Starting an Email Marketing Business In 5 Steps


Right now, you may be just 5 little steps away from starting your own Email Marketing Business.

Yes, these steps will get you started.

But if you are REALLY serious about making money through the power of Email Marketing, I have something even better for you.

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Now, on to the 5 Simple Steps I’ve promised.

Step #1: Traffic

Although Traffic is one of the most important steps, it’s one of the last things that you need. So, I’ll re-visit Traffic after all the other steps.

Step #2: Opt-In Page

An Opt-In Page is simply a single web page.

Think of it as the engine that can grow your list, your customer base and your profits. Your Opt-In page is where you promise your prospects something free in exchange for their email address.

Maybe it’s a report or PDF. Maybe a compelling video.

Doesn’t matter… as long as it’s perceived as valuable.

Now, if I were to tell you that you can easily create this one-page website in practically no time at all, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

That’s why I want to SHOW you!

In my upcoming Income Workshop, I’ll show you a LIVE Demo of a simple click-click technology - Sign Up Now. I’ve been playing with it for almost a year… and it STILL amazes me today!

Step #3: Thank You Page

Now, what’s the natural next step after someone gives you something you want?

To say “Thank You”, of course.

So, once your prospect types in their email address on the Opt-In page, they immediately go to the Thank You Page. Yet, on this page, you’re going to do more than just tell them “Thank You”.

After all, you’re an Email Marketer now.

So, your Thank You Page becomes your first opportunity to make money!

Remember, by giving you their email address, they’ve essentially said, “Yes, I’m interested.” Therefore, give them that opportunity.

The easiest way to get a sale is to link them to an affiliate page.

They buy someone else’s product… and YOU get a sweet commission. 

Step #4: Automated Messages

Here comes another way to make money: Start using all those email addresses you got from your Opt-In Page.

With an Email Autoresponder, it’s a no-brainer!

An Autoresponder is a simple technology that automatically sends email messages out to your email list. While there are several Autoresponders available (some good, some bad), there’s ONE that I’ve counted on for years.

It’s called Sendlane.

I’ve tried the rest, but in my opinion Sendlane is definitely the best Autoresponder out there.

Sure, I’m a cofounder of, but I’m also one of the largest clients. I run my whole business with Sendlane.

Inside an Autoresponder like Sendlane, you can simply write a series of messages, tell it when you want them delivered, and they’re sent automatically.


For days, weeks, even months, your target audience will get your messages, get engaged and may even BUY from you!

Step #5: Broadcasting

While Sendlane gives you the option to send automated messages, it also allows you to “Broadcast”.

This is where I make 90% of my money as an email affiliate!*

To do a Broadcast mailing, just log in, type your email and hit send. Instantly, your message is sent to everyone on your email list.

Step #6: Traffic

Okay… Back to Traffic.

Before you can send Broadcasts... before you can send Automated Messages… you need Traffic!

Traffic is simply the people who come to your site to give you their email address. Now, there’s the tried and true ways to get traffic.

Social Media. YouTube. SEO. Article Linking. Blog Writing.

Yes, all of these DO work… but they take considerable time and effort to get a decent amount of traffic.

Want faster traffic? Let me introduce you to one of my favorites: Email Media.

One of the best Email Media exchanges out there is called Through Clickonomy, we have successfully delivered over a million clicks.  

Beyond the free traffic opportunities that take time… and beyond the fast traffic opportunity in Email Media… there’s also Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising and more.

You’ll be surprised at how much traffic you can get with a really small budget (keep reading... I have another surprise for you below).

Starting An Email Marketing Business

I just gave you a glimpse at the 5 steps to starting an Email Marketing Business.