The 5 Truths Of Email Marketing (That Most People Ignore)

Let’s set the record straight with 5 truths about email marketing that will grow your business, starting today!

Mail Often

The Myth: “Mail just once a week or your list will get annoyed and unsubscribe.” The TRUTH: People subscribed to you because they like you and value your content. We’ve tested different mailing strategies for 10+ years and here’s what we’ve found works best... Mail your list as much as 5x a week. Not only will it keep you top of mind, it keeps your community poised to buy.
Example: George didn’t want to risk annoying his list of 5,000, so he only emailed them once a week.With an average 10% open rate on his emails, only about 500 people even read his emails in a given week. 90% of his list — 4,500 prospects — didn’t even get a chance. Instead of annoying his list, he’s ignoring them. Many of those 4,500 prospects still have a need, and they’ll search for someone else to fulfill it.

Promote Often

The Myth: “People only want pure content, not promotions.” The TRUTH: People also want a solution that helps them achieve their goals. They look forward to and WANT your product promotions. If you only send content, your list will only expect content. When you finally do send a promotion, they’ll avoid it. However if you teach your list that you send a mix of both promotions and content, they will expect and appreciate both. My list LOVES getting our emails because we combine content and promotions. It’s why I have one of the most responsive lists in this market.

Quality is King (Not List Size)

The Myth: “The bigger the list, the bigger your results.” The TRUTH: List size really doesn’t matter. List quality is what counts. I have a simple way to increase the quality of your list in just SECONDS… Delete leads off of your list. I know, I know… it’s hard to delete leads, but believe me - it will greatly improve the quality of your list. We purge our 90-day non-openers every quarter. Getting rid of these “inactives” will greatly improve your Open Rates from the rest of your list.
Example: Chandra loves watching her list count grow. But she’s noticed a trend: With every 10,000 names she adds, her open rates fall and her bounce rates jump.With a 100,000-person list, she is getting even FEWER sales than she had with a 50,000-person list. If Chandra would trim her non-openers, her list would immediately become more responsive and her sales would increase.

All Auto-Responders Are NOT The Same

The Myth: “It doesn’t matter which autoresponder you use, they’re basically the same.” The TRUTH: The auto-responder you use is directly linked to your success. For years, we used one of the giant auto-responders out there. Problem is, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others tend to BLOCK your emails coming from those auto-responder providers. When we learned this, we were beyond frustrated. So much so that I partnered with a tech genius, Jimmy Kim, to launch an awesome auto-responder called We take great pride in being the auto-responder built by digital marketers for digital marketers. Our deliverability is among the highest in the industry.

Test Your Messages First

The Myth: “Testing an email message before sending isn’t that important, just blast it out.” The TRUTH: Not testing an email before sending it can really hurt you, your conversions and your bottom line. When you’re done writing your email in your auto-responder, make sure you test your email’s deliverability. Most quality auto-responders have this feature. certainly does. Important Advice: Make sure your test email address is NOT your main one. Create a new one. Or create several to test deliverability to Gmail, Yahoo, Bing, etc. If your email doesn’t arrive in your main inbox area, re-write your email and test again. The problem may be with just one or two words. There you have it… 5 Truths of Email Marketing that will dramatically improve your Open Rates, Click Throughs and even your Sales. Try to implement as many of them as possible. You can start today with a free trial of one of the best auto-responder out there — Got a question about email marketing? Or maybe you’ve uncovered your own myths and truths? Let us know in the box below and let’s start a discussion! Note: Comments are no longer active on this blog post. If you have a question, comment or feedback, please reach out to

About the Author:

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