How To Build A Personal Development Business


What’s even better than improving your own life? 

For me, it's helping somebody else improve his or her life! That’s why I LOVE the personal development niche.

Not only does it give you a chance to make big changes in your life, you have the opportunity to impact others' lives at the exact same time!

The best part? 

At the same time you’re teaching someone else about life-enhancing concepts like the 'Law of Attraction' or having a 'wealth mindset', you could also grow a business out of it.

And today, it’s easier than ever to touch peoples’ lives.

Because there are 4.6 billion email addresses in the world today. 4.6 BILLION! (Source) With just a tiny sliver of those email addresses...

You can reach out to people and start connecting with them in very powerful ways.

Now, I know starting your own information business centered around personal development may sound like it would take a long time...

But it can actually be broken down into just 5 Easy Steps!

All you need to get started is a laptop or computer. Maybe a smartphone.

And these 5 Steps.

Even if you have absolutely no experience. Even if you have no technical skills whatsoever, you can still get a real information marketing business up and running in the personal development space (and it doesn't even have to take a long time to do it)!

Step #1: Create Your 1-Page Website (with a place to Opt-In)

If you want to teach someone about any topic in personal development — if you want to have a hand in helping them change their life — you must FIRST have a web presence.

But building a website takes work. Tech skills. Lots of time and lots of money.

Right?! Not today.

Not with my 5-Step Formula!

Just 1 simple webpage is all you need! Plus, it’s really quick and easy to put up.

It’s called an opt-in page.

This page is very important because it turns your visitors — your prospects — into leads and even customers! 

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Step #2: Offer A Free Gift (in exchange for their Email address)

This is important: You are trying to entice someone to give you his or her Email address so you can start building a relationship.

However, today people are only willing to give up their Email address in exchange for something of VALUE.

That’s where the free gift comes in.

On this 1-page site, you simply give away some free information. They give you their Email address and in exchange you offer them a valuable (but free) report.

But it’s so much more than just a report.

It’s your opportunity to build a real relationship with your prospect that can later lead to... you guessed it, SALES!

Step #3: Thank Your New Subscriber (be sure to include a related Affiliate Offer)

What happens when you give your email address to opt-in for something?

You immediately go to a thank you page, right? Without that thank you page, you simply wouldn’t know if your email was submitted correctly.

Of course, I want you to make your thank you page into something more... the goal is to make this a revenue-generating page!

Here’s how: Rather than simply feature a boring message like, “Thank You for your submission”, you can easily copy and paste an affiliate link on this page.

This way, your thank you page is primed to sell and generate revenue.

Step #4: Your Leads Go Into A Database (Sendlane is recommended)

At the same time your prospect is sent to the thank you page, his or her email address is automatically sent to a special database.

Which is then used to send large batches of emails. Sounds complicated, but it’s really quite simple.

Having all those emails in a database gives you the power to automatically send email messages to everybody on your list no matter if you have a 10-person list, 1,000-person list, 10,000-person list, or more.

Simply by writing one email one time, you can send to ALL of them!

Now, I recommend starting an account with a company called Sendlane. I’m a co-owner of Sendlane, which is why I trust it so much.

I’ve tried so many autoresponder services and NONE of them feature the deliverability, Email setup and even extras… like creating beautiful and high-converting opt-in pages! 

Step #5: Send Out Autoresponder Emails (with Affiliate Links)

Once you have your leads email addresses in a database, you’re ready to send an Autoresponder Email.

What should you send to your list?

Well, by signing up to receive your free gift, they’re essentially raising their hands and saying, “I’m interested!” So… give them what they’re asking for!

Simply include affiliate links in the Emails you send for product(s) that will help add value to their lives. When these leads buy through your affiliate link, that’s an opportunity for instant revenue that goes right to your bottom line. 

How To Build A Personal Development Business

You have a gift.

You know something amazing about personal development. So, why keep it all to yourself when the world can gain so much from what you know? Y

es, you have the ability to reach people. Connect with them. Impact their lives.

You can do all of this using nothing more than a laptop, smartphone and Email.

These 5 steps can get you started.

(NOTE: Ready to start your own personal development business? Check out our FREE Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp on #LurnNation to access exclusive content that makes getting your business started way easier.  Learn more here.)