Copywriting Workshop #4: Writing Power Emails That Get Opened, Read & Clicked

We're really getting into it now! Part 4 & Part 5 of my Ultimate Copywriting Workshop 5-Session video series are the super cool ACTIONABLE steps. If you aren't up to speed, make sure you watch the first 3 sessions, so you can hit the ground running in this one. Session 1: Discover The Awesome Power Of Copywriting Session 2: Key Copywriting Elements That Command Sales Session 3: Creating Irresistible Offers Let's pick up right where we left off…

Session #4: Writing Power Emails That Get Opened, Read & Clicked

In this session…
  • Discover how to improve your email deliverability!
  • FACT: In most industries, over 70% of marketers’ emails NEVER reach the prospect.*
  • Learn the 4 Critical Keys that affect who sees your email (and who doesn’t).
  • I reveal My Secret “Cheat Sheet” to writing Killer Subject Lines that must be opened!
  • Find out how to get more Clickthroughs from your emails!
*Source: Plus, I share a MAJOR copywriting secret I’ve never shared before: Learn how to Improve the “Visual Flow” of Emails to encourage MORE readability and action! (Nobody else teaches this!) You can find the last part of my Ultimate Copywriting Workshop here - Session 5 - Selling MORE Through Video Sales Letters & Webinars!