Buy Website Traffic Or Go Organic?


The real lifeblood of your business is something that you may not have originally guessed…


Actually, it’s something that people often neglect. Because of this, their business either gets nowhere, or starts losing steam very quickly…


So, what is it that a business absolutely needs to not only survive, but THRIVE?





I don’t care how amazing a product or service is, if a business owner isn’t actively driving traffic, they won’t sell a whole lot—if any—of their products or services.


For those who aren’t familiar with what traffic is and how to drive it, don’t worry! I’m about to go over that. I’m going to lay out exactly what traffic is, how to target that traffic and what forms of traffic any entrepreneur can take advantage of starting TODAY.


It’s actually pretty simple…


Driving traffic is leading potential customers to a product or service. That’s it!


When most people think of driving traffic, they think of online media buying—which is an aspect of driving traffic.


There is so much more to reaching the right customers, though, and I want to go through that right now.


I want to make it easy for any entrepreneur reading this to start sending potential customers to their sales page, so they can significantly boost their sales and create an ongoing source of income that will make them thousands—if not millions—of dollars.


The first thing that any entrepreneur needs to know to make money online by driving traffic to their website is…


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Who Their Customers Are!



In order to effectively drive traffic, it is absolutely imperative for an entrepreneur to understand exactly who their customer base is.


Personally, I’ve put a lot of work into discovering who my ideal customer base is. This has allowed me to more effectively reach them, and save a LOT of time and money by not spending all of my resources reaching out to people that don’t want to hear my message.


Every entrepreneur needs to take a little time to think through who it is they are trying to reach, so they are better able to reach those customers. Once a business owner gets a better idea of who their customer base is, they can start narrowing down further. Eventually, all of a business owners marketing resources will (ideally) reach the people that want and need their product or service the most.


A good place for any business owner to start is with a customer avatar (check out our FREE customer avatar course here).


This, essentially, is what an ideal customer looks like…

  • What is their age range?
  • What are their buying habits?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What sex are they?
  • What is their education level?
  • What are there interests?

These are a few of the considerations that should go into creating the perfect customer avatar.


I’ve found that finding a picture of what an ideal customer looks like is a great way to hone in on a customer avatar, and really focus on who the ideal customer is.


Once an entrepreneur has an idea in their head of who exactly it is that they are advertising to, they can begin working on really boosting their advertising efforts…


In order to drive INSANE amounts of traffic and make MASSIVE amounts of money, any advertiser out there needs to know what online media buying is, what organic traffic is and how to use the two to reach their ideal customers. So…


What is Online Media Buying? What is Organic Traffic? And Which is Right for ME?



When it comes to driving traffic to a website and making sales, there are two forms of traffic that any advertiser needs to know inside and out…


Without utilizing one or both of these forms of traffic, there will be no advertising campaign. And, of course, no advertising campaign means significantly less sales…


The two forms of traffic that are necessary to understand to run a successful advertising campaign are:

  • Online Media Buying
  • Organic Traffic

I’m going to go over both in a little more detail…


Online Media Buying


When people think of advertising, they are often thinking of online media buying. This is because buying website traffic is the traditional way to drive traffic.


We all know the formula—advertisers spend money to run ads and get their products or services in front of potential customers…


What’s really cool, though, is that these days the barrier of entry is significantly lower. Where before media buying meant paying for ads on TV or in newspapers, now advertisers can purchase ads on social media, and on popular online resources like Google and Bing.


For a very modest budget, a business owner can get their ads in front of TARGETED traffic. Remember that customer avatar? Here is where that comes in handy…


Modern media buying often allows advertisers to pick exactly who it is they want to see their ads. So, if my customer avatar is a 30-40 year old man that likes golf, I can target my ads to people that fall into that category.


Organic Traffic



While media buying has a low barrier of entry, some people still can’t afford it. If this is the case, or if a marketer simply wants to increase their sources of traffic, organic traffic can be an extremely powerful resource.


Organic traffic is essentially any form of traffic that drives website views through free-to-access resources that customers can find easily and derive real value from.


A few examples include:

  • Blogs
  • Vlogs
  • Podcasts
  • Instructional YouTube videos

An advertiser can build an organic audience that trusts them, and enjoys their content. Once they gain the trust of their audience, they can pitch them the actual product.


Buy Website Traffic Or Go Organic?



It’s important to understand the differences between media buying and organic traffic to really make the decision as to which is right for you…


Online media buying, as the name implies, is going to cost money. While it will make it much easier to reach a targeted audience, it’s not free.


Organic traffic, on the other hand, is either extremely affordable or completely free. The downside is that organic traffic takes a while to build an audience—which in turn means no sales in the short-term.


Unless a blog or video on YouTube goes viral, there’s a good chance that building an audience will take quite some time. Still, once that audience is there, growth will become exponential.


Whichever type of traffic you decide to go with (or if you decide to go with both), you’ll need to understand more about the intricacies of that traffic source (or sources). 


Learn how to drive traffic, and start making more money than you ever thought was possible!


(NOTE: Want to learn more about driving organic traffic to your website? Check out our FREE course, Free Traffic From Words, on #LurnNation to access exclusive content that will teach you how to drive high-quality organic traffic to your website. Learn more here.)