Evolved Enterprise Initiative

Entrepreneurship has entered a new age.

Businesses no longer have to rely on geographic location to be successful. The Internet has opened up the entire world to business owners and online businesses are flourishing.

But there is more to this new age of business than independence from location…

There is now so much transparency in business. Consumers can go online to read from a wide variety of news sources, connect with each other, and directly communicate with businesses.

This means companies can no longer exploit people for profit and get away with it. People have too much information and too big of a voice to allow this to happen.

 With this new level of transparency, many progressive-minded companies are growing like crazy! And anyone can tap into this massive potential.

The evolution of business is happening right now—at this very moment. Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to build a business that aligns our passions with the ability to help people on a grand scale.

Not only that, it’s becoming more profitable to be a company that is a force of good, because that’s what people are demanding.

And we can build the businesses of our dreams, while we all work together to help others.  As we’re about to get into, there’s a tremendous opportunity to start a business, while simultaneously helping to pull 1,000 people out of poverty.

Think about that—1,000 people pulled out of poverty. 1,000 people working together to build better lives through our help

The goal here is not simply to make money, but to build businesses and help people in the process.

And #LurnNation is working in partnership with Evolved Enterprise to make this happen.

A Shift in Thinking = A New Business Model

It was founded by Yanik Silver, an amazing man and online entrepreneur I met back when I was first starting out. It’s actually quite the story.

I was young, in college, and struggling to succeed with my online business. Someone told me about Yanik, a really successful Internet marketer who happened to live in my neighborhood. So I decided to reach out to him.

I never even expected this guy to even return my call, but he did more than that.

Yanik showed up in front of my house in a $150,000 Mercedes and took me out to lunch.

Now understand that I am a huge car guy.  When I saw that car, I sat up and took notice.  I also listened to everything he had to say. And that lunch changed my life!

Yanik is still out there today, helping countless people change their lives. He is using his unique business model to change more lives than ever. Yanik  is even working with the likes of Sir Richard Branson to bring change to the world on a massive scale.

And he’s doing it through his initiative called Evolved Enterprise.

What Is Evolved Enterprise?

This really is about evolution—the evolution of business. We are looking at a new paradigm of entrepreneurship.

This new business model grew from Yanik’s need to do something more, to continue to engage in his passions and operate a successful business. This is Evolved Enterprise.

“The Evolved Enterprise™ is about identifying the true ‘soul’ of your venture that delivers an exponential impact and profound profit.” – Yanik Silver, Evolved Enterprise

Business in the 21st century CAN be leveraged as a multiplier for good. It can go beyond just making the sale. Actually, the most successful companies are the ones who are doing just that.

The Evolved Enterprise business model will not only equate to greater profits. It also leads to increased joy and helps make a truly profound impact on everyone your business touches.

I mean, let’s face it. Customer loyalty does not come from just selling people a decent product. And employee loyalty does not come from just giving people a paycheck.

We need to go far deeper than that. And Evolved Enterprise is a template of doing so.

Plus, this business model offers the best competitive advantage for small and mid-sized businesses. Just think about trying to enter a market that is practically owned by a single company. Yet, Evolved Enterprise is a model that makes this not just possible, but completely achievable.

Small businesses are giving to others on a grand scale and they are succeeding. They are growing from startups into huge companies like TOMS, which launched in 2006. TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair sold. They have given away 35 million pairs of shoes!

That’s a lot of kids with shoes and a lot of profit.

Warby Parker is another great example of a startup that went big FAST.

Neil Blumenthal, Dave Gilboa, Andy Hunt, and Jeff Raider were four guys who met at college. They did the unthinkable. They began designing and making prescription eyeglasses in-house, bypassing the retail channels and selling directly to the consumer.

They also partnered with non-profits to ensure that for every pair of glasses they sold, a pair of glasses would be given to someone in need.

The company was founded in 2010 and today is worth more than $1 Billion!

Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

Evolved Enterprise is such an incredible paradigm shift that some of the best business minds in the world have jumped onboard. Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com. John Paul DeJoria, Billionaire co-founder of John Paul Mitchell & Patron.

This new business model is a part of  a massive shift that’s creating the best business opportunities we have seen in a long time. And it is good for every facet of business. Customers prefer buying a product that creates a positive impact in the world.

“New research from Nielsen shows fifty percent of global consumers (in 58 different countries) are willing to pay more for goods and services from companies that make a difference.” – Yanik Silver, Evolved Enterprise

Not only that, but it has been predicted that within 4-7 years, businesses that don’t have a core impact will be at a competitive disadvantage.

But let’s be very clear—this isn’t simply about giving back. It is about enriching the lives of others. When we do that, everything else will fall into place. We must put our entire hearts behind our products and services and our full effort into ethically getting the right people to buy. Only then will we create an Evolved Enterprise.

But remember, this is an evolution. There is a progression from the old to the new way of doing things. This progression takes us from being simply transaction-based to what Yanik calls Transcendence

3 Levels of Business

Level 1: Transactional

Transactional means just that; operating at the level of the transaction, the level of the sale. The official definition of transaction is “a one-time instance of buying or selling something; a business deal.”

This is the old model of doing business. This is the model built on getting that one sale, even if it means selling people something they don’t need.

Sadly, most businesses still operate at this level.

That isn’t to say that these businesses aren’t trying to do something good in the world. They often donate a percentage of their revenues to charity or participate in community service. These actions do help increase sales, but these companies are missing the big picture.

There is much more to operating a business than making the next sale. This is why many businesses are taking it to the next level…

Level 2: Transformational

At the Transformational level, the vision is honed. Partners, suppliers, investors, team members, and customers are brought into the big picture. Each transaction becomes more than just a sale.

The transformational level is where we begin to figure out how to “bake in” an impact with every purchase.

It is at this level that business is about more than the transaction. It is about doing what is best for the consumer, the community, and business partners, which in turn comes back around and ends up being what is best for the business.

When we engage with our purpose and passion, when we bring our entire business to it, we bring more value and create more long-term success for our business.

We will be expanding and sharing our company’s unique value with others.  This can happen through a talent exchange, mentoring, resource allocation, or a sharing of expertise and experience.

The key is that we will make the best use of our team for a higher purpose. This will make them part of something bigger and that is what everyone wants.

This transforms the thinking throughout the entire organization. We can’t help but consider how every aspect of our business can be leveraged to create an impact. And rather than just measuring profit, it is this impact we measure.

This is our true mark of success.

Level 3: Transcending

This is the level at which we uncover the true essence of our business. As Yanik says, it is “the ‘soul’ of our venture.”

So, how do we truly transcend? Through multipliers. We must reach out and spread what we know to others. Share what we have learned. Invite others into our work culture. Take our work culture out into the world

This is the level at which we work synergistically with other players to co-create something amazing.

This partnership will transcend any preconceived notion of what business is or should be. Rather than one business reaping the benefits, every collaborator benefits!

There is simply more to be had from “co-opetition” than from trying to beat out the competition. Yanik quotes John Mackey, Co-CEO of Whole Foods, and Raj Sisodia, from their book, Conscious Capitalism:

“Imagine a business that views its competitors not as enemies to be crushed but as teachers to learn from and fellow travelers on the journey towards excellence.”

Even when it comes to online business, the concept of partnership and helping one another is critical. Teaming up and forming networks helps make more of an impact for everyone.

Transcendence is a form of art in the business world, one that will paint the world in whatever colors we choose.

5 Aspects of the Evolved Enterprise

How does this all happen? How do we get from Level 1 to Level 3 in business?

It is these five aspects that, when embraced together, will allow us to take our business to transcendence. These five aspects are:

  • Core
  • Cause
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Creation

Let’s take a look at what these are and how they work together…

1. Core - It All Starts with Us


The better we know ourselves and what makes us happy and fulfilled, the better able we will be to create our very best work. We will be able to grow and operate our business on a whole new level when we are truly in touch with ourselves.

We must whatever it takes to find out who we really are.

And we don’t have to put our business on hold while doing this.

We don’t have wait until we come to some great discovery about ourselves. This is not a linear process. We can learn about ourselves while we work on other aspects of our business.

We must discover our passions and follow them. We must do something that sets our soul on fire. We are the only ones who can take our own passions and ignite them.

Passion = Perseverance

Our passion will keep us moving forward. We truly CAN be the change we wish to see in the world. But to do that, we need to make one important, life-changing decision.

We need to decide to play big and make an impact.

2. Cause

This is our great big WHY. Why are we doing what we are doing? What do we hope to get out of it?

As Yanik says, “Our why is ‘Changing the way business is played.’”

We want our business and its mission to fit into the big picture of our life’s mission. And we need to change the way we do business to make this happen. When we align how our business is played with how we want to go through life, with the kind of person we want to be, something magical will happen.

This means that we are not simply looking for a business venture. That is at the transactional level. No, we are looking for a cause we can start. This is why we need to ask ourselves the big questions—so we can determine our higher purpose.

And this higher purpose is our golden ticket.

Everyone has a higher purpose. They just need to get in touch with it. And it is different for everyone, which means that so much good can be done in the world.

3. Culture


Once we have created an alignment between our life’s mission and our business mission, we have to bring that to our team. We have to create an environment in which our team can evolve along with our business.

A business where the employees contribute to the positive influence and overall mission is much more impactful. Employees are happy to work, but they want to work for more than just a paycheck.

In fact, today’s Millennial workforce—the largest living segment of our economy—works for purpose, rather than just a paycheck.

“Giving your young employees a purpose will enable them to envision a future with your company. Young people are fickle. They are on an endless search for happiness. If an organization is unable to map out a road plan, a purpose of employment, it will unfortunately notice a high 0-2 year turnover. Millennials need direction and meaning, an interesting mixture of altruism and self-interest.” – Forbes

Employees want to be able to envision a future. They want to work for someone who has a solid sense of social responsibility.

So, give them what they want! Get everyone involved and make it inclusive.

In this way, they will thrive. They will align themselves with the values and mission we’ve created. They will help take our business to the next level.

4. Community


Once we have our house in order, we will take it to the community. This is about our customers, our clients, and the members of the community that we want to help.

This is how our company creates a positive ripple effect in the world.

Invite our customers to join us.

We will offer our customers a chance to become part of something bigger. We will be making them part of a movement, not just customers.

We have come from an era of business that taught us we had to choose people or profits—we couldn’t have both. This is simply not true. We don’t have to choose people instead of profits, but we do have to value people over profits.

When we value people over profits, we will have more success over the long-term.

5. Creation

When we have our passions, business, team and customers aligned with a common purpose, we are ready for creation.

Now, we are going to get cooking. This is where we “bake in” our impact. This is about our products and services, how we determine what we will sell and how we will create it.

It’s about making something that is meaningfully different.

We want to create something of great quality that people love.  When people love it, they will share it with their family and friends. This leads to more and more customers.

But we also want to create something that comes with a significant story. Something full of passion.

These together lead to a greater impact in the community and in the world.

Just think about it. The world’s biggest problems are the biggest business opportunities.

Want to be a billionaire? Help a billion people.

Entrepreneurship is truly a force in this world. It is the force that’s changing the world more than anything else. It is made up of people who want to do great things.

Making a Difference

He was ready to kick it off, but he knew he didn’t want to just do another launch. He wanted to make an even bigger difference.

Village Enterprise was already one of their long-term cause partners. Yanik wanted to take that partnership to a new level.

Yanik wanted to bring an ENTIRE village out of poverty.

Village Enterprise has an incredible track record. They have helped East Africans start more than 33,000 sustainable micro-businesses. And after 4 years, 75% of these businesses are still thriving! Yanik wanted to magnify those results.

Just look at what some of the people helped by Village Enterprise are saying:

“It gives me great joy to stand as a woman, not begging, but helping others and playing a role in changing the world in which I live.” – Angela Adeke

“Village Enterprise came like a key in my life. It is Village Enterprise that really opened my eyes and made me who I am today. It was out of the program that made me hope for the future. Because it is this program that made me realize, I can’t continue to stay like this. I have to change.” – Ronald Okello

“Before we were in the group, it was only men who traveled to town to trade. Never women. But now, we stand before the men. We do business with them. We exchange with them! We have truly become empowered women. There is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot also do!”Ageyo Janet Francis

The work Village Enterprise has done is incredible! And we want to do more. But we need more help to make it happen.

So, our goal is to help a village create and sustain 50 amazing new businesses.

This could mean more kids in school. More mothers surviving childbirth. An entire community uplifted by the contributions of everyone.

That is what this initiative is all about. It isn’t about a single book. It isn’t even about me or Yanik. It is about everyone, together. It is about helping each other .

And the journey to an evolved business begins right here and right now. It begins with US!

“The seeds of greatness take root in your heart and bloom in service.”Yanik Silver

We want to help a community build 50 small businesses. Each business will benefit an average of 20 people. This will uplift 1,000 people. And the cost to start each business is $500.

This is where we come in. Want to help others while building a business? For just $60, this opportunity is the ultimate win-win situation.

$60 is NOT a huge price to pay.

Here’s how we will be helping others…

50% of the books profits  will go directly to the Evolved Village Project. That is $30 for every purchase that will go toward pulling people out of poverty.

How we will be helping ourselves…

Everyone who makes this small investment receives the Evolved Enterprise Package. Inside this package is the “Evolved Enterprise” book. But there is more.

It also comes with the “Write the Business Love Story You Want the World to Buy” book. This is one of those books to carry around. It has space to write down inspiration as it strikes, as well as places to answer questions. This book is a valuable companion on anyone’s journey.

The Evolved Enterprise Package also comes with a bracelet that was handmade by East African Artisans. Made by the same people we will be helping! This bracelet can be worn as a reminder of this commitment. It will act as a reminder of being a part of something big—bigger than any individual or business.

Yanik also has some bonus content, including the following downloads:


Each of these downloads is worth $39. And they’re free with the purchase of the Evolved Enterprise Package for $60.

This package is an absolute must-have!

Entrepreneur.com named Evolved Enterprise as #1 of their "4 New Books That Can Change Your Entrepreneurial Life” list.

But that’s not all! I have teamed up with Yanik to launch the Evolved Enterprise Village Project and we want everyone to join us.

I have teamed up with Yanik to launch the Evolved Enterprise Village Project and we want everyone to join us.

There are no strings attached here. Just 60 bucks is all it takes to get the Evolved Enterprise Package plus these two Lurn Nation exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1: Lifetime access to List Academy

This course is no longer available for purchase, but everyone who invests in Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise Package gets lifetime access to this course for FREE.

This is a course that I sold for $2,000.

This course teaches the psychology that has helped me grow my email list to more than 700,000 people.  It contains my personal winning templates, emails, subject lines that have helped earn MILLIONS of dollars!

Again, this course is NOT for sale! And it’s free after purchasing Yaink’s Evolved Enterprise Package.

Bonus #2: 10K Formula


This course consists of:

This course is worth hundreds of dollars. And it’s free for everyone who invests in Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise Village Project.

That is more than $2,000 of free courses I will give away to everyone who invests in Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise Package. The only thing to do is make the investment and, as a result, have some of the best entrepreneurial tools available today.

Five days after everyone makes that investment, Yanik will give me the list of who is to receive my free gifts. And then my team will email everyone with the information to access those courses.

It’s that simple.

This truly is about so much more than a simple book or even some free courses. This is about creating a snowball effect of positive change in the world.

Contributing to Yanik’s Limited-Edition Evolved Enterprise Village Package is truly a win-win for everyone..

Ready to make this happen? At #LurnNation, we are waiting to see everyone’s name on Yanik’s list.

CONGRATULATIONS on taking action!