10 Ways To Avoid The Spam Folder

Email Marketing

Email marketing is THE most powerful form of online marketing.

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love email marketing. And for good reason!

I built my entire business through email marketing and it has allowed me to make more than $100 million over the last 14 years.

And despite what many people say, email is NOT dead. And here’s why:

  • There are over 4.6 billion email accounts worldwide.
  • More than 144.8 billion emails are sent every single day.
  • For every $1 spent on email marketing, the return is $44.25.
  • Email marketing generates $2.47 billion in annual revenue.

But in order to run an email marketing campaign, it is necessary to understand how email marketing works.

Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an incredibly simple form of online marketing.

There really isn’t much to it—just a few simple elements that, when combined, create something very powerful.

This marketing model is simple. It’s just building an email list through an opt-in page.

Drive traffic to that opt-in page and people can choose to provide their email address in exchange for a free gift. This free gift can be a free report, mini-eBook, webinar, or something else that would be of value to the consumer.

Once the email list is built, simply send regular emails to the list. These emails will contain content and offers that are, again, valuable to the reader. Remember that every email has to be worth their time and attention. But more importantly…

Every email has to help build a relationship with the people on the list.

There is nothing more important than having a good relationship with the people on an email list. People are more likely to trust someone they know and they are more likely to buy from brands they trust.

Honestly, the power and importance of email marketing CANNOT be overstated and here’s why…

Why Email Marketing is So Important

Email Marketing

No other form of online marketing is as reliable as email marketing.

Sure, there are plenty of other ways to market to the consumer, but these don’t have the power and control email marketing offers. When advertising through a platform such as Google or Facebook advertising, the marketer does NOT have full control over their campaign.

Marketers have to follow the rules set out by the advertising platform. That can be really limiting.

I can tell you from personal experience that these rules can be strict and confusing. And the people who own the platform can shut a campaign or account down literally overnight.

This won’t happen with email marketing.

With email marketing, there is no middleman. The marketer has direct communication with the consumer.

The marketer also has complete control over the list and every marketing campaign they launch. They can market what they want, when they want, and how they want.

The marketer makes the rules!

And no one can shut it down. The marketer has complete ownership of their list. Plus, once a subscriber signs up, that person can be marketed to again and again at no additional cost.

And as I mentioned above, email marketing is the ideal way to build and nurture a relationship with customers and potential customers. This means people are more likely to buy via email than through any other media.

But here’s a point that so many people miss...

Email will only work if it actually gets delivered!

In fact, the importance of email deliverability CANNOT be overstated.

The Importance Of Deliverability

Email Marketing

It doesn’t matter how big an email list grows if the emails don’t get delivered. Period.

What good is an email if it ends up in someone’s spam box, right?

An email list could have 100,000 subscribers, but if they don’t receive or open the emails, then those contacts are wasted. Relationships won’t be built and so many sales will be missed.

The whole point of email marketing is to maintain an open and effective channel of communication. But the subscribers MUST get the emails for this to happen!

The emails have to reach their inbox and they have to be noticed. The success of any email campaign relies on this. And there are a number of factors that affect the delivery and the open rate of those emails.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve the chances of email deliverability and open rate.

Here, I will describe 10 ways to ensure that every email sent out is delivered to every subscriber…

10 Ways to Avoid the Spam Folder

Email Marketing

Nothing is more important than ensuring emails are delivered and opened. And we have 10 ways that will make sure this happens.

The first on the list is…

1. Original Content

Email Marketing

Be original!

An email MUST have an original headline and completely original content. Any text in an email that is not original will be flagged automatically as spam.

It won’t see the light of day—or the inbox. Copied and pasted text is a big spam trigger.

Plus, no one wants to read the same old tired information and clichés all the time. No one wants to read boring emails either.

People are inundated with dozens of emails every day. In order for an email to stand out it has to grab the attention right from the subject line. We’ll talk more about the subject line later on, but originality needs to flow through EVERY aspect of the email.

Now, I am the first to recommend that a marketer look at what’s already out there, what’s already working. Find the successful affiliate marketers and see how they write their email copy. But any affiliate script should be used ONLY as a guide. It should NEVER be copied.

First of all, copying something someone else wrote is illegal and immoral. It is also unoriginal and a recipe for someone’s spam folder.

So, when inspiring copy is found, find a way to put a new spin on it. Here is an example.


Watch this video to learn how to start an online business from scratch.


Starting an online business from the ground up? Then this video was made just for you. Learn how to get your business off the ground and start making a profit immediately.

They key is to write it in a unique way and make sure it really piques the reader’s interest.

But remember to appear professional and credible every time…

2. Personalized Email Address

Email Marketing

Make it personal! And by this I don’t mean just using the subscriber’s name in the email.

Instead, I am talking about the marketer using a personalized email address from which to send the emails.

Think about it. Receiving an email from a Gmail account doesn’t look very professional. Everybody and their dog has a Gmail account. It’s also a spam trigger that email providers look for.

But sending an email from an original domain that is unique adds credibility to the email.

This type of email address cannot be created as easily as a generic domain, such as Gmail and Yahoo.

For example, using Anik@lurn.com is much more professional looking and original than using Anik@gmail.com. It is much more credible.

And the more credibility an email has, the more likely it is to be both delivered and opened.

3. List Scrubbing

Email Marketing

No matter how good the email content is, over time email lists end up with inactive subscribers.

These are the people who, for whatever reason, just aren’t interested anymore. Or maybe they don’t use that email address anymore.

Either way, the emails remain unopened. And low open rates affect the deliverability of emails. So it’s important to get rid of these old email addresses!

It’s easy to sit there and think, what’s the point? Who cares if they aren’t opening the emails? There are still people who do open them. But here’s the thing…

When inactive subscribers are taken off the list, it will increase the list’s open rates. And as I just said…

Higher open rates = better deliverability.

And better deliverability is the goal. Active subscribers are the best thing an email marketer can have.

4. Link Cloaking

Email Marketing

Link cloaking is a smart way to link to affiliate offers in an email.

When a link is cloaked, it is essentially masked. The cloaked link uses a separate URL, which will automatically redirects them to the affiliate offer.

Why go to all this trouble? For several reasons:

  • A cloaked link helps shorten long, bulky affiliate links, making them more visually appealing.
  • It allows the marketer to track the clicks with a lot of detail (depending on the link cloaking service). This way, they know for sure that the clicks recorded by the merchant are accurate.
  • It protects an affiliate link from being “stolen” and used by another affiliate.
  • It allows the marketer to change links dynamically. This makes it easy to change the one redirect link rather than having to change multiple links.

Plus, the redirect will appear more professional and credible, which will encourage more clicks.

5. Plain HTML

Email Marketing

Emails don’t need to be fancy!

The simpler the email is, the more likely it will end up in the subscriber’s inbox, rather than the Promotional tab. And plain HTML is the simplest form of email.

Plain HTML offers the best deliverability.

And it appears more like a friend sent the email. This means it more conversational and people will respond to this better than something filled with images and banners.

In fact, Google (and other email providers) recognize any banners, images, templates, or footers that are also used by other people. And when they do, these emails go to the Promotional tab or into the Spam folder.

But these Promotional emails are still useful as templates.

The best emails are the ones that look like they’re written by a friend. Remember, email marketing is all about relationships.

6. Avoid “Trigger Words”

Email Marketing

Unfortunately, spammers have “ruined” certain words for the rest of us.

Over the past few years, email providers have become wise to the trigger words spammers use to lure people into their traps. And email providers no longer like these words.

There is a very long list of specific words email marketers MUST avoid using.

The use of any one of these words is a trigger, most likely sending an email straight into the Spam folder. Here is a list of examples of words to avoid:

  • $$$
  • Make money
  • Change your life
  • Guarantee
  • Earn $
  • Income
  • Limited time
  • 100% free
  • Act now
  • Affordable
  • Order now
  • No cost
  • No investment
  • Increase your
  • Increase sales
  • Increase traffic
  • Double your income
  • Financial freedom
  • Financially free
  • Opportunity
  • Millions of dollars
  • Free
  • Hidden
  • Lose weight
  • Weight loss
  • Cash Bonus
  • Apply now

These are just a few examples of spam words. Avoid them and anything similar to ensure the deliverability of an email.

And that includes avoiding them in the subject line.

7. Write An Ideal Subject Line

Email Marketing

People are bombarded with emails every day!

What will make them notice an email? It all comes down to the subject line for one simple reason…

The subject line is the first part of the email someone sees!

In fact, the subject line is critical when it comes to deliverability. To make an email stand out, the subject line has to really grab the attention WITHOUT the use of any of the trigger words. And definitely:

  • Avoid the use of ALL CAPS—major spam trigger
  • Don’t use lots of punctuation—another spam trigger
  • Ensure the from name is clear—an example is Anik Singal (do NOT use any weird spaces, asterisks, or any other characters)
  • Keep it to 50 characters or less (6-10 words max)

While doing this, make the subject line unique. Again, don’t copy/paste.

And catch people’s attention! Do this by posing a question or using controversy or a shocking fact to get the reader’s attention.

But be sure to…

8. Email At The Right Times

Email Marketing

Timing can be a big factor with emails.

If an email comes at the wrong time, it is less likely it will be opened. So we want to email people when they’re most likely to open it.

The absolute best times to send out an email are 8-9AM EST and 3-4PM EST. And between Sunday and Thursday. These are the times when people check their emails the most.

Sticking to these days and times will ensure a better open rate. And remember…

Better open rates = better deliverability

But getting people to open the email is only the beginning.

9. Train People to Take Action

Email Marketing

No matter what type of email is sent out, the goal is to get people to take action.

Always, ALWAYS have a call-to-action (CTA) in the email.

This can be clicking through to a blog, to watch a video, to read something important, or something else.

Ultimately, the subscriber will then be able to take additional action from the page they are sent to.

Why is this so important? Because people need to be told what to do!

Tell them explicitly to click on a link to see a video.

Having a CTA makes open rates and click-through rates higher and this means better overall deliverability.

Plus, people become customers by taking action!

10. Test Test Test

Email Marketing

It is critical to know what works and what doesn’t when sending emails.

The people on a list might respond better to certain types of subject lines, headlines, and content. For example, using a certain word in a subject line might increase the open rate.

Test this out. Change one thing about the subject line, such as whether it poses a question or presents information as a shocking fact. Change the type of words used.

Test the emails as much as possible!

Then track results and tweak the emails as time goes on.

For example, a simple tweak can get an email out of the spam box. It could be simply removing the capitalization in the headline. Or changing just one word can increase the open rate. Changes in the headline and content of the email can also result in better click-through rates.

Here is an example of a subject line that has been tweaked:

Doesn’t work:

Know what food to avoid to lose weight..

Using “lose weight” is likely to act as a trigger, sending the email to the Spam folder. And the subject line is too general. It’s boring.


This one food in your kitchen is making you fat..

There are no trigger words in this email, AND it is incredibly intriguing. Everyone who reads it will wonder what that food is and they will open the email to find out.

Email Marketing

Email is king! There is no better way to market an online business.

But writing great email content is ONLY going to matter if that email gets delivered and opened.

There are certain rules to follow, certain ways of writing emails that will ensure they get delivered to the inbox and that recipients will be more likely to open them.

And here we have provided 10 ways to improve deliverability, including:

  1. Original Content
  2. Personalized Email Address
  3. List Scrubbing
  4. Link Cloaking
  5. Plain HTML
  6. Avoid “Trigger Words”
  7. Write An Ideal Subject Line
  8. Email At The Right Times
  9. Train People to Take Action
  10. Test Test Test

These ways of improving email deliverability have been proven to work time and time again.

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