7 Critical Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketers

Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketers

There’s one type of marketing that’s a WIN-WIN-WIN.

Yes, that’s three wins. A win for…

  1. The seller
  2. The customer
  3. The marketer

And that is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is changing the world of marketing and online business. It’s a great way to get started in online business, as well as a profitable option for almost any other type of business.

For those unfamiliar, here’s what it is.

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing model in which a marketer (known as an affiliate) promotes a product and is rewarded for every sale made.

The classic example of affiliate marketing is sending an email to a list, promoting a product you love, and earning half of the sales of that product. Sounds awesome, right?


So that’s why we’ve compiled this amazing list…

7 Critical Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketers

1.  How to Start a 7 Figure Online Business [Phase 1]

Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketers

This blog post provides the foundation to build a 7 figure business on. And guess what that foundation is? Affiliate marketing, of course.

Here’s what we go into in this post…

  • Why affiliate marketing is the best way to start an online business
  • The simplest way to start an affiliate marketing business
  • The formula to start an email affiliate marketing business
  • How to scale an online business

2. The Best Websites To Find Affiliate Programs That Pay

What are the best websites to find affiliate programs that actually pay well? That’s the basis of this post.

Here we go into:

  • The 15 best affiliate websites
  • How to spot good affiliate offers
  • The best affiliate websites for different niches

3. How Events Create An Unfair Advantage With Affiliate Marketing

 Events are one of the most overlooked marketing strategies in general. And this post shows exactly how to leverage “event marketing” to promote affiliate offers.

This blog post goes into…

  • My EXACT STRATEGY for event based marketing
  • The psychology behind events and why it’s so effective
  • What kind of events to use with affiliate marketing
  • The power of digital events

4.  The Ultimate List of Niches For Digital Marketing

The title of this post is self-explanatory: The Ultimate List of Niches For Digital Marketing

Use this as a reference for finding an awesome, profitable niche. It’s guaranteed to spark some ideas.

5. The Ultimate Opt-In Page Audit

One of the most important aspects of an email marketing business is the OPT-IN PAGE. This is where people choose to hear from you. It’s what gives you permission to promote to them.

This makes the opt-in page ridiculously important.

This blog post goes into…

  • The secrets of a high-converting opt-in page
  • The customer psychology of opt-in pages
  • The key components of an opt-in page
  • How to audit any opt-in page

6. 10 Amazing Email Autoresponders That Make Building A List Easy

In order to send emails to your list, and promote affiliate offers, you need an email autoresponder.

This blog post features the top 10 email autoresponders. These make building a list and becoming a great affiliate marketer easy.

7.11 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Blogs, Websites And Videos WITHOUT Busting The Budget (Updated For 2018)

Now, here are 11 ways to drive A LOT of traffic without busting your budget.

This blog post goes into…

  • The best ways to drive traffic for FREE
  • The strategy behind driving free traffic
  • How to build credibility
  • How to establish relationships with people
  • How to turn people from cold audiences to loyal customers

That’s a wrap for the 7 critical blog posts for affiliate marketers.

What stood out to you?

There’s a lot more great stuff in the works here at Lurn.

Wishing you success in 2018 and beyond.

- Anik Singal