”, is overlooked by almost everyone else! And it drives a whole lot of excited customers at no additional cost!

Effective targeting + capitalizing on viral potential = lots of ideal customers

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

I have talked about the power of email marketing before. And I have to mention it again here because IT WORKS. When advertising and making sales with the Free + Shipping method, Adrian also collects email addresses.

In fact, to not collect the email addresses of customers would be a colossal mistake.

The ability to collect email addresses is built right into the automated technology of the online store. When someone makes a purchase, it’s really easy to get their email address. And at this point, they have already purchased something. So, chances are they are going to go the one extra step and provide their email address.

When they give their email address, they are giving permission to contact them and market to them in the future. The sky is the limit here. This is how to build a list of loyal customers. And this list comes with some great benefits:

  • Having full ownership of that list
  • Having complete control over the list
  • Building relationships with customers
  • Marketing again and again to those people at no extra cost

Email marketing is the fifth step in a wildly successful process to building an eCommerce business.

Let’s go back to the Harry Potter example yet again. If we collect people’s email addresses, we can build relationships with them by sending them Harry Potter related content. Maybe a new Harry Potter movie is coming out - tell them about that. Maybe send them a list of fun facts about Harry Potter in another email. This will engage customers. Then when we promote another product to them, they’ll be much more likely to buy again! See how effective this can be?

Take it To the Next Level…

Next Level

I hope by now everyone can see the benefits and the opportunity that are available with eCommerce. I know there was a time when I would have said there was no way eCommerce could bring so much success. But since then, I have seen it happen.

My wife, Andrea, has found amazing success with her eCommerce business using Adrian’s method.

And it’s a repeatable process that anyone can do!

But it’s only for those action-takers who want to take that next step.

Adrian will be hosting a FREE training opportunity. I encourage anyone who read this far to take advantage of this training.

In his free training, Adrian explains:

  • How he’s made $5M with Products he NEVER Sees, Touches, or Ships (no inventory & no upfront investment)
  • How he’s destroying print-on-demand in exchange for done-for-you licensed artwork
  • How he’s utilizing the most powerful word in the world—FREE—to make money selling trinkets
  • How to create wildly successful Facebook Intelligent Ads
  • How he sniffs out winning products in less than 30 seconds for any niche

Don’t jump ahead trying to start an eCommerce business yet. It’s important to hear what Adrian has to say first. In his training, Adrian provides the specifics and finer points of his method. He lays out exactly how to implement the system and be wildly successful with it.

DO NOT miss this training! It’s FREE and it is invaluable. Sign up today and start the journey of building a successful eCommerce business.