8 Insightful #LurnNation Comments About Victim Mentality (Facebook Vid)

Anik and Victim Mentality

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One of my greatest fears when working with or coaching others is dealing with a 'victim mentality'. Now I realize that overcoming this mindset can be one of the hardest things to do. We program our psyche and subconscious to protect ourselves. But when we do this, we're really only hurting ourselves and spreading negativity around us. So it's important to face it head on and change the way our minds are wired... For that reason, not long ago, I shared this Facebook video <- Watch it here In this video, you'll find out exactly WHAT I think about the victim mindset. Plus you'll learn exactly WHO is accountable when things go wrong in your life. Long story, short...

Everything that happens in your life is YOUR responsibility.

Now I know that's probably not an easy message for everyone to hear. Especially if you feel like you could be someone who falls into the victim trap. But, if you may be that person, I really WANT you to hear this message. Not because I'm trying to attack you or make you feel like a victim. In fact it's quite the opposite... I want to empower people who face the victim mindset to step out from it. To step into a positive mindset... To always look for the silver lining.... To take responsibility for choices and what has resulted from those decisions. Think about it. If you continue thinking that everyone else influences your life and your results, who are you putting in control of your life? EVERYONE ELSE! When you take OWNERSHIP of your own life, you're suddenly back in the driver's seat. YOU are in control! Plus, when you are in control and get into a positive and abundant mindset, success will come much more easily to you. Honestly, I expected there to be some backlash... like I said, I know it's not an easy topic. But the responses from our community were quite uplifting and inspiring, which doesn't surprise me because #LurnNation is the best! So I wanted to share a few of my favorite comments...

#LurnNation - Thanks for your positive attitude!

Here are 8 insightful comments that were posted in response to my Victim Mentality Facebook Vid... Lurn Nation Response to Victim Mentality - 1 Lurn Nation Response to Victim Mentality - 2 Lurn Nation Response to Victim Mentality - 3 Lurn Nation Response to Victim Mentality - 4 Lurn Nation Response to Victim Mentality - 5 Lurn Nation Response to Victim Mentality - 6 Lurn Nation Response to Victim Mentality - 7 Lurn Nation Response to Victim Mentality - 8

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@Nafiz - I always turn to my favorite mantra... When life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it the heck back. Anik Singal Here's another good one that keeps me in the right mindset and focused! Stay Positive. Fighting. Brave. Ambitious. Focused. Strong. You can see lots more inspiring quotes on my Facebook page. I add new ones daily!