5 Money Rules for Financial Success


People that are successful with money aren’t simply lucky. Instead, they are able to adhere to a set of rules that govern wealth and financial success.

These rules have remained secrets for years, but they are about to come out. I am about to discuss the 5 money rules for financial success that can take anyone from being broke to being a multi-millionaire.

I know these rules work, because I use them. I’ve been at the bottom, and I’ve been at the top. Now I understand what it takes to get there…

These rules aren’t extremely difficult to grasp, but people often either don’t think of them, or are afraid to execute them. In order to become truly rich, it’s important to cast aside preconceived notions. Realize that what most people know about money is WRONG.

That’s why most people are broke!

Below are the 5 money rules that can help to take anyone from zero to hero. These rules have personally changed my life, and I know they can change other people’s lives as well…

Rule #1: Protect Your Money


It seems like once you’re rich, everyone wants money from you—particularly the government. It’s no secret that the rich get taxed like crazy. While this sounds like a good deal for the poor, it actually hurts society as a whole.

The rich create jobs, and help to keep the economy moving forward. Because of how the government treats the rich, though, it’s important for business owners to learn how to protect their money.

This doesn’t mean money laundering or doing anything illegal. Instead, it is about spending before paying taxes.

Poor people earn-tax-spend. This limits their resources, making it next to impossible to grow their money. Rich people, on the other hand, earn-spend-tax.

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Rule #2: Do More with Less


There is a paradox that just about every poor person falls into…and I bet it will sound extremely familiar when I say it:


I’ve heard this my entire life. Thankfully, this belief doesn’t have to be the case. If this was always the case, the superrich would never be able to make as much money as they do.

There is only so much time in the day and, unless a business owner is literally charging tens of thousands of dollars an hour, they’ll never be able to reach the same level of financial success as people like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

Here’s the thing…rich people understand that the Time=Money paradox is extremely limiting. They know that they only have so much time and, in order to grow, they need to leverage OPT (Other People’s Time) and OPM (Other People’s Money).

They do this by leveraging debt and hiring the best people possible. We’ll get more to the latter in a moment…

Essentially, a rich person has a high level of financial intelligence that allows them to use resources to grow their businesses, instead of relying solely on blood, sweat, tears and hours.

Rule #3: Entrepreneurship is a Great Way to Create Wealth


No one ever got truly rich working for someone else. Actually, most jobs—even career jobs—cap off at around $500,000 a year. While this may sound like a lot of money, it isn’t limitless.

These jobs also require trading in a lot of time. This is time that could have been spent with the family at home, golfing or building a successful business.

The superrich have one thing in common—they are entrepreneurs. They all run successful businesses that help them to make passive income. This passive income continues to roll in over time, and their wealth continues to grow.

Here’s the really cool part—because most businesses can be automated over time, entrepreneurs are able to diversify and build more businesses. They aren’t stuck with one company making them money.

Some of the top entrepreneurs out there own more than one business, and/or are invested in a variety of businesses.

Stop trying to work up the corporate ladder! While this may seem like a safe way to make money, it will never create the results that being an entrepreneur will. Plus, working a job means relying on someone else to sign over a paycheck.

Instead, it’s better to create your own money. I’ve been able to take control of my life and my financial future by building successful businesses and let me tell you—it’s been amazing!

Rule #4: Make Your Money Work for You


The seemingly safe way to grow money is through a savings account. Growing wealth isn’t about being safe, though. It’s about taking risks, and making real money!

Here’s the thing—savings accounts rely on FIAT currency…which can fail. I know it feels safe now, but no one knows where the U.S. Dollar—or any form of currency—will be in 20 years.

Because of this, I invest my money, and I GROW my money through these investments. Instead of growing my money at 2% a year, I am able to double and triple the money I have invested!

I do this by investing in things that can create an ongoing stream of income that is always growing. This means investing in businesses, real estate and other ventures that have the potential to continue to grow, and continue to make me rich.

Are these risky investments? You bet! Do they have high rewards when they pan out, though? Also yes!

No one gets rich by playing it safe.

Starting a business isn’t necessarily the safest route—but it has the potential of making you rich. These forms of investments also aren’t the safest—but they too can make investors extremely rich.

Rule #5: Build a Team


I mentioned OPT (Other People’s Time) earlier, and this is where that concept really comes into play. In order to become rich and successful, it is necessary to build a phenomenal team.

While I make sure the gears are turning and I make sure that everything is reaching my standards, I am not “hands on” with every element of my business. In reality, this would be impossible!

Not only do I not have the time to be actively engaged in every aspect of my business, I also don’t have the skillset. For instance, I didn’t go to law school—so taking care of legal documents is out of the question.

The right team helps to make a business truly successful. A poor team, on the other hand, can sink a business in no time.

I also make sure to surround myself with the best people possible—and this includes my employees. I am willing to spend the extra money and search a little longer to get the best of the best. I can then rely on these people to get the job done right…even when I’m not checking in on the business every day.

A strong team will help to ensure success, growth and profit.

5 Money Rules: A New World of Financial Success


There are no gates that are locking you out. There are no walls that are standing in the way. The road to financial success is right there in front of you…but it’s up to YOU to travel down it.

I’ve outlined the 5 money rules for financial success. By following these five rules, financial success is inevitable. Still, getting a grasp on these five rules can be difficult—especially if you’ve never been exposed to how to grow and handle wealth.

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