3 Things I Learned From Robert Kiyosaki


Who is YOUR hero?  

For me, one of my biggest heroes is my favorite author - Robert Kiyosaki.

If you haven’t read his bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, it’s one of the most inspirational and practical books of our time.

That 1 book has shaped my whole future.


From the first time I read it, I basically idolized this man. In fact, so much of what I’ve accomplished is because of what I learned from that book.

Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, was the spark that ignited my incredible entrepreneurial success!

But I never thought I’d actually be able to meet the man that had inspired so much inside of me. Until one incredibly awesome day. Not only did I MEET with this great man…

Sharing What I Learned From Robert Kiyosaki

Just imagine hanging out all day with one of your biggest heroes!

I’ll NEVER forget it… it was life-changing.

I’ve been blessed to learn so much from Robert, and to now call him a personal mentor. What he’s taught me has enabled me to accomplish so much, including teaching over 250,000 students all around the world, people just like you.

My hope is that you take something away today that will inspire you to greatness! Today, I'm sharing the Top 3 Things I Learned During My Day with Robert Kiyosaki!

PLUS, I can't wait to tell you about a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT - Make sure you read until the end - it still blows my mind!

Lesson #1: Be an Entrepreneur

On the surface, that lesson seems pretty obvious.

Until you realize that the world’s wealthiest think DIFFERENTLY about money. Everyone else continues to bust their tails to make a living.

The problem: They’re trying to EARN money.

But you have to switch your mindset. From earning money to creating wealth. This isn’t something you learn in school.

It took me 13+ years to learn it.

In fact, few resources even talk about how to truly be an entrepreneur.

Robert Kiyosaki does, of course. And now, so do I!

So I’ve put my 13+ years of knowledge, secrets and strategies into my new book, The Circle of Profit, Edition #2. 

Lesson #2: Rely on Yourself

To truly be an entrepreneur, you must disconnect yourself from outside resources. The government. Support agencies. Even ultimately your boss (but that comes with time).

Robert Kiyosaki talks about “The Implosion Point”.

That’s the point where the government and other outside resources can no longer support people.

However, by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, you don’t have to worry about that. Because you’re building everything YOURSELF.

I’ve done just that.

I’ve built my own financial security, in order to be almost totally self-reliant. There’s basically 1 thing that everyone in modern culture needs to become 100% self-reliant… That’s right… MONEY!

It all goes back to Lesson #1: Be an entrepreneur & create wealth!

You may be asking… But HOW? Where do I start?

That’s the exact reason I wrote my new book, The Circle of Profit, Edition #2. It shows you step-by-step how I created my wealth. And I’ve done my best to break it down in a way that shows how others can achieve results too.

We’re giving away a ton of copies for free, and I want YOU to be first in line!

Lesson #3: Think Like the Rich

This lesson is key.

You see, the wealthy don’t chase money. Instead, they use it as a tool. Therefore, it becomes something that grows.

Yes, their money creates more money.

But again, to make money work for you, you must first have money.

I learned this lesson at a time when I needed it most.

You see, years ago, I was $1.7 Million in debt. Instead of giving up like some other people might, I decided to fight back. That’s when I created what I still believe is the fastest, simplest and most proven way to start from scratch and become an entrepreneur.

It’s my own step-by-step system.

I call it The Circle of Profit — and it’s all laid out in my new, no-cost book!

Now for My Shocking Announcement - I Still Can’t Believe It!

My new book covers so much of my life.

Every big struggle and failure. Every success story and million-dollar payday.

It’s all in there.

So I wanted my book foreword to come from someone who has meant so much in my life. My hero, Robert Kiyosaki. The day Robert said “YES!” to writing my foreword, I could have done back flips!

I thought he was doing me such a huge favor. Until he told me he wasn’t doing this as a favor.

He was doing this because he wholeheartedly believes in my book!

In fact, he actually went out his way to call me: “One of the most instrumental entrepreneurs of our age.”


I was stunned by this man, a man I had admired for so long (and still admire), to bestow such an amazing compliment on me.

Robert said that he’s teaching people that they need to be an entrepreneur. That people need to be in their own business… but that I’m teaching people HOW to do it.

There you have it,… You’ve read my 3 Lessons from Robert Kiyosaki. My goal is to help you accomplish lesson #1 — Be an Entrepreneur.

My goal is nothing more than helping you take something you’re passionate about and turning it into an online business no matter where you are in the world.