Cyber Monday Checklist For Facebook



With Cyber Monday on the horizon, every internet marketer will want to be prepared for the rush of potential customers that will be looking to purchase something from them…or from one of their competitors!

All internet marketers should be ready to put their best efforts into guiding the droves of traffic that will be flooding the internet looking for sales to their site.

Whether it’s an information product or an eCommerce store filled with physical goods, there will be traffic heading in the direction of whichever marketers have the best game plan.

That’s why I created a checklist for everyone out there that wants to make sure their customers on Facebook are heading in their direction once Cyber Monday hits.

Go through this checklist, and check each off as you go. If you do each of these steps correctly, you set yourself up to have the best Cyber Monday yet!

Create Your Offer


While Cyber Monday creates a plethora of opportunities for business owners to sell their goods, customers aren’t just looking to spend their money for the sake of spending it…

Instead, they are looking for the best deals out there!

This means, in order to succeed during Cyber Monday, a marketer needs to create an offer that is irresistible!

When I consider how I'm going to create my offer, I start by thinking about the price point. I ask myself, “What price will people be willing to pay while still feeling like they are getting a good deal?”

I’ll also consider padding my offer and creating more value.

This may mean adding bonuses, worksheets, an added “gift” and so on. If the customer feels like they are getting more value for the same price, they’ll often be willing to pay full price…even on Cyber Monday!

Put together the best offer possible that will entice customers to purchase while also allowing you to turn a profit.

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Establish Your Budget for Ads

To get the word out there, you will need to spend some money on ads.

Even with an excellent following, marketers need to make sure they are reaching the biggest audience possible during Cyber Monday.

I understand that not everyone has a ton of money put aside for ads. We’ll get into how to spend ad dollars in the most effective way possible in a moment, but first it’s necessary to know just how much money is available.

Really think it through so you don’t find yourself midway through your campaign and out of money!

Take An Inventory Of Your Ads From Last Year

Every marketer should have data on their promotions—especially when it comes to big sales like Cyber Monday.

Data from previous sales allows marketers to take an inventory of their ads from the last year’s Cyber Monday.

From there, they can see how much they spent, how effective the ads were, what their budget looks like this year in comparison, and so much more.

I really take the time to look over each ad, including the:

  • Copy

  • Clickthrough

  • Post Interaction

  • Photos/Videos Used

  • Split-Testing Results

  • Demographics

  • And More

This helps me to create more effective ads for the upcoming Cyber Monday (and for future sales in general).

Identify Your Top Performing Audiences


After looking over the previous year’s inventory, it’s time to identify the top performing audiences.

By doing this, marketers are able to tailor ads for audiences that are more likely to purchase during the next Cyber Monday promotion. This means less money spent on ads targeting the wrong audience!

When looking over the top performing audiences, consider:

  • Age

  • Geographic Location

  • Sex

  • Interests

  • Any Other Metrics Available

This will help to narrow down the audience for this year’s Cyber Monday ads—saving a boatload of money on ads that would have generated little to no leads!

Take Stock of Your Product Inventory

While this may not be applicable for marketers selling virtual goods, for marketers selling physical products, a proper inventory is extremely important!

The last thing an eCommerce store owner wants is to start selling a product on sale and making tons of money on Cyber Monday, only to notice midway through that they’ve run out of products to sell!

Be fully stocked on inventory before Cyber Monday to avoid the hassle.

Also, a Cyber Monday sale may only involve a limited number of products on sale for the “Cyber Monday price.” This will mean keeping tabs on how many of those products are sold or setting up an automated system that changes the price once the limit is reached.

Just make sure your inventory is in order before Cyber Monday kicks off!

Prepare Your Creatives

Creatives are what will end up selling the product in the end. With poor creatives comes poor sales.

This is why business owners need to prepare their creatives in advance and make sure they look perfect.

This will include:

I like to split-test each year to see which creatives are most effective. When the next year comes up, I take a look at my previous year’s ad inventory and make the adjustments that need to be made.

Don’t wait until the last minute to put the right ads together! Make sure your creatives are perfect before Cyber Monday is even close to kicking off!

Test Your Ads


To make sure my ads are really effective, I will not only look at my previous year’s inventory, but I will also make sure to test the ads.

This may involve running a limited-time “secret sale” to see how well the ads do.

I’ll also split-test different creatives on my Facebook ads to see which combinations work the best.

Optimize Your Ads

Once I’ve tested my ads, I take a look at the results to see how I can best optimize my ads.

I’ll take a look at the split-tests that I ran and consider the results. From there, I will make tweaks and split-test again.

Yes, it’s a bit of a process, but it also means extremely effective ads when Cyber Monday rolls around…which means extremely high levels of sales!

Set Automated Rules to Save Time

Instead of going off the cuff, I like to have my ads automated and set up to launch, end, and hit certain parameters.

Some of my ads I will set a max limit for, and then once I hit it I will check on its performance before continuing it. Other ads I will simply run for a specific amount of time, and once they are done, they are done.

I prefer to have everything automated, though, to make sure my time can be spent working on other aspects of my Cyber Monday promotion.

Promote Your Sale


Before I even run a sale, I make sure that there is plenty of hype around it!

To do this, I promote my sale well ahead of time. I like every one of my followers (and people that aren’t even following me yet) to know that I have a killer sale coming up. They are then more likely to come to me first once Cyber Monday hits.

Your Cyber Monday Checklist For Facebook


Promoting a sale is an extremely important part of running a successful sales campaign. Make sure everyone knows what you have on sale and when they should expect to get those amazing deals!

With this checklist, you will be prepared for Cyber Monday, and you’ll be able to run the best Facebook ad campaign for your Cyber Monday possible!

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