Anik’s World Tour Kicks Off in Virginia

Anik's World Tour 2016

I’m doing a World Tour!

I love doing huge Live Events.

I get to motivate and train thousands and thousands of people. The only problem with those live events… I get so little time to connect with my students one-on-one.


So, just a few days ago, I made the announcement to my team: “I’m doing a World Tour!”

I was so excited, the ideas spewed out of my mouth almost faster than I could process them… “I want to meet my students, shake their hands, take pictures with them. Even have a drink with them and discuss their business ideas.

This whole idea came from a place of wanting to truly connect with YOU, my students.

I'm so thankful my awesome team here at Lurn completely ran with it and we're about to have our first event (of many!)... I’m beyond excited to announce the first tour stop on my World Tour will be in my own backyard...

Anik's World Tour 2016 - Tyson's Corner Ritz Carlton

The tri-state area of Washington, D.C., Maryland & Virginia: Monday, February 8, 2016

Even better, we will meet in one of the most extraordinary landmark hotels in the DC area... The Ritz Carlton at Tyson’s Corner.


If you live in or near the tri-state area, I would love to meet you at The Ritz during my first tour stop. This will be a great opportunity to:

  1. Take pictures, videos, etc..
  2. Get advice specific to your business!
  3. Get 2 hours of exclusive training.
  4. Hang out, have a drink and just relax :)

Sounds awesome, right!?

It gets even better! I wanted to make this opportunity available to ANYONE who wanted to meet me, talk with me and learn about strategies that will truly impact their business.

Anik's World Tour 2016 - Anik with Students

So, when my team and I got together to discuss the price, I stopped them cold. “The fee will be $100. Not a penny more. I don’t want price to be a reason someone can’t make it.”

My team was stunned.

Especially the event coordinators who were calculating our expense to do this World Tour. They knew we were in the hole. But I wasn’t thinking money… I was thinking of connecting with people just like you.

Want to Learn More? Simply go here.

Our first meet up ever is on Monday, February 8th at 5:00PM EST.

Here are a few things to know: => Only 30 Seats - First come, first served. No exceptions. => Seat fee: Just $100 => MUST book your ticket now!

Please, please book your ticket right away to be there. 30 seats will fill up really fast! Do not miss this chance.

Go ahead and Save Your Seat for my FIRST tour stop during my World Tour! Next Tour Stop on My World Tour…

- Vancouver: Sunday, February 28, 2016

- Los Angeles: Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Keep a look out for these upcoming tours. For now, go here to learn more and to sign up for my Washington, D.C. World Tour Stop.