[Case Study] How I Added 16,452 “Free” Targeted Facebook Leads to My Email List in 10 Days

Now, I say FREE Targeted Facebook Leads… but, I actually PAID for them…

“So, how were the leads FREE?”

That’s the secret you’re about to find out!

Advertising on Facebook costs money. Right?

Well, you can get Free Traffic on Facebook too (using social media strategies), but it takes forever. So, being the impatient person that I am, I started looking for a much faster & easier way!

I figured…

Let’s try Facebook Ads (but do it in a creative way that’s immediately profitable)…

The method I’m using boils down to…

5 Easy Steps To Get FREE Targeted Facebook Leads

5 Steps To Get FREE Targeted Facebook Leads Diagram Blank

STEP #1 – The Free Gift

Free Targeted Facebook Leads - Step 1 The Free Gift

One of the best ways to get someone to give their email address is to offer them something of value for FREE.

Usually, people give away:

  • Free Reports
  • Free Video
  • Free Software
  • Etc…

This “Free Gift” can become a road block for some people because they think it takes too much time to create. In reality, the trick is the gift does NOT need to be very long. Actually, I find the shorter it is, the better it performs!

Some of the best reports I have ever given away have only been 10-12 pages.

My Formula For Creating An Awesome Free Gift:

The easiest way to create a great Free Gift that makes people want to provide their Email address is to follow a formula like one of the following:

  • “5 Secrets To [__________]…”
  • “The 3 Step Formula To [__________]…”
  • “7 Weird Tricks To [__________]…”

People love numerical lists. Lists are easy to visualize. They are easy to read. But, most of all – they’re fun and that’s the key!

Alright, now you may be wondering…

How Do I Actually Create This FREE Giveaway…

#1 – Record An Audio Clip

This simple trick saves me hours of time. I simply sit down with my recorder and speak. I’m sure you’ve tried to write something before… and if you’re not a writer, it doesn’t come easy.

However, EVERYONE can talk.

One of my favorite apps for this is DropVox.


It allows me to record and have the memo show up in my Dropbox moments later… ready for step #2.

#2 – Transcribe The Audio

You can find someone on Fiverr.com

Fiverr Transcription Services

Or just use the site I use: Rev.com.

Rev.com Services

I love Rev.com because of its straightforward pricing: $1/minute.

#3 – Edit The Transcript

For this step, you can edit the transcript yourself, or you can again turn to Fiverr and hire someone to clean-up, edit, and give a bit of design to your transcript.

Fiverr Transcription Editing Services

…Boom!  There you have it. Free Report – DONE!

So, now that the Free Gift is ready to go… what’s next?

STEP #2 – The Opt-In Page

Free Targeted Facebook Leads - Step 2 The Opt-In Page

The opt-in page is the page where we capture a visitor’s Email address and in return give them the Free Gift we created in Step #1. The ONLY goal of this page is to have people “opt-in” to receive that free gift, so we want to make the page super simple.

Simple Optin Page Example

But why do we use an opt-in page? Why wouldn’t we just send these visitors to BUY our stuff?

I know what you’re probably thinking because I was in the same place when I started. Surely, by giving things away for free, we’re losing money?


  1. By having an opt-in page, around 50% of visitors will sign up to get that free gift. If you had a sales page, you’d be lucky to get <1% to make a purchase.
  2. Instead of a one-off sale to <1% of our visitors, we now captured their email address. We can use this list of emails for a lifetime of communication. We can sell to our email list subscribers over and over again instead of a one-time sale, if that.
  3. We are building a RELATIONSHIP! This is important. People are more likely to buy from you, or the products you endorse if they TRUST YOU. By emailing your list valuable content and related offers on a regular basis, you’re building trust! In doing so, you’re more likely to make some nice commissions too 🙂

How to Set Your Opt-in Page Up In Just 4 Easy Steps!

As I mentioned earlier, we want our opt-in page to be simple. Remember, the only goal of this page is to get someone to enter their email address for our Free Gift.

We will then use that email list to market to over and over again to generate revenue.

With that in mind, here’s the 4-step process we PERSONALLY use in every single one of our businesses.

This is a tried and tested formula that has helped us generate millions of leads and millions of dollars in sales:

Opt-In Page 4 Key Elements

#1 – The Perfect Headline

The headline is, without a doubt, one of the MOST important parts of any opt-in page. The headline is the line or two of text at the top of the page that is going to entice people to sign up to get your Free Gift.

Every headline should do TWO things:

  1. Excite. We have a very short window to get someone excited to engage with our message.
  2. Hook. Why you? Why your free offer?  We need to quickly articulate exactly what they will learn by giving their Email address.

For example, in the earlier opt-in page, the headline was “The 5 Daily Secrets That Turn Dreams Into Reality”

Optin Page Example Headline

I chose that headline because it did the 2 things VERY well.

  1. Excite. Turn Dreams Into Reality? Enough said.
  2. Hook. I just told you that there are only 5 things you need to do to start turning dreams into reality. You want to know what those 5 secrets are, right?

If a headline has these 2 elements, it’s good to go!

To make things even easier, here’s a free template you can use… just fill in what your free offer teaches, it’s THAT simple!

“REVEALED: Free Offer Reveals How to [__________] in [____] Days…”

#2 – Bullet Points

On every opt-in page, I like to include 3 or 4 bullet points.

But, why bullet points?

As mentioned earlier, we want this opt-in page to be short and to the point. Remember, someone just gave you a few minutes of their time – this means that you have a very small window to get their attention. They won’t have time to read paragraphs!

Stick to concise and exciting bullet points.

These should focus on what your free offer teaches and WHY they should download it. Think BENEFITS.

Here’s an example:

Optin Page Example Bullets

Keep them simple. Short. Powerful.

#3 – Free Gift Image 

This step is super simple. You don’t have to create the image yourself. You can inexpensively get someone to do it for you.

Remember Fiverr? It’s an online marketers’ best friend. Just about every service on the site costs $5.

For our Free Report in this example, guess what we’ll need… A cover image!

Instead of flailing around trying to figure out how to use Photoshop, you can go on Fiverr and have someone create it for you. You’ll have plenty of options.

I just typed in “e-book cover design”:

Fiverr e-book Cover Design Search

And the search results came back with over 10 pages of options!

Fiverr eBook Cover Design Search Results Screenshot

You’ll be able to find someone great who can quickly produce a professional looking cover.

When it’s done, simply drop that image in and this step is complete! Here it is in our example…

Optin Page Free Gift Example

#4 – The ‘Box’

The ‘Box’ is where we get people to enter their email address. Without this, we will not be able to build a list and we won’t generate any revenue.

While this step is important, it’s also super easy. There are plenty of systems out there that allow you to easily set this up like Sendlane, LeadPages, and Clickfunnels.

I personally recommend Sendlane (because it’s one of my businesses and I can give it my full stamp of approval). Plus I offer a Free 30-Day Trial!

Each one will allow you to copy and paste the ‘Box’ directly to your website!

To see this in action, check out the opt-in page from earlier:

Optin Page Example Call To Action CTA Box 1

Optin Page Example CTA Box 2

As you can see…

All Of The Elements Help To Drive The Opt-in

  • We use descriptive words that paint a picture. Notice the use of words like “poison” and “superpowers”.
  • It breaks down the specific benefits they are going to get.
  • It gives a clear Call to Action.

Even the text in the button was written with a purpose in mind.

Pro Tip: After running thousands of tests, we’ve discovered that saying “FREE INSTANT ACCESS” converts better than any other text.

STEP #3 – SEGWAY Pages

Free Targeted Facebook Leads - Step 3 Segway Pages

In the past, I suggested sending new subscribers straight to an offer. Doing so increases the opportunity to quickly generate some sales.

While this strategy works well, there’s always room for improvement…

Put yourself in the shoes of your new subscriber for a second. They don’t know much about you. They’re focused on getting this free report that they just gave you their email address for. If you put an offer in front of them right away, how likely are they to respond?

There needs to be some kind of bridge between the opt-in page and the offer.

That’s where the Segway Page comes in. Here’s an example…

Segway Page Free Report Example

This Segway Page Alone Is Why I’m Able To Get Free Targeted Facebook Leads, Even Though I’m Actually Paying For The Clicks!

As you can see, it’s a simple page that redirects their attention from the gift. It also presells them on the offer that I’m about to show them.

I now use this in EVERY single one of my funnels.


Because it CONSISTENTLY boosts sales by up to 65%, which means 65% more money for the same effort!

I’m serious. This simple-to-copy page is a big reason why I’m so successful. It has been responsible for HUGE growth in my business.

As you can see, it’s not a complicated page.

Segway Page 4 Key Elements

There Are 4 Keys That Make The Segway Page Work:

#1 Headline

Hooks their attention and directs their focus onto a new topic.

Segway Page - Headline Example

#2 – Edify

I spend some time establishing the credibility of the person who is presenting the offer.

Segway Page - Edify Example

#3 – Presell

By the time they click, they are in the right mental headspace to see the offer.

Segway Page - Presell Example

#4 – Call To Action

Big button at the bottom with clear directions. There’s no confusion about what the next step is.

Segway Page - Call To Action (CTA) Example

What I’ve found is that only about 50% of the visitors click the button to go to the next page. Yet, my sales increased by 65%. What’s going on?

It’s Simple: Micro-Commitments!

This is a very well known strategy to copywriters and sales people, but one that very few business owners actually use.

In fact, you can look back through centuries of sales tactics and see this EXACT method in play. Why? Because humans have not changed and will not change. This strategy will work forever.

Pro Tip: Make sure your Segway page is no longer then a short scroll. This is a MICRO-COMMITMENT to read not a full-blown sales page!

Look… If you don’t do anything else with this blog post… be sure to implement a Segway Page. THIS is the step that can make the biggest impact… period.

Remember, as with all our sales strategies we want this to be STORY driven… It has ONE goal, to GET THE CLICK.

Speaking of segways, let’s move onto the next step…

STEP #4 – Creating Profit

Free Targeted Facebook Leads - Step 4 Creating Profit

By now your visitors have landed on your opt-in page. Your amazing page you set up in 4 steps has led them to put in their email address to download that Free Gift.

What’s next?

Maximizing Profits

Since we’re spending money to send visitors to our Free Gift, we want to recoup as much money from the ad spend as possible.

The best way to do this is to offer a LOW-TICKET product. As a general rule, this is an offer priced BELOW $50.

In the example I’ve been sharing, we sent the traffic to a free book offer where the customer only has to pay $7 for shipping and handling. That’s the perfect kind of offer for this funnel.

Low Ticket Offer COP Book Example

But you don’t have to have your own book… or even your own product.

By looking at places like Clickbank or JVZoo, you can promote OTHER people’s products and make a % commission on every sale you make.

The MAJOR consideration to take here is this…

Regardless of WHAT the offer is. Whether it’s your own offer OR an affiliate offer… Make sure it has a CONVERTING FUNNEL in place.

You want to make sure the offer has upsells/downsells and other offers in the funnel to maximize profit potential and to recoup as much ad-spend as possible!

A good way to do this is to look at the stats the vendor will provide, such as EPC.

EPC = Earnings Per Click gives a good idea of how much money an affiliate can expect to make from every person they send to this offer. (Obviously, the higher the better, but make sure it’s RELEVANT to your main free offer.)

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Step #5 – Follow Up Emails For Connection & Profits

Free Targeted Facebook Leads - Step 5 Follow Up Emails

So, by now you’ve got the opt-in… Your visitor has asked for the Free Gift, gone through the Segway Page and landed on the Thank You Page offer (a low-ticket item, remember).

So what’s next?

If you’ve done this right and the offer is solid, you would have already recouped a large portion of your ad spend on your low-ticket Thank You Page product.

But, don’t panic if you haven’t…

… that’s where the autoresponder comes in.

An autoresponder is a piece of software that allows you to AUTOMATICALLY email the list you’ve just built..

You can set an autoresponder up so that it emails your subscribers 1 day, 3 days, 10 days (whatever you want) after they subscribe.

There are some great autoresponders out there, including…


Sendlane Website - Automation

My personal fav and also what I use in my businesses… Try it out for yourself with a Free 30-Day Trial!

Sendlane Free 30-Day Trial


AWeber Website - Automation


Get Response Website - Automation


iContact Website - Automation


MailChimp Website - Automation

The autoresponder I use is a sequence of emails (I usually do 10 days) that allows me to generate MORE money on the backend from people that didn’t purchase my Thank You Page offer (and BOOSTING profits from anyone that did)!

The main goal of any email autoresponder series is to build a relationship with our list, give value and sell more products that will be of value to them (a win-win all round)!

Here’s a breakdown of the 10-day autoresponder sequence that is personally responsible for generating millions of dollars in my business.

10-Day Autoresponder Sequence

Day 1 – Thank You.  This email’s purpose is to thank them for taking action and to provide them the link to the free download again. PLUS, I like to add a short P.S. reminding them to check out the thank you page offer they missed.

Day 2 – Story Pitch. This email will be using a story to sell the low-ticket offer that is on the Thank You Page. People resonate with stories, so instead of just telling them to buy the product – we want to show them how using the product can impact their life. Tell a story!

Day 3 – HARD Pitch. This email sells the same offer that was promoted on the Thank You Page, reminding them of the core product benefit.

Day 4 – Final Chance. We tell people that it’s their final chance to get in. This is called ‘scarcity’. Tell them this is the final time you’ll be emailing them about it, and they need to take action NOW if they want it. By doing this, more people will take action as they don’t want to miss out.

Day 5 & 6 – Content. Give as much value as possible here. Give away your best content for free and people will be more willing to pay you for the rest (if, of course, they like what they have already received)! Building a profitable email list is all about the relationship. Days 5 & 6 are relationship building days! This will pay many dividends over the lifetime of your list.

Day 7 – High-Ticket Story Pitch. Today will be a story based selling email for a HIGH-TICKET offer ($297/$397 or higher). Again, this doesn’t have to be your OWN offer… but make sure it has a funnel in place. We’re doing a high-ticket offer today to maximize profits. The best way to find an offer to send out is to look at places like Clickbank or JVZoo and search for the topic of your free offer.

Day 8 – HARD Pitch. The same as day 3, but we’re going to be promoting the high-ticket product today.

Day 9 – Content Pitch. Give some valuable content, and remind them with a soft pitch about the high-ticket offer we are promoting.

Day 10 – Last Chance. The same as day 4, but for the high-ticket offer.


So what does this all mean? What are the NUMBERS behind this?

It’s all very well teaching you this stuff, but does it ACTUALLY work?

Well, numbers don’t lie…

Here’s a breakdown of a recent campaign we ran using this EXACT 5 step system I just revealed above.

We set up the ENTIRE campaign in just 5 hours.

After it had been set up, we invested $9,377.64 in getting 30,843 visitors to our opt-in page.

Out of those 30,843 visitors, we had 16,452 people sign up for our free report (53% of everyone that saw our opt-in page gave us their email).

Case Study - Free Targeted Facebook Leads

Using the follow-up system, we generated $10,120 within 3 days (that’s a PROFIT of $742.36)! AND with the 16,452 new leads, that will generate me MULTIPLE thousands more for life in future profits).

Case Study Proof

Can you see how easy this is? I was able to PAY for clicks and generate enough money to recoup my ad spend BEFORE the payment even left my bank account.

Now… scale it up and launch more funnels!

That’s it! My system for Free Targeted Facebook Leads that provides the opportunity to build an infinite number of email subscribers! Amazing, right?

For more advanced training, attend my Free 2 Part Online Workshop – Come Watch Me Build an Email Business in 20 Minutes or Less!

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Here’s the coolest part – we pay for these leads, but because of our funnel we actually make a profit for every dollar we spend!

How would you like to pay for a lead, but get the lead for free?

I know, it sounds like a paradox? But it’s not!

I’m going to show you the exact pages we use for our Facebook ads, along with the little trick we use… our new subscribers buy something from us before leaving our site.

Because of this little trick, we usually earn MORE money back from what we paid in.

That, of course, allows us to grow at an unlimited amount.

Want to find out how? Just show up, listen, and TAKE ACTION.

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[Case Study] How I Built A 10,145 List Using Quiz Funnels

I recently built a list of over 10,000 people in just 10 days. And you know what? It was EASY.

You’re probably thinking…

“Yeah cool, Anik. So what?”

Well, what if I told you that I built this list WITHOUT AN OPT-IN PAGE and WITHOUT A FREE GIFT?

“Wait. How is that even possible?”

The Whole Game Is Changing, Yet Again…

And I’ve come across a new list-building strategy that will absolutely blow your mind. If you use this new strategy, you can literally enter a new niche in record time.

“But aren’t you the guy who teaches about opt-in pages every day?”

I’m not saying that opt-in pages are dead. They’re still a reliable way to build lists. I still use them. I’m just saying that change is happening fast, and with change comes new opportunities.

Before I tell you what this awesome strategy is, let me explain a behavioral change that is happening on the Internet and likely even to you right now (you might not even realize it)…

You’re Going Blind

You know what banner ads are right?

Banner ads are the advertisements on websites, usually in the header or the right-hand column.

Well, banner ads were all the craze with every internet marketer back in the day. They’re still on almost every website, but they’re becoming less and less effective now.

Why? Because people hardly even look at banner ads these days.

After seeing thousands and thousands of desperate advertising attempts through banner ads, people have learned to just tune them out. Many people literally do not even look at the sidebars with banners on websites anymore.

There’s even a term for this phenomenon – Banner Blindness.

Chart: Eye-tracking Images Show Impact of Banner Blindness

Eye-tracking Images Show Impact of Banner Blindness Chart

The images above show 3 successive issues of an email newsletter that used eye-tracking software to show how an audience viewed the page over time.

The software tracked steady viewing of the content on the right, but attention to the left sidebar, which contained banner ads, showed a profound difference over the 3 separate newsletters.

The study revealed: “In the first issue, almost 80% of newsletter readers scan some part of the ad in the left-hand column. By the second issue, that number is cut in half, and then halved again in the third viewing – bottoming out at 20%.

Source: Marketing Sherpa

It’s like what happens when you have a fan on while you sleep. At first, you’re aware of the sound of the fan. But after a while, you don’t notice it anymore. Your mind classifies the sound of the fan as a baseline occurrence and you tune it out.

This happens with everything that we’re continually exposed to. The Internet’s landscape is always changing, and because of that, marketers must find effective new ways to reach our target.

People adapt quickly, so marketers must adapt even more quickly. If you stubbornly cling to what worked for you in the past, you’ll share the fate of fallen business giants like Blockbuster, Dell, Eastman Kodak… and others.

Blockbuster Closing Bankruptcy

Don’t let what happened to them, happen to you! You’ll soon find out what I mean…

The Bad News

As the saying goes… “History tends to repeat itself.”

It’s important to be aware of cycles, so you can have the foresight to spot new trends and opportunities.

Here’s what you need to know…

What happened to banner ads is now happening to traditional opt-in pages.

Like I said before, opt-in pages still work. They’re still a reliable way to build a list. They’re just not quite as effective as a few years ago when they were a novelty.

The “Banner ad blindness” effect is slowly expanding to include “Opt-in page blindness.” On some level, you’ve already realized this.

Chances are that you see a whole lot of opt-in pages every day, and either ignore them or say things like:

Optin Pages Quotes

Opt-in pages are everywhere these days. You can’t even go on Facebook without seeing an ad from another company or person asking for your email address.

Success Weely Facebook Sponsored Ad Example

Recognize that guy? 🙂

Speaking of… have you saved your Free Seat for my Success Weekly training series? We meet every Wednesday at 9pm EST. Register now. Mark your calendar. And be there LIVE!

But seriously back to opt-in pages…

People are becoming desensitized to opt-in pages. Worse yet… they’re starting to ignore them or provide fake info.

While opt-in page blindness isn’t a terminal threat yet, it will be very soon.

Which is why it’s not only important to keep up with the times, but to stay ahead of them – especially when it comes to the internet. The most successful marketers stay ahead of the curve.

To use a surf analogy, if you start paddling too late, you miss the wave.

That’s Why I’m Using A New Strategy…

There’s a new way to build lists. It’s innovative, fun and so obvious that you probably missed it…


Yes, you heard that right. Quizzes are a surprisingly effective way to build your list. When these quizzes collect email addresses at the end, they’re referred to as quiz funnels. 

Quiz funnels are a series of quiz-based questions designed to entice and engage your leads, to systematically convert them into subscribers.

This is a unique alternative to the traditional opt-in pages that are saturating the internet right now. It’s a fun and engaging way to build a list that creates a strong bond with your future subscribers.

You know what I’m talking about. Some popular examples are quizzes like “What’s your spirit animal?” or “What superhero are you?”

BuzzFeed Quizzes have some really wild ones that are popular…

BuzzFeed Quizzes

Quizzes can even go viral. Just look at the numbers for these top shared quizzes…

BuzzSumo Viral Quiz Examples

Source: BuzzSumo.com

And as you can see, quiz topics can vary greatly…

So How Do Quiz Funnels work?

Simple! When the prospect clicks the link, they’re asked to answer a series of questions. Then the prospect provides their email address in order to see the results. Can you see where I’m going with this?

We’ve come across these or even taken them without actually realizing the biggest benefit they have for internet marketers…


Quizzes are a powerful way to build your list, yet very subtle from the perspective of a potential subscriber.

And people actually enjoy it, so it’s a win-win scenario from the get go!

It All Starts With A Simple Question.

This simple question is the hook, which gets people to click and take the quiz.

Questions are one of the best ways of getting someone’s attention.

People get captivated by questions. It’s just a part of our nature. We’re driven by curiosity.

Asking a question is the best way to get a response from someone. Any online dating expert will tell you this.

Questions also create an interactive environment. It’s not a one-sided form of communication like “Hey you! Sign up for my list!”

Interaction is so important.

If people aren’t engaged, they won’t give you the time of day. Honestly, people are savvy. If you don’t provide value and engage them, you don’t stand a chance.

That’s the beauty of the quiz funnel… 

The answer is the question and the question is the answer.

Quizzes Need To Spark Their Curiosity

A distinguishing X factor that quizzes have is that they spark CURIOSITY. The promise of a solution to our questions naturally triggers a deep curiosity within us.

Humans are curious beings. We want to know everything, especially if something is hinted at. Curiosity drives us in so many ways. We can’t resist the temptation of knowledge.

Having a curiosity-fueling quiz funnel is like fishing with dynamite. It’s almost unfair.

There are so many reasons why quiz funnels are enticing:

  1. They cut through all of the noise and clutter online
  2. They’re a breath of fresh air – Something different than,“Oh, another opt-in page…
  3. Quizzes are EASY
  4. They’re effective – People want to find answers and will join your list to do so.
  5. Quizzes provide value
  6. They place you as an expert – You give them the answers to their questions.
  7. Quizzes hit a pain point and provide a solution

You Didn’t Even Notice

This is why quiz funnels are brilliant…

Quiz Funnels Are Brilliant...

Quiz funnels don’t even feel like sales funnels.

As I said before, quizzes are attention-grabbing, fun and interactive. The prospect feels more like they’re learning and having a good time as opposed to being a marketing target.

I’ve even taken some of these quizzes and happily given my email address. And I still do. That’s how effective quiz funnels are.

Remember, people hate being sold to, but they love finding answers. If you provide something that intrigues them without them feeling harassed, that’s the sweet spot.

Share Factor

Some of the most viral content on the internet are quizzes. Just take a look at your Facebook feed. People are sharing them all of the time. The social sharing factor of quizzes is undeniable.

Facebook Quiz Share Example

People are inclined to share quizzes and quiz results. They’re fun and interesting, so why not? It also gets everyone involved.

Like I said before, it’s not a one-way street. Quizzes are interactive and customizable, making people more inclined to participate.

When people share your quiz, that’s free marketing too! The viral aspect of quizzes amplifies your exposure. This will build your list even more without you having to do anything.

Combine curiosity, fun and shareablity and you have a winning formula.

What Does it Look Like?


Let’s get into a full example of a quiz funnel.

In the initial link, ask your audience a simple question. Leave just enough suspense to pique their curiosity.

Here’s what it might look like:

Quiz Question [Case Study]

Enticing, right?

When people click that link, they’re given a few simple questions to answer.

Quiz Flow [Case Study]

At the end of the questions, the prospect is presented with an opt-in box. They have to enter their email address in order to see the quiz results. Most people are so interested in the results that they’ll enter their email without hesitation.

After gladly entering their email address, they see their results. The results are not just a thank you page. This page is where you build your relationship. You might present an offer or a call-to-action.

People have already made a series of micro-commitments so they’re primed to go further along. They have click momentum, if you will.

The other benefit here is that by providing a captivating quiz with results that are hopefully good, you’ve already established yourself as an expert.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Everything discussed above is theory.

It makes a lot of sense, right?

However, as business builders, we can’t only rely on theory and what makes sense. We need some data to back it up.

You shouldn’t put your time, money and energy into something unless the numbers reveal that it’s worth it.

Quiz funnels stand up to the test. I’ve got the analytics to prove it.

So here you go:

Quiz Funnel Results [Case Study]

You see that? 10,145 highly engaged opt-ins. And it’s been rising since that screenshot was taken.

There is also a 62.89% completion rate. This means that 62.89% of people who landed on the quiz funnel page answered all of the questions and entered their email address.

That high of an engagement rate simply doesn’t happen with traditional opt-in pages.

Before You Get Ahead of Yourself…

Now you might be thinking, “Quiz funnels seem like a technical nightmare to set up.” That’s a valid point. They definitely can be.

However, there are tools that can make it incredibly easy.

I’ll teach you the exact strategies I use so you don’t have to stumble through trial and error.

Why struggle when you can learn from my mistakes?

It’ll save you a lot of time and potential headaches.

The software I highly recommend is called OptinLabs – it allows you to create quiz funnels in minutes and propel your list into hyper growth mode. I believe in it so much, I’ve partnered up with the company!

We’ve streamlined the process down to a few clicks with our OptinLabs software. In fact, the quiz in this case study was made in just 6 minutes.

OptinLabs Quiz Funnel Set Up

Wanna hear the best part?

  • You DON’T need any technical expertise
  • There’s no need to write any code
  • And you don’t have to know anything about design

This software does everything for you. If you want to start using quiz funnels quickly to gather more leads, OptinLabs is your best friend.

Quizzes Are Awesome - OptinLabs Are The Way To Go!

Want to learn more about using quiz funnels and OptinLabs?

Well, this week’s Success Weekly training workshop was all about just that! Click here to watch it on our YouTube Playlist now (please remember to subscribe while you’re there)!

Success Weekly OptinLabs

If you already know you want to use OptinLabs to start building your quiz funnels right away, we have a special offer you can use to get started today.

The Big Reveal: Get a VIRAL Fan Page with this Facebook Traffic Hack + FREE Workshop #2

First things first… Because of how popular Anthony Morrison’s FIRST Live Workshop was (1,450 students watched — CRAZY), I’m announcing that we ARE doing a SECOND Live Workshop!

It’s this Sunday, July 17th @ 8PM EST (New York Time). I fully expect this one to be as white hot as the last one was. So, don’t delay, save your FREE seat for our FINAL webinar by entering your email in the box just above…

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The #1 Overlooked Tool That Can Dramatically Help You Grow Your Online Business

Yes! I Want To Start Tracking My Clicks Now (Learn More About & Sign Up for ClickPerfect)

I get asked a lot questions by students about how to grow their business. But the other week, one student stopped me in my tracks and really made me think.

She asked…

“Is there any ONE thing that most email marketers OVERLOOK that has the potential to really grow their business?”

In my mind, I was searching for the best answer. I wanted to tell her something that was easy, quick and cost almost nothing.

Then it came to me…

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Get Fast Sales WITHOUT a Business! Last Chance – Watch Penny Click Workshop #3 ENCORE & Join iProAcademy

Yes - Save My Seat for the ENCORE!

IMPORTANT – Even if you registered for the Penny Click Workshop series already, you MUST register again to get your special signup link to attend this bonus encore for Workshop #3.

There’s a reason you read my emails, come to my blog and join my live trainings…

So you can launch AND grow your own profitable business!

Now, what if there was a way for you to start making a little money WITHOUT launching a business*? A secret model that would allow you to shortcut the whole process.

Well not only is it possible, we just finished an amazing webinar that exposed this Secret Profit Model.

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How To Dominate Google Investment Traffic – Plus: “Catch Up” Sunday Penny Click Workshops #1 & #2

Watch Now! Penny Click CATCH UP SUNDAY 24-hours Only - Workshops #1 & #2 Replays

Fred & I literally just wrapped up Penny Click Workshop #2 – Google Domination.

The name says it all… We gave away Insider Secrets on how to get more traffic by leveraging Google’s 2+ Million Websites.

It’s all part of our 3-part Penny Click Workshop series. We’ve been diving in deep to explain INVESTMENT TRAFFIC inside and out!

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How To Start Investment Traffic With Just $5 (Penny Click Workshop #1 Key Takeaways) Don’t Miss The ENCORE!

Yes - Save My Seat for the ENCORE!

Yesterday’s event was a sellout! 1,000 students got a front row seat to a decade’s worth of proven traffic secrets and strategies.

It was our 1st of 3 Penny Click Workshops that I’m running with Media & Traffic Buying Ninja, Fred Lam. In my opinion, Fred is one of the world’s BEST Investment Traffic Buyers… and I’m not just saying that because he’s a good friend of mine 🙂

For a decade now, Fred has bought millions of dollars in traffic to just about every niche imaginable. In that time, he discovered a foolproof system that allows him to get tons of traffic while minimizing the risk (and he always starts with just $5)!

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A New Kind of Traffic – Investment Traffic, How To Get Fast Return & Have The Traffic Pay For Itself!

Yes! Save My Seat for Lurn’s Free
“Penny Click Workshop” Now

The topic of this post played such an important role in growing my own business that I asked Anik if I could share it with you today. He agreed!

Hi! I’m Willie Laney, the Lead Coach here at Lurn. You may have seen me on a few training videos before… What I’m talking about today can potentially have a massive impact on your business, too.

So, let’s get started…

Which Is Better?

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WHY Is The Money In The List? What is an Email Lead Worth To You?

Click Here to Get More Info About LeadsTunnel
So You Can Build Your List Without An Opt-In Page

You’ve probably heard me say before: “The money is in the list.”

It begs the questions:

  • Why is your Email list worth so much to you? Also…
  • What do you need to do to grow your list, which directly grows your business?

Now, if you haven’t watched my video on this blog post yet, please take a few minutes to check it out. It’s pretty impressive to see how much value you have in your Email list.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again… each Email lead is worth $1 per month to you. That’s the industry standard. So, if you have a list of 10k, you can generally expect about $10,000 each month.

This is why your Email list is worth money to you. Because the more you focus on building your Email list and nurture that relationship, the more that list will generate clicks.

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