Book Signing Contest Winners Announced! Plus Share YOUR Lurn Success Story!

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WOW... I'm blown away by your support and from so many of the inspiring comments we've already received about my new book, The Circle of Profit, Edition #2. My book was officially released just a couple days ago and we've already had OVER 5,000 ordered! Copies are being shipped ALL AROUND THE WORLD! And we're not showing any signs of slowing down! THANK YOU :) I'm also incredibly touched by the many kind comments and inspiring stories we're already receiving. Truly, Lurn Nation - you're the best! You're fighting each and every day for your success and that makes me want to keep fighting even harder for you! Now when I published my blog post with the countdown for the official book release last week, I also announced a fun contest where I'd give away 5 signed copies for great comments on that post. Well, I had a hard time picking just 5. There were just SO MANY awesome messages you left.

Announcing My Book Signing Contest Winners

So here's what I decided to do... I narrowed it down to 15 people who really shared how our work here at Lurn has inspired them. It was hard because so many had really great comments, but here goes... Rod's Comment Deborah's Comment Damian's Comment Ron's Comment Rochelle's Comment Hussain's Comment Chelsey's Comment Agus's Comment Jen's Comment Kelvin's Comment Atila's Comment Swwapnil's Comment Marissa's Comment Adepoju's Comment Michael's Comment
Thanks so much for sharing your stories - A BIG Shoutout to all of those people who have reached out! My team and I really appreciate your feedback and support :) Now if you're one of the commenters listed above, make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post to see how to claim your prize! Lurn Nation is clearly a community of people from all different walks of life, from all around the world... men, women, young, old. From advanced Internet Marketers to those just getting started in Digital Publishing, we're all striving to keep learning and to keep taking action - I LOVE IT!

If You Still Need to Order Your Copy of My Book, The Circle of Profit, Edition #2...

Make sure you order your copy fast while we still have some available! Even if you already have a copy for yourself, remember the information inside could change the lives of your family and friends and those around you. So think of who else might like this book and order them a FREE copy. We'll ship it right to their door...

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If You're 1 of My Students & You've Seen Success Through Our Lurn Courses...

Be sure to enter into our #LurnSuccessStories Contest before it ends. Here are the details.

Calling All Success Stories

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Signed Copy Winners: Here's How You Can Claim Your Prize

1. If you haven't already ordered your book from the official release since Monday, click here to order your FREE book now (just pay shipping + handling). 2. Once you've placed your order, please immediately EMAIL: with the SUBJECT: Signed Copy Comment Winner. Be sure to include your Order # and a screenshot of your comment, so we can make sure your copy is signed before it's shipped. 3. We'll make sure you get a signed copy shipped right to your door! Note: Comments are no longer active on this blog post. If you have a question, comment or feedback, please reach out to