How to Start a 7 Figure Online Business [Phase 1]

There is absolutely no better time to build an information business than RIGHT NOW.

The Internet literally brings the world to your virtual doorstep.

And I know how incredibly effective an information business is because I’ve done it. I have made over 120 million dollars on the Internet through the sale of information products.

There was a time I thought only other people could get these kinds of results. But then I was introduced to people who were actually doing it. In fact, they weren’t just doing it—they were killing it. I was shown that even someone like me, someone who struggled with writing, could do it.

And I did!

The best part of an information business is that it’s easy to set up and maintain. What I am about to show you is a complete system that you can set up with ease.

This system consists of two phases that, when combined, provide you with a formula to go from $0 to $100,000 per month. That’s right—$100,000 per month!

Most people dream of making that much money in a year working a full-time job. And with an information business, you will NOT have to work full-time.

It doesn’t  get any better than that.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the two phases of this amazing formula.

Phase 1

You will  start earning  great money, without even needing a product of your own to sell.

That’s right. You can do this with ZERO product development and you can take your earnings from $0 to $10,000 a month!

To do this, you will tap into the power of affiliate marketing and use  a proven email marketing model to bring you success.

Phase 2

Once you have Phase 1 down, you can move on to Phase 2—which will take you from $10,000 to $100,000 per month.

That’s a 7-figure business!

You will accomplish this by adding your own information products to the mix. And we will show you how to create your own information product from scratch.

Selling your own products maximizes your earnings because you keep 100% of the profits. Plus, you have full control over the sale of your product.

Phase 2 is a simple model that naturally builds off of  Phase 1. It opens up new traffic channels and opportunities. And it sets your feet firmly on the road to success.

I want to teach you exactly how to reach this level of success.

That’s why I am holding a unique FREE two-part workshop on Success Weekly that will teach you both phases of this 0 to 7 figure formula. This is two weeks of learning the very best system to boost your monthly income to $100,000.

This week, I will be focusing on Phase 1. This is what will get you started. This is the phase you can get started on  immediately, without any product of your own to sell.

Here’s how Phase 1 works to set your feet on the path to immense wealth and success…

Phase 1

Phase 1 is incredibly easy to launch and maintain. You don’t need to put time into creating your own products and you can do it all on a small budget. Yet, you can boost your earnings from $0 all the way up to $10,000 per month!

The key behind Phase 1 is to become an affiliate marketer. This is where you sell other people’s products. When you do this, you will earn 50% to 70% commission on each sale.

How do you do this?

Through email marketing. Email marketing and affiliate marketing go hand-in-hand. Plus, email is the very best way to launch an online business. And the best part is that I have developed a proven email marketing model that I will share with you.

Let’s take a look…

My Proven Email Marketing Model

I have successfully built an online business that earned me $500,000 to $1 Million per month using nothing other than email marketing.

You might be wondering what makes email so special. After all, these days social media is getting all the attention. This may be, but an astonishing number of people still use email on a daily basis and a lot of business deals and transactions occur via email. Here are a few statistics for you to consider:

  • There are 4.6 billion email addresses worldwide (Source: The Radical Group).
  • A whopping 144.8 billion emails are sent every day.
  • Email marketing has generated $2.47 billion in sales (Source: Forrester Research).
  • For every $1 spent on email marketing the average return on investment is $44.25 (Source: Email Report).

You simply CANNOT overlook  these numbers!

Another reason why email is the king of marketing is that you have complete control.

When you market via social media companies, they make the rules and they can change the rules—anytime they want to. I have personally had my Google AdWords account shut down literally overnight. That account was generating over $600,000 a year. There was no notice and no explanation.

When you market via email, YOU OWN the email list. You decide what to do with that list. No one can take that list away from you. Period. And your  email list becomes an asset that is literally worth millions of dollars.

Email lists have truly formed the backbone of my information business.

And here is why email marketing works so well—people are CHOOSING to OPT-IN. They are giving you their permission to send them emails.

What can possibly be better than people giving you permission to market to them?

Plus, you are speaking directly with the customer every time you send an email. This allows you to develop a relationship with each person on that list. To the customer, you are seen as a real person, rather than a faceless corporation. You become a friend, rather than a complete stranger.

The contact on your list then becomes warm traffic, rather than a cold click.

The people on your list will come to trust you. And when people trust, they are more willing to buy. After all, there is no better recommendation that a personal recommendation.

And this is what will ensure your affiliate marketing is hugely successful.

In order to apply email marketing to affiliate marketing, there is a simple 5-step system I have developed.

Choose your niche.

If you go to or another top affiliate site, you will see many different categories of products. Some categories sell better than others.

Within each category, there are many subcategories called niches. For example, in the Health category, Women’s Weight Loss is a niche.

Ideally, you want to  find a niche  that you are passionate about. You will be able to sell something so much more effectively if you can honestly endorse it. If there is no passion, it will show in your email.

You also want to choose a high-quality product. The people on your email list TRUST you so this product needs to be a Level 10 in quality. If you promote anything less, you will lose credibility in the eyes of the people on your list. They will hold YOU accountable and you will lose your relationship with them.

And if that happens, you will lose your business.

Set up an opt-in page.

The No. 1 goal of an email marketer is to collect email addresses.

When people click through to this page, you will offer them a FREE gift in return for their email address.

Your opt-in page needs four key elements to be a high converter:

  • A great  headline that tells the prospect precisely what they will get when they provide you their email address.
  • The opt-in box that is very visible. It should be accompanied by clear instructions on what to do.
  • An image of the free gift they will receive. This will help generate excitement.
  • Bullet points that present the value of your free gift. These greatly increase conversions.

How do people find your opt-in page? You drive traffic to it. You can do this by using another email marketer’s targeted email list. This is called a solo ad. It costs money, but allows you to access hundreds of potential leads all at once. You can also advertise through Google AdWords and Facebook at a minimal cost.

The key is once you generate that email lead, you will be able to market to that lead for FREE for the rest of your life. You will NEVER have to pay to market to the leads on your email list again!

Choose a winning affiliate offer.

Go to the top affiliate sites and check them out. Which affiliates have the best marketing? Which ones send out the best emails? Which ones have the best product?

Act like a customer and check these things out. Sign up for their newsletter. Watch their videos. Be selective. You only want the best.

Create a FREE gift.

You can also offer a free eBook, a workbook, or an audio or video file. Don’t worry, these can be very easy to create. The key is to make sure you are offering incredible value to the people who visit your opt-in page.

You need to offer something of value in exchange for someone’s Email address. If you offer a free gift with great value, your conversion rates will skyrocket and your list will grow exponentially.

You can either create the free gift yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Either way, you will have something of value that people want badly enough to give you their email address.

Send out your email.

Once you have your opt-in page and free gift set up, your email list will begin to grow.  And you can also promote a product to them, which will help offset the cost of driving traffic.

Now that you have your email list, you can actually send out emails to that list. The emails you send will promote the affiliate sales page of the affiliate product you have chosen to endorse.

The best time to promote a product is during a product launch. You can promote other products that sell well on a daily basis but never underestimate the power of a product launch.

Just remember, in your email you are NOT actually selling the product. I repeat, you are NOT selling the product. You have only three jobs as an email marketer.

  • Create Excitement: You absolutely must get people excited. If they aren’t excited, they won’t click. If they don’t click, your email is useless and so is the sales page.
  • Edify and Create Expectation: You need to make the reader curious enough to click on the link. One of the best ways to do this is to tell them a story.
  • Generate Clicks: If you have done your first two jobs well, this one should fall into place. This is the goal behind the email—to get them to click through to the sales page.

That’s it!

Here is an example of an email from my book Email Lifeline that shows all three jobs functions in action:

Notice the email subject line? It generates excitement and curiosity. This is critical. If the subject line of your email doesn’t generate enough excitement and curiosity, the recipient won’t even bother to open the email.

Then I simply tell a story, one that adds to the intrigue. This story will entice the reader to click on the link because they just have to know what I have found out. They just have to know which seven foods will help them lose weight.

And all of this is essentially what you will be doing in Phase 1 of the 2 Phase system.

Apply Email Marketing to Phase 1

In our free Phase 1 workshop, one of the things you will learn is how to set up a lead capture page. This allows you to get more leads and build your list.

I cannot tell you the importance of this page. This is the OPT-IN page. It is critical to getting people to opt-in to your email list. And when you get this page right, it is truly magical.

Your one-page opt-in site will ultimately become the engine for your Email Marketing Business. This is what generates quality leads to turn into sales.

Sadly, there are so many marketers that send traffic directly to the sales page, instead of going to the opt-in page first. If you do this:

  • You will risk losing most of that traffic.
  • You will have to pay for every single click. You will even have to pay for the click if the person has visited your page in the past.
  • You might be fortunate enough to have your sales page to convert at 4%, but that is only if it’s really good. However, even at this conversion rate, you are still losing 96% of your traffic in the form of people who don’t buy.

However, if you drive your traffic to an opt-in page first, where they can give you their email address, you can then send them an email to entice them to go to the sales page. When you do this, you can get conversions as high as 70%.

Now, instead of losing 96% of your visitors, you’re capturing 70% of them. Plus, you get to send emails to them again and again!

But that’s not all! When you attend the LIVE Phase 1 workshop, you will learn how to build an Automated Traffic Engine. This is a completely new strategy. You have never seen this before because I have never shared it before.

This Automated Traffic Engine is a set-it-and-forget-it deal. It will literally automate all of the traffic that is sent to your lead page.

And all that traffic is FREE!

Folks, building this Automated Free Traffic Engine is going to be the core focus of the training for Phase 1. You simply CANNOT miss this. If you do, you will literally be throwing away tens of thousands, even millions of dollars.

Wrapping It Up

Now, I want to go back and summarize what we just talked about…

In next week’s blog, we will bring you Phase 2. Then during Success Weekly next Wednesday, we will teach Phase 2 in depth.

But in order to learn Phase 1 and Phase 2, you have to sign up for the workshop!

I sincerely want to show you how to find success using my 2 Phase system!

You honestly will NOT find an easier way to build a sustainable, life-long business that has the potential to earn you 7 figures a year.

Be sure to sign up below for Success Weekly so that you learn the 2 phase system, and much, much more.

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Evolved Enterprise Initiative

Entrepreneurship has entered a new age.

Businesses no longer have to rely on geographic location to be successful. The Internet has opened up the entire world to business owners and online businesses are flourishing.

But there is more to this new age of business than independence from location…

There is now so much transparency in business. Consumers can go online to read from a wide variety of news sources, connect with each other, and directly communicate with businesses.

This means companies can no longer exploit people for profit and get away with it. People have too much information and too big of a voice to allow this to happen.

 With this new level of transparency, many progressive-minded companies are growing like crazy! And you can, too.

The evolution of business is happening right now—at this very moment. Now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to build a business that aligns your passions with the ability to help people on a grand scale.

Not only that, it’s becoming more profitable to be a company that is a force of good, because that’s what people are demanding.

And we can help you build the business of your dreams, while we all work together to help others.  As you’re about to find out, you have the opportunity to startyour own business, while simultaneously helping to pull 1,000 people out of poverty.

Think about that—1,000 people pulled out of poverty. 1,000 people working together to build better lives with your help.

The goal here is not simply to make money, but to build businesses and help people in the process.

And #LurnNation is working in partnership with Evolved Enterprise to make this happen.

A Shift in Thinking = A New Business Model

It was founded by Yanik Silver, an amazing man and online entrepreneur I met back when I was first starting out. It’s actually quite the story.

I was young, in college, and struggling to succeed with my online business. Someone told me about Yanik, a really successful Internet marketer who happened to live in my neighborhood. So I decided to reach out to him.

I never even expected this guy to even return my call, but he did more than that.

Yanik showed up in front of my house in a $150,000 Mercedes and took me out to lunch. Now you have to understand that I am a huge car guy. When I saw that car, I sat up and took notice.  I also listened to everything he had to say. And that lunch changed my life!

Yanik is still out there today, helping countless people change their lives. He is using his unique business model to change more lives than ever. Yanik  is even working with the likes of Sir Richard Branson to bring change to the world on a massive scale.

And he’s doing it through his initiative called Evolved Enterprise.

What Is Evolved Enterprise?

This really is about evolution—the evolution of business. We are looking at a new paradigm of entrepreneurship.

This new business model grew from Yanik’s need to do something more, to continue to engage in his passions and operate a successful business. This is Evolved Enterprise.

“The Evolved Enterprise™ is about identifying the true ‘soul’ of your venture that delivers an exponential impact and profound profit.” – Yanik Silver, Evolved Enterprise

Business in the 21st century CAN be leveraged as a multiplier for good. It can go beyond just making the sale. Actually, the most successful companies are the ones who are doing just that.

The Evolved Enterprise business model will not only give you greater profits. It will give you increased joy and help you make a truly profound impact on everyone your business touches.

I mean, let’s face it. You aren’t going to buy customer loyalty simply because you sell them a decent product. And you aren’t going to gain employee loyalty simply because you give them a paycheck.

You need to go far deeper than that. And Evolved Enterprise shows you how to do that.

Plus, this business model offers the best competitive advantage for small and mid-sized businesses. Just think about trying to enter a market that is practically owned by a single company. Yet, Evolved Enterprise is a model that makes this not just possible, but completely achievable.

Small businesses are giving to others on a grand scale and they are succeeding. They are growing from startups into huge companies like TOMS, which launched in 2006. TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair sold. They have given away 35 million pairs of shoes!

That’s a lot of kids with shoes and a lot of profit.

Warby Parker is another great example of a startup that went big FAST.

Neil Blumenthal, Dave Gilboa, Andy Hunt, and Jeff Raider were four guys who met at college. They did the unthinkable. They began designing and making prescription eyeglasses in-house, bypassing the retail channels and selling directly to the consumer.

They also partnered with non-profits to ensure that for every pair of glasses they sold, a pair of glasses would be given to someone in need.

The company was founded in 2010 and today is worth more than $1 Billion!

Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

Evolved Enterprise is such an incredible paradigm shift that some of the best business minds in the world have jumped onboard. Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group. Tony Hsieh, CEO of John Paul DeJoria, Billionaire co-founder of John Paul Mitchell & Patron.

This new business model is a part of  a massive shift that’s creating the best business opportunities we have seen in a long time. And it is good for every facet of business. Customers prefer buying a product that creates a positive impact in the world.

“New research from Nielsen shows fifty percent of global consumers (in 58 different countries) are willing to pay more for goods and services from companies that make a difference.” – Yanik Silver, Evolved Enterprise

Not only that, but it has been predicted that within 4-7 years, businesses that don’t have a core impact will be at a competitive disadvantage.

But let’s be very clear—this isn’t simply about giving back. It is about enriching the lives of others. When you do that, everything else will fall into place. You must put your entire heart behind your products and services and your full effort into ethically getting the right people to buy. Only then will you create an Evolved Enterprise.

But remember, this is an evolution. There is a progression from the old to the new way of doing things. This progression takes you from being simply transaction-based to what Yanik calls Transcendence

3 Levels of Business

Level 1: Transactional

Transactional means just that; operating at the level of the transaction, the level of the sale. The official definition of transaction is “a one-time instance of buying or selling something; a business deal.”

This is the old model of doing business. This is the model built on getting that one sale, even if it means selling people something they don’t need.

Sadly, most businesses still operate at this level.

That isn’t to say that these businesses aren’t trying to do something good in the world. They often donate a percentage of their revenues to charity or participate in community service. These actions do help increase sales, but these companies are missing the big picture.

There is much more to operating a business than making the next sale. This is why many businesses are taking it to the next level…

Level 2: Transformational

At the Transformational level, the vision is honed. Partners, suppliers, investors, team members, and customers are brought into the big picture. Each transaction becomes more than just a sale.

 The transformational level is where you begin to figure out how to “bake in” an impact with every purchase.

It is at this level that business is about more than the transaction. It is about doing what is best for the consumer, the community, and business partners, which in turn comes back around and ends up being what is best for the business.

When you engage with your purpose and passion, when you bring your entire business to it, you bring more value and create more long-term success for your business.

You will be expanding and sharing your company’s unique value with others. This can happen through a talent exchange, mentoring, resource allocation, or a sharing of expertise and experience.

The key is that you will make the best use of your team for a higher purpose. This will make them part of something bigger and that is what everyone wants.

This transforms the thinking throughout the entire organization. You can’t help but consider how every aspect of your business can be leveraged to create an impact. And rather than just measuring profit, it is this impact you measure.

This is your true mark of success.

Level 3: Transcending

This is the level at which you uncover the true essence of your business. As Yanik says, it is “the ‘soul’ of your venture.”

So, how do you truly transcend? Through multipliers. Reach out and spread what you know to others. Share what you have learned. Invite others into your work culture. Take your work culture out into the world.

This is the level at which you work synergistically with other players to co-create something amazing.

This partnership will transcend any preconceived notion of what business is or should be. Rather than one business reaping the benefits, every collaborator benefits!

There is simply more to be had from “co-opetition” than from trying to beat out your competition. Yanik quotes John Mackey, Co-CEO of Whole Foods, and Raj Sisodia, from their book, Conscious Capitalism:

“Imagine a business that views its competitors not as enemies to be crushed but as teachers to learn from and fellow travelers on the journey towards excellence.”

Even when it comes to online business, the concept of partnership and helping one another is critical. Teaming up and forming networks helps make more of an impact for everyone.

Transcendence is a form of art in the business world, one that will paint the world in whatever colors you choose.

5 Aspects of the Evolved Enterprise

How does this all happen? How do you get from Level 1 to Level 3 in business?

It is these five aspects that, when embraced together, will allow you to take your business to transcendence. These five aspects are:

  • You
  • Cause
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Creation

Let’s take a look at what these are and how they work together…

1. It All Starts with You


The better you know yourself and what makes you happy and fulfilled, the better able you will be to create your very best work. You will be able to grow and operate your business on a whole new level when you are truly in touch with yourself.
Do whatever it takes to find out who you are. Delve deep and do some real soul-searching.

And you don’t have to put your business on hold while you do this.

You don’t have wait until you come to some great discovery about yourself. This is not a linear process. You can learn about yourself while you work on other aspects of your business.

Discover your passions and follow them. Do something that sets your soul on fire. You are the only one who can take your passions and ignite them.

Passion = Perseverance

Your passion will keep you moving forward. You truly CAN be the change you wish to see in the world. But to do that, you need to make one important, life-changing decision.

You need to decide to play big and make an impact.

2. Your Cause

This is your great big WHY. Why are you doing what you are doing? What do you hope to get out of it?

As Yanik says, “Our why is ‘Changing the way business is played.’”

You want your business and its mission to fit into the big picture of your life’s mission. And you need change the way you do business to make this happen. When you align how your business is played with how you want to go through life, with the kind of person you want to be, something magical will happen.

This means that you are not simply looking for a business venture. That is at the transactional level. No, you are looking for a cause you can start. This is why you need to ask yourself the big questions—so you can determine your higher purpose.
And this higher purpose is your golden ticket.

Everyone has a higher purpose. They just need to get in touch with it. And it is different for everyone, which means that so much good can be done in the world.

3. Culture

Once you have created an alignment between your life’s mission and your business mission, you have to bring that to your team. You have to create an environment in which your team can evolve along with your business.

A business where the employees contribute to the positive influence and overall mission is much more impactful. Employees are happy to work, but they want to work for more than just a paycheck.

In fact, today’s Millennial workforce—the largest living segment of our economy—works for purpose, rather than just a paycheck.

“Giving your young employees a purpose will enable them to envision a future with your company. Young people are fickle. They are on an endless search for happiness. If an organization is unable to map out a road plan, a purpose of employment, it will unfortunately notice a high 0-2 year turnover. Millennials need direction and meaning, an interesting mixture of altruism and self-interest.” – Forbes

Employees want to be able to envision a future. They want to work for someone who has a solid sense of social responsibility.

So, give them what they want! Get everyone involved and make it inclusive.

In this way, they will thrive. They will align themselves with your values and mission. They will help take your business to the next level.

4. Community

Once you have your house in order, you will take it to the community. This is about your customers, your clients, and the members of the community that you want to help.

This is how  your company creates a positive ripple effect in the world. .

I Invite your customers to join you. You will offer your customers a chance to become part of something bigger. You will be making them part of a movement, not just customers.

We have come from an era of business that taught us we had to choose people or profits—we couldn’t have both. This is simply not true. We don’t have to choose people instead of profits, but we do have to value people over profits.

When we value people over profits, we will have more success over the long-term.

5. Creation

When you have your passions, your business, your team, and your customers aligned with a common purpose, you are ready for creation.

Now, you are going to get cooking. This is where you “bake in” your impact. This is about your products and  services, how you determine what you will sell and how you will create it.

It’s about making something that is meaningfully different.

You want to create something of great quality that people love. When people love it, they will share it with their family and friends. This leads to more and more customers.

But you also want to create something that comes with a significant story. Something full of passion.

These together lead to a greater impact in the community and in the world.

Just think about it. The world’s biggest problems are the biggest business opportunities.

Want to be a billionaire? Help a billion people.

Entrepreneurship is truly a force in this world. It is the force that’s changing the world more than anything else. It is made up of people who want to do great things.

Making a Difference

He was ready to kick it off, but he knew he didn’t want to just do another launch. He wanted to make an even bigger difference.

Village Enterprise was already one of their long-term cause partners. Yanik wanted to take that partnership to a new level.

Yanik wanted to bring an ENTIRE village out of poverty.

Village Enterprise has an incredible track record. They have helped East Africans start more than 33,000 sustainable micro-businesses. And after 4 years, 75% of these businesses are still thriving! Yanik wanted to magnify those results.

Just look at what some of the people helped by Village Enterprise are saying:

“It gives me great joy to stand as a woman, not begging, but helping others and playing a role in changing the world in which I live.” – Angela Adeke

“Village Enterprise came like a key in my life. It is Village Enterprise that really opened my eyes and made me who I am today. It was out of the program that made me hope for the future. Because it is this program that made me realize, I can’t continue to stay like this. I have to change.” – Ronald Okello

“Before we were in the group, it was only men who traveled to town to trade. Never women. But now, we stand before the men. We do business with them. We exchange with them! We have truly become empowered women. There is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot also do!”Ageyo Janet Francis

The work Village Enterprise has done is incredible! And we want to do more. But we need your help to make it happen.

So, our goal is to help a village create and sustain 50 amazing new businesses.

This could mean more kids in school. More mothers surviving childbirth. An entire community uplifted by the contributions of everyone.

That is what this initiative is all about. It isn’t about a single book. It isn’t even about you or me. It is about everyone, together. It is about helping each other .

And the journey to an evolved business begins right here and right now. It begins with YOU!

“The seeds of greatness take root in your heart and bloom in service.”Yanik Silver

We want to help a community build 50 small businesses. Each business will benefit an average of 20 people. This will uplift 1,000 people. And the cost to start each business is $500.

This is  where you come in. Are you ready to help yourself and help others? For just $60, you can do BOTH .

$60 is NOT a huge price to pay.

Here’s how  you will be helping others…

50% of the books profits  will go directly to the Evolved Village Project. That is $30 for every purchase that will go toward pulling people out of poverty.

How you will be helping yourself…

For your small investment,  you will receive the Evolved Enterprise Package. Inside this package, you will get the “Evolved Enterprise” book. But there is more.

You will also get the “Write the Business Love Story You Want the World to Buy” book. This is a book that you can carry with you. This is a book that will allow you to write down inspiration as it hits you. It will give you a place to answer questions. It is a valuable companion on your journey.

You will also receive a bracelet that was handmade by East African Artisans. Made by the same people you will be helping! You can wear this bracelet as a reminder of your commitment. It will act as a reminder that you are part of something big—bigger than you or your business.

Yanik will also give you some bonus content, including the following downloads:

Each of these downloads is worth $39. And they will be yours free when you commit to purchasing the Evolved Enterprise Package for $60.

You absolutely must have this package! named Evolved Enterprise as #1 of their “4 New Books That Can Change Your Entrepreneurial Life” list.

But that’s not all! I have teamed up with Yanik to launch the Evolved Enterprise Village Project and we want you to join us.

When you make the small investment of $60 to receive Yanik’s Limited-Edition Evolved Enterprise Village Visionary Package, I will give you two of my best courses.

There are no strings attached here. When you spend just 60 bucks, you will walk away with the Evolved Enterprise Package plus these two Lurn Nation exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1: Lifetime access to List Academy

You can no longer buy this course, but when you invest in Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise Package, I will give you lifetime access to this course for FREE.

This is a course that I sold for $2,000. This course teaches you the psychology that has helped me grow my email list to more than 700,000 people. It contains my personal winning templates, emails, subject lines that have helped earn MILLIONS of dollars!

Again, this course is NOT for sale! And it’s yours for free when you purchase Yaink’s Evolved Enterprise Package.

Bonus #2: 10K Formula

In this course, you will learn:

This course is worth hundreds of dollars. And it is yours free when you invest in Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise Village Project.

That is more than $2,000 of free courses I will give you when you invest in Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise Package. All you have to do is make the investment and you’ll have some of the best entrepreneurial tools at your fingertips.

Five days after you make that investment, Yanik will give me the list of who is to receive my free gifts.And then my team  will email you with the information to access those courses.

It’s that simple.

This truly is about so much more than a simple book or even some free courses. This is about creating a snowball effect of positive change in the world.

When you contribute to Yanik’s Limited-Edition Evolved Enterprise Village Package, it is truly a win-win for yourself and others.

You need to make this happen. And at #LurnNation, we are waiting to see your name on Yanik’s list.

CONGRATULATIONS on taking action!

The Email Lifeline: How to Start An Online Business Using Nothing but Email

I believe email is the best way for someone to start a business online.

I have personally built a business that generates $500,000 to $1 Million per month using only email as a marketing tool.

Until recently, I did this WITHOUT a major website or paid advertising.

In this article, I’ll show you how I recommend starting and growing an email marketing business like mine.

The key to your business is your email list.

Your email list consists of people who have given you permission to send them emails.

You get those emails after someone joins your list on an opt-in page.

On this page, they choose to give you their email address in exchange for a free gift.

This process is called an opt-in because the visitor is literally choosing the option of joining your email list. They are “opting in” to your email list so they can get that free gift.

Once you have a visitor’s email address, you will always have it. You will NEVER have to pay for their clicks again when driving traffic. You will be able to market to that visitor for the rest of their life without EVER having to pay a penny more.

You will also make more sales over time.

What most marketers do is send traffic directly to a sales page. This is a HUGE mistake.

If you rely on visitors clicking straight through to the sales page for every offer:

  • You risk losing most of that traffic.
  • You have to pay for every click, even if it is someone who has visited your page before.
  • Your sales page on its own might convert at 4% if it’s really good, but you are losing 96% of your traffic from people who don’t buy.

However, if you drive your traffic to a page (called an opt-in page) where they can give you their email address, you can get conversions as high as 70%. Now, instead of losing 96% of your visitors, you’re capturing 70% of them and get to send emails to them again and again!

Getting someone to opt-in to your email list is simple. Take a look at the diagram below.

This, in a nutshell, is how you build an email marketing business.

Traffic is getting people onto your one page website.

You can generate traffic through affiliate marketing, advertising or any other method you wish. When a visitor clicks on your link, they will be taken to your one-page website. This is where they will have the option to opt-in.

Once the visitor provides their email address, they will be redirected to a Thank You Page. This is where you express your gratitude to them for choosing to get your free gift, and it’s an opportunity to promote something to them to offset your traffic costs.

Meanwhile, the email address the visitor entered will be added to your email database. You will have it forever. From now on, at no extra cost, you will be able to send that visitor automated emails and manual messages.

These emails will deliver valuable content and promote products and services your subscribers are interested in.

And this is just the beginning…

5 Reasons Why Email is King

Many online marketers believe that Email Marketing is dead. However, even with the growth of Google and social media, email is still the most powerful method of marketing.

Here’s why email is still thriving…

1. Undeniable Statistics

Even with the advent of social media, more people than ever before are using email on a daily basis. This is good news for you! You have direct access to consumers worldwide at virtually no cost to you.

Just think about the power you now have. You can be located in New York and you can contact consumers in California, Alberta, Scotland or anywhere else and build a strong personal relationship with them. And you can do this with no more effort than connecting with a consumer located in Manhattan.

2. Relationships Drive Decisions

And relationships are critical in marketing. Relationships drive decisions. Really, it’s all about trust. Think about who you trust more, a friend or some stranger you just met.

When someone clicks on a Google or Facebook ad, there is no relationship there. They are cold-clicking and you are like the stranger they just met on the street. They know nothing about you.

Email is different. When you connect via Email, you have the time to develop a relationship. The consumer gets to know you and sees you as a real person, rather than a faceless business. You can build a rapport with them and they begin to trust you.

When you email people, you are communicating with them directly through their inbox. This allows people to warm up to you and this makes them more likely to take action and buy. They become warm traffic, rather than a cold click.

3. Control Leads to Marketing Power

Whether that is an affiliate product or your own product. You can drive traffic to anything you choose.

This is particularly powerful when you are launching your own product. You can literally launch the product, send out a promotional email, and make money on the very first day. All you need is a solid email list.

4. An Asset with True Value

You can do this by promoting your own offers, or by promoting other people’s offers as an affiliate. That’s right – you don’t even need your own product!

This allows you to control your access to your customers. Plus, if you decide to sell your online business, the list is a business asset that is worth a lot of money. You are giving the new owner immediate access to a pool of warm customers.

5. Safety, Reliability, and True Ownership

The kind that lets you sleep at night—because no one can take this email list away from you.

You are not subject to the whim of a platform like Google, Facebook, or Twitter. They could change their policies tomorrow and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. But when you generate your own email list full of subscribers who opted in, no one can take that away from you.

Now that you know how amazing email is as a marketing tool, let’s dive into how to create your own email list!

How to Build an Email List

The first step to building an online business with email is to actually build an email list. That means sending traffic to your opt-in page.

You will be better off if you have both of these, although you can make one of them work for you. If you have neither, then the hard truth is you won’t be able to generate traffic or build an email list.

Option 1 will work over time, provided you have the time and energy to invest. Option 2 will work quickly, if you have the money to invest.

Let’s take a look at each option…

Free Traffic

Yes, you CAN generate free traffic. But to do this, you have to put in time (1-2 hours per day) and energy.

You really have to have a lot of perseverance to build a list through free traffic. But it can be done! Here are some ways you can accomplish this…

SEO Optimization

Search engines are constantly searching for new content to give to their users. If you can get your content to appear on the first page of a Google or Bing/Yahoo search result, you can get a lot of FREE traffic.

You’ll need a blog for this. Blogs are easy, and in a lot of cases free to set up. Post content daily, using keywords and relevant information to make your blog appear high in search results.

Include an opt-in box on the right-hand side of your blog. The more traffic your blog gets, the more people will opt-in for your free gift. It’s that simple.

Participate in Communities

There are so many communities out there. There are communities for every niche. These include forums and social media groups.

The key is to join these communities and participate. You can post meaningful questions and comments and you can answer people’s questions. The more engaged you are, the better your reputation in these communities will become.

Build a good reputation by providing legitimate content, advice, and information. Establish yourself as an expert and direct people to your landing page by using the signature promotion at the bottom of your posts.

Blog Comments

Blogs are a great way to get your name out there. Use Google to find prominent blogs and keep a close eye on the blogs that interest you. You can join their Email newsletter and RSS feed so you know when a new blog post is made.

Leave legitimate, non-spammy, well-thought out comments on blog posts of interest and try to be one of the first people to do so. You are generally allowed to include a URL so use this to send people to your opt-in page.

If you are genuine, people will click on your link. Just remember that to be successful with this you need to be active on the blogs so choose only two or three of the best.

Article Syndication

This is about content. There are plenty of article directories that will spread your articles far and wide. Write engaging articles that are at least 500 words in length and post them to the top three to five directories.

Your articles will have a signature file at the bottom and anyone who posts your article must do so with the signature file intact. That way, you get credit for the article and your website link is available for anyone who wants to click on it.

Investment Traffic

This is the golden goose of Email Marketing. I use the term investment traffic instead of paid traffic, because it really is an investment. And like any investment you can make a great return on the money you invest.

I love investment traffic because it can give you targeted traffic and instant results.

Yes, you do need to make a financial investment up front, but it doesn’t have to be a lot (as low as $100) and you can recover it quickly.

Here are some ways to generate investment traffic:

Email Media

Email Media is a fast, easy way to get your opt-in page out to a targeted audience.

Simply put, there are other email marketers who will advertise your opt-in page to their lists – for a price, of course.

Email media is effective because you are marketing to people who are already on other people’s email lists (and are clearly responsive enough to click on links).

The best kind of email media is a solo ad, which is a dedicated email message promoting your page. Many of my students have used these to quickly build their email lists from zero to thousands in a matter of weeks.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a tried and true method for generating  traffic. Google is the largest search engine in the world, and its ads appear on millions on websites. That is a huge network to tap into.

You just have to be sure you learn Google’s rules and follow them. You also need to learn your way around the Google network.

This takes some time, and you need the right system. If you crack this nut though, you can dramatically grow your list.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a titan when it comes to online business. I love Facebook. Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook every day and Facebook allows incredible targeting options.

Facebook is less complicated than Google, less expensive than purchasing solo ads, and is highly effective. Facebook also has ridiculous targeting potential because of how much information they have about there 1 billion-plus users.

However, like Google Adwords, it’s important to first learn the ins and outs of Facebook advertising before spending significant amounts of money.

By tapping into these different sources of traffic, you will be able to build your email list.

Now let’s talk about the next piece of the puzzle: promoting offers so you can generate revenue.

3 Email Marketer “Job” Functions

As I mentioned earlier, the value of your email list comes from the ability to promote offers to your subscribers. These can be your own offers, or other people’s offers.

How do you go about promoting these offers?

First and foremost, NEVER use the generic emails the seller provides. You know your Email list better than anyone and you know how to write to them.

You also have to decide why you are writing emails. Is it to generate traffic, pre-sell to them, or simply provide content? You need to keep it simple. To avoid going astray, remember this—Email Marketers have just three jobs. Stick with these three jobs, you will get impressive results.

1. Create Excitement

You need to get people excited! They need to feel the emotion and excitement in your email. You need to entice them with your words. This starts with the subject line and you don’t want to waste this precious space. For example:


Essentially, you need to amplify the benefit of what you are promoting. You want people to be interested in your email right from the start. They already gave you permission to send them emails to help them with life’s problems. Now you have to avoid disappointing them.

And make sure you inject your personality into every word you write in your Email. No one wants to read a boring, lifeless, clichéd Email. The more excitement you generate, the more clicks you’ll get.

2. Edify and Create Expectation

This means that you need to make the reader curious enough that they will click the link you provide in the Email.

The best way to accomplish this is by telling the audience a story. This is a story about what happened when you did what you are asking them to do—that is click.

Remember, they trust you. So, you need to show them that you believe in what you are saying enough that you actually did it.

This way, you can tell them what’s in it for them. You can tell them your experience and how you felt after you clicked. You can genuinely relate to them by showing them how it benefitted you.

There is no better recommendation that a personal recommendation.

3. Generate Clicks

If you do your first two jobs right, then this one should fall right into place. Remember, your job in an Email isn’t to sell a product. That’s what the sales page is for. All you are trying to do is get people to click on the link. To do this keep it simple and make the link easily visible.

Check out this example of an Email from my book Email Lifeline that shows all three jobs functions in action:



I feel I’ve been lied to for at least 10 years.

About a week ago, I was introduced to a new friend, Dr. Kelsten. A very trusted friend of mine sent me a link to a shocking video. This video clearly shows 7 foods that can help you instantly drop 10 pounds in 10 days.

But, here’s the catch.

These same foods are currently thought to actually have you gain weight. This is the big lie. I’ve been avoiding these foods for the last 10 years. Not anymore!

I really recommend you watch the entire video. Take action. Clear up the lies!

=> Free Video: The Controversial 7 Foods That Help You Lose 10 Pounds

Don’t miss out. Who knows when Dr. Kelsten will take it down? Apparently, he’s become quite the star lately – traveling the World doing TV shows!

Anik Singal

This was an email I made up to provide an example of an email that creates excitement, edifies and creates great expectation. The person clicking the link is not only excited, they are curious and they are committed.

2 Main Parts of Your Email

Let’s take a close look at each of these…

Subject Line

An incredible 70% of your results are based on the subject line!

The goal of your subject line is to get the reader to open the email. If they don’t open the Email, then it doesn’t matter if you are literally giving away money—they will never know.

You need to work harder on the subject line that on the actual Email. You have to get the attention of a person who is distracted by work, family, other marketing efforts, and social media updates and make them want to open your Email.

You do this in one of two ways. You either deliver a superb benefit or create mysterious intrigue—and you do it all in your subject line. Here are the keys to a good subject line:

  • No more than three punctuation marks in your subject line.
  • Never start the subject line with a number or a punctuation mark.
  • Avoid the word “Guaranteed” at all costs.
  • Limit capitalizing all the letters of any word.
  • Completely avoid using the “$” symbol in your subject line.
  • Never combine the words “make” and “money” together.

Email Content

Congratulations! The reader has opened the Email. Now you need to get them to CLICK the link. First, start with a short sentence. This makes it easier to engage the reader. You should also keep the entire Email short and to the point.

You also want to be sure you don’t end up in the spam folder. Here are some tips to avoid this fate:

  • Always send an HTML email (not only plain text).
  • Pay attention to the way an email LOOKS. Use your bold, italics, and other visual break-ups.
  • Place the link a minimum of twice in the email.
  • Never write big paragraphs that are hard on the eyes.
  • Stick to basic templates, fancy designs lead to a drop in results!
  • Avoid the word “Guaranteed” at all costs.
  • Don’t over use crazy characters such as ** or ===.
  • Never combine the two words “make” and “money” together.

Now you know how to write an email. But why are you writing it? You need to decide what products to promote. Fortunately, this is easier than you might think…

What Products Should You Promote?

Obviously, you could and should promote your own offers whenever possible, but these will not fill all of your promotional opportunities. You need to fill in the gaps with affiliate offers.

When it comes to affiliate offers, how do you choose what you will promote? There are hundreds of thousands of products in dozens of niches. You need to select the ones that will sell well. Making this selection is based on the following two factors:

1. Is it a good product?

You absolutely MUST believe in the product. Ideally you have used it yourself. You have to be fully confident that the product is a Level 10 quality. If it is any less and you endorse it, you will lose trust with your email subscribers.

Please remember that when you promote a product, YOU will be held accountable for the results. Even if it is someone else’s product, if it ends up being a waste of money and time, you are the one your subscribers will blame. You will lose your relationship with them.

2. Does the product convert well?

You might believe in the product, but you also want to make money by promoting it. This requires you to make sure the product converts well. You need to know that the person selling the product has a history of good product conversions.

To find out if the product converts well, you can do the following:

  • Ask a friend or colleague who has promoted the product.
  • Ask the seller to provide you with the conversion data.
  • Run a test campaign to a small segment of your list.
  • Check the seller’s history with previous products.

And remember…

The #1 Way to promote products is during launches.

Yes, you can certainly promote other products, ones that were launched previously, but are great sellers on a day-to-day basis. However, product launches create an initial buzz about a product throughout the industry before the product even becomes available.

Just think about how much you see prior to the release of a movie. You see a trailer a few months before the release. Then you see interviews and appearances by the stars of the movie. Then in the weeks before the release you see advertisements everywhere. There is so much hype that you end up being there on opening night, popcorn in-hand.

Don’t underestimate the power of a product launch.

At this point you might be wondering where these great products are. Ideally you want to promote more than one product a month to take full advantage of your email list. The very best place to find these products is via affiliate networks. Some affiliate networks include:


These networks have thousands of products that are being promoted in virtually any niche you can think of. Plus, you can see how these products rank and you can see their current conversions.

This is a great way to find products to endorse when you start out. Once you have established your email list and your credibility in the industry, you can contact the sellers directly to ask them what they recommend you promote.

The Email Lifeline

When I started email marketing over a decade ago, it was a commonly held belief that email lists dried up after a few months. The key was to promote as many products as possible to a list before it died. There were some months in which I promoted as many as 10 products.

But about a year ago, I spoke with a good friend who is also a brilliant marketer. His advice to me didn’t fit with the accepted norm. He told me that I needed to stop promoting that many products. I argued with him. I challenged him.

And all he said was, “I don’t promote more than two, maximum three products a month and my income from my email list has tripled.”

Now, I had been friends with him for more than 10 years and this was the first time I had ever doubted what he said.

I remember replying, “That just sounds crazy. The numbers don’t even make sense. There is no way you’re making 3 times what I make! You must be making half of what I earn…”

Then he shared his numbers with me. Let me tell you that shut me up. I took him at his word and tested his theory. But my friend also gave me a second piece of advice, which explained why his numbers were so high.

“I focus on higher ticket products so my commissions are much bigger. Secondly, I really get in deep with the program. If I promote it, I really promote it. I don’t just send one or two lazy Emails. I get in there. I really qualify my leads and push the program hard—I even throw in my bonuses. I hold nothing back.”

It turned out he was right. His approach worked, but I made an adjustment…

3 Types of Offers


I tested this new way of approaching Email Marketing. At first I only promoted high-ticket products. But I found my email list lost interest and I knew there was a reason for this. This is when I stumbled upon the model I now call the Email Lifeline.

The high-ticket items alienated a large percentage of my subscribers who couldn’t afford what I was promoting. That’s why my email list was not responding. They were simply leaving. This new model was a way to ensure that every one of my subscribers had the opportunity to take advantage of what I had to offer.

My rule was to promote no more than three products per month, but I mixed things up. I promoted three types of offers:

  • Low-Ticket
  • Mid-Ticket
  • High-Ticket


Promoting one of each of these every month was the key! And I approached each one differently…

Promoting Low-Ticket Offers

Low-ticket offers are generally offers that cost between $1 and $97. In some niches this range might vary, but most consumers consider this range to be a low-ticket purchase. The method of promotion will most likely be a written sales page. Your Email will prepare your subscribers to read that sales page!

This is what you need to do, even for a low-ticket product. Here is an example.

Let’s assume the headline of the sales page you’re promoting is:

“Scientific Breakthrough Creates Controversy By Releasing the 7 Diet Tricks That Can Help You Shed 10 Pounds in 10 Days…”

If you are promoting that to your list, here is an example of what your subject line could say:

“REVEALED: Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days.”

You will then follow this headline with an Email that will tell your subscribers something enticing. Perhaps you will tell them about a recent scientific study. Or you can tell them the following:

“These same 7 tricks that were initially thought to lead to weight gain have now been found to be catalysts in losing weight!”

This email intrigues and captivates your subscribers. This intrigue and captivation will hold when they click through and read the headline of the sales letter.

You can even indirectly or directly mention in your email that the link you are sending them to has a letter. You can tell them something like this:

“In the following letter, you will receive 7 tips that will help you lose 10 pounds in 10 days.”

This is so simple, yet so powerful. You will create a level of expectation that will cause a huge increase in conversions. When your subscribers click through, they will already be in the right frame of mind. They will be ready to read your sales letter!

Promoting Mid-Ticket Offers

Mid-ticket offers are any offers that range between $97 and $700. These products are generally similar to either a low-ticket item or a high-ticket item. The price is simply based on the value given to the item by the seller.

With mid-ticket items, the written sales letter is not an adequate method of promotion. Here you will be using a video sales letter or a webinar. You will use your email to prepare your subscribers to watch a video or sign up for a webinar. And really, this isn’t all that different from preparing them to read a written sales letter.

When writing your email for a mid-ticket item, you can leave it open-ended and indirect. Even a simple sentence like this one can prepare your subscriber for what they will see when they click:

“This video is very important. If you’re serious about losing weight then you need to take time to finish it. Be prepared to take notes and make sure you take action at the end of the video!”

That’s really all there is to it!

Notice, you didn’t mention the product. You NEVER try to sell during the email. What you did do was prepare them to watch the entire video.

Promoting High-Ticket Offers

Finally, you have your high-ticket items. These are items that cost between $700 and $5,000. The #1 rule here is that you never EVER promote a high-ticket item via a written sales letter or a video sales letter.

With a high-ticket item, you are asking your subscribers to part with a lot of money. You need the personal connection of a webinar. It is the webinar that you will promote in your Email and this explanation applies even if you use the webinar to promote a mid-ticket item.

As you can see in the above diagram, you should begin promoting a webinar three days before it is scheduled to broadcast. After the broadcast, you can then promote a replay of it, which is more like a video sales letter. The promotion schedule is as follows:

Sunday to Tuesday: Promote the Registration Page of the Webinar. Keep these emails short and build excitement. You want subscribers to click through to the registration page.

Wednesday: Send this email out early the morning of the webinar. 7:00 AM EST is an ideal time. This email can be longer and more edifying. Here you want to encourage anyone who hasn’t already registered to do so. You also want to make people feel accountable to attend the entire webinar.

Thursday to Friday: Now that the webinar has run, you will act like you are promoting a video sales letter. You will have the replay and sales page ready and the Email will get the subscriber excited enough to commit to watching the entire webinar replay. You must send this out the day after the webinar airs, while it is still fresh in the minds of the people who missed it. Then send it out the following day.

Saturday: Send nothing out so you can give your list a break.

Sunday: You can send out two emails on Sunday to promote bonuses and scarcity in your offer. But only do this is the promotion is going well. If the promotion has not been going well, then end your campaign on Thursday and send out content on Sunday. This will help nurture the health of your list.

These types of emails offer you the opportunity to get creative a build a relationship with your subscribers. You are giving them a chance to be present with you during a LIVE presentation and you are giving them great content. Plus, these promotions are incredibly easy.

Email truly is the #1 way to market online. All you need to do is…

As long as you can invest the time and/or money into generating your Email list, you will have unlimited options when it comes to promoting your own products or affiliate products. With a captivating subject line and an enticing Email, you will be able to successfully promote low, mid, and high-ticket items.

Just remember that you are NEVER selling a product in your Email. All you want to do is generate enough excitement to make them click on the link.

Creating emails requires an intricate mix of science and art.

I’ve given you the science. Now you add the art by creating your own unique style using the tips I’ve given you.

Good Luck!

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Discover My #1 Goal Setting System – The PEG Method

Peg Method

In this post I’m going to show you a Powerful Problem-Solving System I have used to…

  • Manage a chronic illness
  • Build a million-dollar business
  • Fulfill a life-long dream to film a movie
  • Lose weight
  • Network with the biggest names in my industry
  • Pay down $1.7 million in debt
  • Navigate multimillion dollar product launches
  • Strengthen personal relationships
  • Break bad habits
  • Even meet celebrities!

With this system, you can walk right up to ANY type of problem—no matter how tricky, scary or complicated—look it straight in the eye and take complete control.

I call this “The Peg Method”.

It doesn’t matter what part of your life the problem affects.

Even if you’ve failed many times before, “pegging” can help you finally achieve that elusive success—whether it’s in finances, relationships, health or business.

In The Peg Method you connect three things—goals, problems, and assets—and put them all together to get success. That’s what the diagram above is about. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense right now. This post will show you how to use it in detail.

The best part about The Peg Method is it’s fast. Even if you’ve been struggling with a problem for years, follow the steps and you can map out the solution and your entire action plan in as little as 55 minutes.

Imagine finally taking control of a lifelong problem in under an hour. With The Peg Method, you can! The weird thing about The Peg Method is that I think I was born with it. Looking back, it was always just “there” in the background. I’m pretty certain that I was using The Peg Method when I was just a little kid, without even realizing it.

In some form or other, The Peg Method has always operated for me subconsciously, helping me make all kinds of decisions and get to my goals. But you know what? For all its power, I never consciously formulated The Peg Method until recently.

It all came together when a friend who had a big business challenge came to visit. It really proved the truth of one of my favorite sayings: never underestimate the massive power of helping someone.

In the process of helping out a friend, The Peg Method literally unveiled itself. What I was doing subconsciously suddenly emerged as a complete, elegant system. I was then able to reverse-engineer this life-changing technique. It’s not only a cool story, it explains pretty well what The Peg Method is. So let me tell you about it right now…

How I discovered the “Power of Peg”…

Peg Method

My friend Ben and I sat down together in the conference room. I said, “Just talk. Tell me what’s going on. I’m not going to say anything, I just want to listen. What are your issues? What are your problems? Tell me everything you’re facing in your business. What are your goals?”

Ben talked for almost an hour. He didn’t have just one problem or issue—he had at least a dozen. My brain was whispering in my ear, “Whoa, there’s way too much going on here!

Even I was getting lost, and I’m accustomed to dealing with some pretty complex business matters. Ben was literally drowning in ideas, obstacles, proposals, challenges plus financial targets that were all over the place!

My brain started tugging at me again, “Dude, we’ve got to SORT and SIMPLIFY. Ben desperately needs some CLARITY.”
I think best when I can draw and diagram things out.

So I walked up to the white board and created three columns: GOALS, PROBLEMS, ASSETS.

Peg Method

It just came out that way, without conscious thought.

Then I asked Ben, “Hey, can we start to break some things down? Sort things out? Why don’t we start here. Tell me what your goals are.” We made a list of 6 goals.

Next I said, “Now we’ll list what your problems are.” We made a BIG list of those.

Finally I said, “Tell me what your assets are.”

Ben looked puzzled. “What do you mean by assets?”

“Assets are EVERYTHING you’ve got on hand that can help you. Assets can be people, products, information, money. In business assets can be data, stuff you own, a line of credit and your team. Assets can even be personal traits like persistence, creativity or the ability to sing like the three tenors!” So we made a list of assets.

Then I said, “Okay, let’s just be quiet for a couple minutes, I got to look at this.” I stepped back and just stared at it.

Have you seen that movie “A Beautiful Mind”? Remember how John Nash is just staring at a bunch of random words and suddenly sees it all decoded into a perfectly clear system? That’s how I suddenly felt!

I said, “You know what? If you use this asset to make $50,000, then it automatically resolves this problem over here.”

Then I drew a staircase.

I took each goal and put it on its own stair. Then I started putting assets and problems on each step.

In a few minutes we had his entire 2010 business plan mapped out! When we were all done, Ben turned to me and said, “So, what do you think about a workshop? Should I do a workshop in October?”

I replied, “Hmm. Good question. Where do you see a workshop on this list?” “Nowhere.”

Peg Method

 “Haha! Then why are we talking about it? Does it fit anywhere?”

“No,” said Ben.

“So let’s not worry about it. Anyway, we’re talking about October. You’ve got three steps you have to complete before you hit October, so set the workshop idea aside for now. Focus on just the next step: launch this product here to make $50,000. That’s it. You don’t need to make $100,000, and you don’t want to make only $25,000 either. Don’t overshoot or undershoot. Just do the $50,000.”

So the upshot? Ben just followed the plan and made $400,000 in 2010!

How to Use The Peg Method

Instant clarity with a simple staircase!

Instant clarity with a simple staircase! The Peg Method is the easiest way I’ve found to map what you should do in your personal and professional life. As you just saw in Ben’s example, when you “Peg” you make three lists:

  • Goals, targets, all the things you want to make happen.
  • Problems that are getting in the way of making things happen.
  • Assets—anything and everything you’ve got that can help you out.

These three lists are the core of The Peg Method. With these lists you see what you want, what’s stopping you and what you have right now.

Peg Method

I could come up with dozens of examples of how to use The Peg Method, from highly complex to drop dead simple.

To give you a sample of the Peg Method, though, I’m going to walk you through two examples.

The first is a goal that may seem like a far out thing for most people: doubling their income in one year.

Whoa, doubling your income? That’s quite a leap for many people (unless you were unemployed the previous year!). Most people think they have to get a lucky job opportunity or win the lottery to do that.

The second example is a goal that may seem EVEN MORE far out: making $1 million.

Sound a little ambitious? I understand. But with the help of the Peg Method, you’ll see that both of these goals are DOABLE.

Let’s start with the first one: doubling your income.

Step 1: List Goals, Problems and Assets

Steve is a middle manager making $50,000/year. That’s a decent middle class wage, but Steve wants more. He’s got a kid on the way and wants to start making six figures as quickly as possible.

Can Steve do this in less than a year? Absolutely!

The first thing Steve needs to do is take out a piece of paper and start writing things down. He should make three columns—GOALS, ASSETS, PROBLEMS.

THE GOAL: Earn $100,000 in the next year.

In this case, we are going with a big, top level goal up front. This is definitely an ambitious goal that is not going to just fall into his lap. He’s going to need to create a solid plan to get it!

With the goal in mind, Steve should list out the biggest problems and assets associated with this goal. For the sake of keeping this post short, I’ll simplify them a bit, but you’ll get the idea.

PROBLEMS standing in the way:

  • Dead end job. Steve does not have any realistic opportunity to get promoted at the company he works for.
  • Motivation. While Steve wants to double his income, sometimes he gets lazy and doesn’t feel like doing the work required to get it. (See how the Peg Method forces you to be HONEST with yourself?)
  • Steve is a shy guy. He is not the kind of person who will walk into a room full of strangers and bounce around as a social butterfly. This makes networking difficult.

Now for his ASSETS. What are the things working for Steve?

ASSETS that can help:

  • Logan, a friend who owns his own business. He has connections with local businesses.
  • Overtime. Steve only works a 40 hour week, and there are opportunities to work overtime, which is 1.5x pay.
  • Steve has expertise with social media marketing. He knows how to apply it to all kinds of situations, both personal and business.

Here’s a picture that illustrates Steve’s lists, with the big goal at the top.

Peg Method

Step 2: Draw the staircase.

Right now we have one big goal: make $100,000 this year. When you look at that goal, it’s pretty overwhelming. How can Steve tackle something that big?

Simple: by breaking it up.

Even the biggest, most far-out goals become 10x more manageable when you break them down into a bunch of mini-goals.

You know the old joke about “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”? It’s the same with your goals—especially big ones like “double your income”.

At first glance, it’s NOT clear how Steve can make the jump from $50,000 to $100,000. That’s just too much to bite off and swallow.

On the other hand, when Steve is looking at jumping from $50,000 to, say, $70,000, all kinds of possibilities emerge. Breaking up your goals lifts the fog and makes opportunities appear.

“Taking small bites” also increases your drive. It gives you some “small wins” along the way.

I’m the type of person who LOVES crossing things off my to-do list. If it takes me months to cross something off, I become demotivated.

That’s a problem a bunch of people have with making more money. They make a little headway—a few thousand dollars or so—and then stall. It takes too long to get the satisfaction of achieving the big goal, so they give up.

But what happens when you break down your goal and make every few thousand dollars its own win? You get the satisfaction of lots of small victories. Lack of motivation is no longer a problem, and you can easily keep going!

What Steve needs to do is draw a staircase on his Peg Diagram.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each step of the staircase is ONE of his goals.
  • Each step will use ONE of his assets which will resolve ONE of his problems.

For Steve, he’ll have a staircase with steps that are worth $20,000, $10,000 and $20,000. (Steve should actually break it down even further, but this will give us a simple example to work with.)

Here’s how it looks on the diagram:

Peg Method

STEP 3: Put a Problem and an Asset on each step

Now what happens? How does Steve pull everything together into a plan? Simple: he associates a problem and an asset with each step.

Relax, this is a LOT easier than you think! The problem-solving goes very fast at this point.

Peg Method


The first problem Steve should tackle is motivation. Motivation kicks in automatically for most people once they see results… but until they see results, motivation is usually zero!

Steve needs to use an asset that will get him quick results. The lowest hanging fruit available to him is working some overtime.

If he works an average of 10 hours of overtime each week, that will earn him an extra $18,000 over the course of the year.

It makes sense for him to deploy this asset first because he will see an immediate increase in each paycheck. Within a month, the amount in his bank account will be higher. That will motivate him to keep going and make even more money!

Steve brings down his mini-GOAL ($20,000), his PROBLEM (motivation) and matches it with an ASSET (Overtime).

Peg Method

Now here’s something important about this step: Steve should not worry about (or even THINK about) $100,000! The BIG goal should be OUT of his mind.

All he should focus on is that first step.

Do you see how simply matching a problem + an asset with a goal really opens up your mind?

It takes away the clutter. It eases the pressure. It allows you to relax. The stress goes away. You’re focused on chunks. You’re eating the elephant, but it no longer looks overwhelming, intimidating or discouraging.

This also eliminates a lot of negative self-talk. You know that little nagging voice in your head that whispers, “Ugh, this is such a BIG goal… it’s so HARD… I’ll NEVER do it.” With the Peg Method, you forget about what you CAN’T do. Instead, you’re focused on a small goal which you CAN do.

Here’s a little diagram that shows you what’s really happening. You’re just taking your flat list of Goals, Problems and Assets and arranging them on the staircase. Every step on the staircase is an attainable goal.

Peg Method

STEP 4 – Repeat for each step on your staircase

Peg Method

Watch this Success Weekly clip where Anik takes a deep dive into mini-goals and how to apply The Peg Method.

Now back to Steve’s goal. He’s going for the second step on the staircase: $10,000.

  • He brings down another goal: $10,000.
  • He brings down a problem: no promotion opportunities.
  • He brings down an asset: his social media skills.

Why does Steve need to deploy this part of the plan and not just be content with working overtime? Because there’s not much more Steve can do with the “overtime asset”. There’s only so many hours of overtime he can work, and there’s no room for promotion. So he MUST get some side income going.

Luckily Steve understands social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. He can help companies use these tools to market their products and services.

Should Steve go out and try to get a job as a social media manager? Maybe. But only large companies hire somebody full time to manage their social media. Most businesses contract it out to agencies or individuals.

But this actually gives Steve an incredible opportunity: he can approach local businesses and offer to manage their social media for them.

In today’s market, he should be able to get at least $500/month per client.

Just getting two clients would vault him over the $10,000 mark for the year.

This is also a relatively easy strategy for Steve. Because he knows what he’s doing, two clients would require only an hour or so each day. And all he needs is a computer and internet connection.

But here’s what’s really important: social media management could grow into full time work. It could replace Steve’s current job. How? His per hour rate is much, much higher with the social media stuff. Once again, Steve is matching an asset against a problem, and using that to achieve a mini-goal.

PROBLEM (dead end job) + ASSET (social media skills) = $10,000 down!

Peg Method

Now, has Steve stopped his other work? Heck no!

By now Steve’s riding the momentum he created with taking more overtime. He’s already got money coming in from that.

So at this point, he’s simply ADDING something to the mix.

Peg Method

He’s utilizing a new asset to solve an old problem AND achieve a mini-goal at the same time. Nice, huh?

Finally let’s do one more step on Steve’s staircase.

  • He brings down another goal: $20,000.
  • He brings down a problem: his introversion.
  • He brings down an asset: his friend Logan.

It’s obvious that the best way for Steve to double his income is to grow his social media consulting and wean himself off his current job.

All Steve has to do is get more clients… but that means approaching businesses and selling his services. That’s not something Steve is naturally good at. Frankly, cold calling a lot of different businesses is NOT something Steve wants to do!

Luckily, Steve has a friend who has connections: Logan.

Logan can ask around his network. He can find out who needs social media services. He can link those people up with Steve. No cold calling required!

Steve simply needs to follow through on the opportunities and do great work for his clients. The Peg Method shows how this is totally doable. You overcome what looks like a huge problem with an asset that makes it melt away. By adding just four clients, he’ll earn the extra $20,000 he needs to top $100,000 in annual income.

Even cooler, Steve could set himself up to be self-employed doing something he’s passionate about. And all because he recognizes that Logan—an asset—can help him overcome one of his biggest obstacles.

Peg Method

Do you see how the Peg Method gets you to think creatively about the assets you already have? It even gives you ideas for more assets you need to acquire. Imagine what could happen for Steve if he had two, three, or five well-connected friends like Logan!

I could keep going, but I think at this point you can see how to do The Peg Method. Simply write down…

  • Everything you’re trying to accomplish (Goals)
  • Everything you have that can help you (Assets)
  • Everything standing in your way (Problems)
  • Then just sort it all out on the staircase!

Lauren The Millionaire?

Now let’s go to the next level and see if The Peg Method can help achieve an even more ambitious goal: becoming a millionaire.

Lauren owns a moderately successful Internet Marketing business that makes her around $100,000/year. That’s a decent chunk of change, but Lauren wants more. In fact, she wants to become a millionaire—and fast.

What’s step number one? Yep, you guessed it: creating those three columns.

THE GOAL: Earn $1 million during the next year.

With the goal in mind, Lauren should list out the biggest problems and assets associated with it, Like the previous example. To keep this post short, I’ll simplify them a bit.

PROBLEMS standing in the way:

  • Small list. In the Internet Marketing world, it’s difficult to have huge product launches if you don’t have a large email list. Unfortunately, Lauren’s email list is very small.
  • No time! Her schedule every day is already maxed out. She doesn’t have more than an hour or two to work on a new project.
  • Motivation. While Lauren wants to earn a million dollars, sometimes she gets lazy and doesn’t feel like doing the work required to get it.

Now for her ASSETS. What are the things working for Lauren?

ASSETS that can help:

  • Her friend Jamie, who owns a multi-million dollar Internet Marketing business.
    She is constantly launching new products and could be open to collaborating on
    some with Lauren.
  • A shelved product that was never launched. Lauren created this product a while
    back, but she got tied up with other stuff before she could launch it. While it
    needs a little bit of work, it is almost ready to go.
  • Lauren LOVES meeting new people. She can walk into any room and instantly
    make connections.

Here’s a picture that shows her lists, with the big goal at the top.

Peg Method

Let’s Peg It!

Alright, we’ve got that imposing $1 million goal. The first thing Lauren needs to do is break it up.


  • Each step of the staircase is ONE of her goals.
  • Each step will use ONE of her assets which will resolve ONE of her problems.

For Lauren, each stair will represent $250,000. Again, she should actually break it down even further, into more granular goals. But I’ll do the 50,000 foot overview to simplify the example.

Here’s how it looks on the diagram:

Peg Method

 Now it’s time to start pairing up problems with assets.

The first problem Lauren should tackle is motivation. It’s important to get the ball rolling since it’s easier to KEEP moving than it is to START moving.

Peg Method

So Lauren needs to use an asset that will get her quick results. That means launching a product. The good news is that she’s got one ready to go sitting on the shelf. So it makes sense for her to deploy this asset first.

Within a month, she’ll see real money flowing into her bank account. That should motivate her to keep going and make even more money!

Lauren brings down her mini-GOAL ($250,000), her PROBLEM (motivation) and matches it with an ASSET (shelved product).

Peg Method

Remember: Lauren should not worry about (or even THINK about) $1 million! The BIG goal should be out of her mind.

All she needs to focus on is that FIRST STEP.

Now back to Lauren’s goal. She’s going for the second $250,000 step.

  • She brings down another goal: $250,000.
  • She bring down a problem: her lack of time.
  • She brings down an asset: her friend Jamie! The two of them will collaborate on creating and launching a new product.

Peg Method

Jamie is a terrific asset to help Lauren overcome her time issues. Yes, they can split the work. But more importantly, Jamie brings her own assets to help.

Working together, they can create and launch a product TOGETHER that will make both of them MORE money!

Once again, Lauren is matching an asset against a problem to achieve a mini-goal.

PROBLEM (lack of time) + ASSET (partnership with Jamie) = $250,000 down!

Peg Method

Finally let’s do one more step on Lauren’s staircase.

  • She brings down another goal: $250,000.
  • She brings down a problem: her small list.
  • She brings down an asset: her networking skills.

Peg Method

Lauren’s small mailing list is a significant liability. By increasing the size of her mailing list, Lauren can reach out to more potential customers. This means any time she launches a new product, she can sell to a huge audience. That means more money with each product launch. 

Lauren will already be growing her list by following through on the first two steps. But if she really wants to start making the big bucks, she’ll need to do more.

This is where networking comes in. Effective networking can connect Lauren with other entrepreneurs with big lists of their own. If she nurtures these relationships and offers their lists good deals, that opens up opportunities for bigger product launches. That means a LOT more money!

Lauren has an important networking asset: she is an outgoing woman. She can walk into a room full of strangers and start connecting with them.

Lauren simply needs to find more networking opportunities. She already possesses a natural asset—her personality—that can connect her to people who will grow her list. Heck, all Lauren has to do is USE a trait she already possesses and make some profitable connections!

Peg Method

Just like that, The Peg Method takes an incredibly ambitious financial goal—earning $1 million—and makes it attainable. It all starts with breaking it down.

See, most people tackle their wealth goals the wrong way. They trap themselves in longing and dreaming. They focus on the whole $200,000, $500,000 or $1 million.

But do you know how to make $50,000? Or even $100,000? And actually keep the money you make?

And do you know what’s standing in your way—what’s preventing you from making that money? Do you even know what led to your current financial position in the first place?

Many people spend a bunch of money on different make money programs and get absolutely nowhere with them. But it’s not because they have the wrong information.

It’s because they have absolutely no idea what their REAL obstacles are. And they don’t know how to find the assets they need, let alone deploy them in an effective way.

Your problems—and your assets—are unique to YOU. So you need a set of steps—a way to apply Law of Attraction, an abundance mindset and all that good stuff into a plan that feels right for YOU.

Without that, you’ll keep poisoning your mind with big, fuzzy, vague wishes that never actually get anywhere.

So let me ask you… do you know what your real problems are? What you’ve got for assets? What you’ve got to work with? Do you know what you’re good at, and what stands in your way?

To make money, you can’t just do what someone else tells you to do! What THEY did to make money might not work for you. They’re different people. They have different assets and different strengths. Their techniques might not work for you.

If you try to be like them, you could be fighting yourself.

But the Peg Method helps you to stop fighting yourself. It shows you what you want, what you have and the EXACT STEPS you need to get what you want without fighting yourself and without beating yourself up because you can’t do everything right NOW.

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How to Tap Into the Massive Potential of Facebook Messenger Marketing [Case Study]

It’s coming…

A new opportunity is emerging that is revolutionizing marketing yet again.

Last week, we discussed the power of Facebook Messenger…

Now, I’ll show a Case Study on HOW our special guest expert has discovered a cool, new way to leverage the paradigm-shifting potential of Facebook Messenger Marketing.

The floodgates have just opened. Facebook has recently introduced many features that are making Facebook Messenger one of THE BEST marketing platforms out there.

In the last post, I also introduced ChatMatic.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

ChatMatic is a new tool that allows users to automatically send direct messages, via Facebook Messenger, to everyone who comments on specific posts and ads on Facebook.

It does a whole lot more too, and it’s constantly adding new features to help busy entrepreneurs ride this massive wave.

ChatMatic is one of the best tools I’ve seen in a long time. The opportunity here is tremendous and multi-dimensional. Not only is Facebook Messenger Marketing growing rapidly, it’s also changing HOW to best interact with potential customers.

No matter what type of business – Affiliate, Digital or eCommerce…

Is Facebook Messenger Marketing a Fad?

Facebook Messenger Marketing - Is Facebook Messenger Marketing a fad

If I’m planning to enter anything for the long-term, I want to make sure that it’s not just a passing fad.

This begs the question: Is Facebook Messenger Marketing a fad?

My answer is an emphatic NO. When looking at the numbers and the big picture trends, it’s pretty easy to see that Facebook Messenger is going to be used more and more.

First of all, Facebook is Facebook, an absolute titan in today’s world.

Facebook Messenger not only stands on the giant shoulders of Facebook itself, but also the widespread usage of messaging apps. Right now, messaging apps are used by more people than social media. So in many ways, Facebook Messenger Marketing has A LOT going for it.

Over 11% of the world’s population uses Facebook Messenger on a monthly basis. Source: THE NEXT WEB

Just let that sink in.

You know what’s disappearing though? The phone number. Facebook Messenger is positioning itself to be THE platform for global communication, and rendering traditional SMS (text messaging) useless.

Just think about how your own behavior has changed…

Have you used Facebook Messenger recently? I‘d bet that you have. I personally use it much more than texting now.

The bottom line is that Facebook Messenger is the future and its marketing potential is virtually untapped.

The best part? There’s a great new tool that makes Facebook Messenger Marketing easier than I personally believed it could be…

ChatMatic: A Secret Weapon

Facebook Messenger Marketing - ChatMatic: A Secret Weapon

By now, you hopefully understand the awesome potential of Facebook Messenger Marketing. But how can we leverage this potential? The answer is ChatMatic.

ChatMatic is the embodiment of a new revolution in marketing. The basic premise of ChatMatic is this…

It sends automatic, custom messages to people who comment on your ads and posts. And the messages go to their PRIMARY INBOXES. Just think about the enormous potential there.

ChatMatic is targeted, one-to-one, automated and scalable. Any marketer would kill to have a platform that does all of that. Combine those qualities with the explosive growth of Facebook Messenger, and it’s a golden opportunity right there.

ChatMatic is like the Facebook Messenger version of an email autoresponder. We all know how ridiculously effective email autoresponders are. Facebook Messenger is a rapidly growing app that will only provide more and more opportunities in the future.

If that’s not enough, ChatMatic also leverages the marketing power of social media.

That’s another huge advantage.

Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Source: Hubspot

ChatMatic aligns the effectiveness of so many proven strategies and makes it easy to implement.

Automatic Success

Facebook Messenger Marketing - Automatic Success

ChatMatic is an automated system. And because it’s automated, it’s quick, easy and SCALABLE.

The faster a brand responds, the more likely someone is to remember the brand and become a customer. This is where the automation really comes in handy.

Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. Source: Gartner Research

With ChatMatic, it’s the same amount of effort to respond to 100 people as it is to respond to 10 people.

ChatMatic is continuously adding features to make the tool as dynamic as possible. Because, for example, sometimes you might not want everyone who comments to receive a message. Not only is ChatMatic automated, it’s highly customizable as well.

ChatMatic gives all of the benefits of automation without being spammy or impersonal.

The Power of 1

Facebook Messenger Marketing - The Power of 1

In a ChatMatic survey of 1,000 people, 80% of consumers agree that they’re more likely to buy a product after talking to someone.

This idea of actually interacting with potential customers seems so obvious, right? But most businesses overlook the power of 1-to-1 conversation.

In marketing, there are few things more important than 1-to-1 customer interaction. Through personal interaction, people and businesses can build TRUST and CREDIBILITY that mass broadcasting simply can’t achieve.

1-to-1 interaction can also be a positive introduction for a brand. It warms people up and makes them more likely to buy. This eventually leads to repeat customers and can even mean raving fans who promote your brand for you.

The Inbox In

Facebook Messenger Marketing - The Inbox In

There is a key point with ChatMatic that I want to drive home…

People actually open and respond to messages in their Facebook Messenger inbox.

And they will continue to do so. Facebook is doing a great job at preventing inbox spam. Remember, pages can only message people who comment. This means that messages in someone’s inbox have intrinsic value and are not cheapened by spam.

The fact that messages go straight to the user’s personal inbox (not their “Message Requests” folder that no one checks) makes ChatMatic highly effective.

Again, think about what YOU do. I can tell you that I read and respond to almost every message that makes it to my personal inbox on Facebook Messenger.

There’s a certain trust factor here. And if a message is sent right after someone comments on a post from that page, they’ll recognize your brand and be genuinely interested in what you have to say.

Opt-In Made Easy

Facebook Messenger Marketing - Opt-In Made Easy

As described in last week’s post, ChatMatic has another amazing feature, the one click opt-in.

Out of a poll of 5,000 people by ChatMatic, 75% said that they would rather opt-in using Facebook rather than type their email address in an opt-in page.

Instead of having prospects go to an opt-in page and type in an email address, ChatMatic allows them to opt-in just by clicking a button and linking to their Facebook account.

In a world of increasing mobile devices and less typing, this is where things are headed. This simplified, easy opt-in process allows the ability to collect leads more effectively than ever.

Where’s the Proof?

Facebook Messenger Marketing - ChatMatic - It Really Works!

Everything sounds good so far, right?

Sure, it’s good to have a sound theory behind everything, but what about real world results? That’s what really counts.

ChatMatic really works.

I wouldn’t even consider it if it didn’t, or if I didn’t think it was a great tool.

ChatMatic is as effective as it seems. The results people are getting speak for themselves…

ChatMatic Case Study

Here’s a case study from Travis, the founder of ChatMatic. The following screenshots are from an ad he ran on Facebook. The first is the ad itself and the second is the breakdown of what he spent compared to what he earned.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

As you can see, Travis spent $13,607.37 and made $22,816.00… A $9,208.63 Profit.*

There’s more to the story though…

The ad he ran was for SOMEONE ELSE’S PRODUCT and he used ChatMatic to send people to one of his own products when they commented on the ad.

So the $22,816 was just the sales of HIS product, which had nothing to do with the ad. Meanwhile, his affiliate promotion ended up doing over $40,000 in sales (which wasn’t tracked on Facebook because they were in the affiliate’s system).*

Pretty crazy story, right? Travis made $22,000 off of people commenting on his ad and using ChatMatic to monetize them.*

*Note – Results may not be typical nor expected.

What’s also interesting is the relatively small number of comments it took to make such a big chunk of cash. Since the conversion rates with 1-on-1 interaction are so high, it doesn’t require excessive volume to get results.

Travis only had 214 comments on that ad. With just that, he was able to generate loads more sales.

Facebook Messenger Marketing - ChatMatic Case Study Results

Now just imagine the potential when there are thousands of comments on a post. People are responsive to Facebook Messages, more responsive than any other method of communication. With ChatMatic, we can capitalize on this!

No Rocket Science Degree Required

It doesn’t take a genius to duplicate Travis’ results…

The great thing about ChatMatic is that it allows us to leverage something just about everybody already uses on a daily basis. It’s simply automating something that we’re all very familiar with and using it as a highly effective marketing tool.

If you know how to use Facebook Messenger, you’re already a master of the communication aspect of this. Just add a bit of marketing strategy behind a platform that’s already being used and see how it works in action!

The effectiveness and potential of ChatMatic is pretty incredible… so much so, that we devoted a 2-part Success Weekly series to it!

Click here now to watch this replay and learn more about ChatMatic. Plus get a special early bird discount that’s being exclusively offered to #LurnNation – but you have to act fast to get it!

Success Weekly: How To Turn A FREE Traffic Loophole In Facebook Into A Full-Time Business!

FREE WEBINAR: How To Turn a FREE Traffic Loophole In Facebook Into a Full-Time Business!


Hey #LurnNation!

This week, we return to Facebook! We’re diving even deeper into Facebook Messenger Marketing and sharing a new, cutting-edge technology, which is completely changing the game in the social media and online marketing.

Last week we talked about using the Facebook Messenger to drive traffic into your funnel. It’s one of the most exciting development in Facebook advertising in years.

As I said, this week, we’re building on Facebook Messenger Marketing…

We’re bringing back our special guest from last week and he’s sharing how using one simple piece of technology doubled the effectiveness of his Facebook ads (without spending a penny more) in an awesome case study.*

*Note: results may not be typical nor expected for every person.

To see this technology in action, and ways to implement it in just about any business, tune in for tomorrow’s free training.

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Facebook Messenger Marketing: The Next Big Wave for Entrepreneurs

Today I’m sharing 3 words that I believe will be the next BIG WAVE for Entrepreneurs: Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Have you sent or received a message on your phone today?

Chances are if you’re reading this, you exchange at least a few messages on your phone every day. And you probably have multiple apps in which you do this.

A message isn’t just a message any more. It’s also a business opportunity. I’ll show you what I mean…

You see, messengers are huge these days. Pretty much everyone with a smartphone uses at least one messaging app. And the use of messaging apps is only expanding.

Mobile Messaging Apps

In 2015, messaging apps surpassed social media in terms of the number of people using them (Source:

Messaging Apps Surpasses Social Media

Just think about how big that is.

Now, the latest rising star in the messaging / online business scene is…

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger Welcome
Editorial credit: Chonlachai / Shutterstock, Inc.

Facebook Messenger has been among the fastest-growing apps recently, and for good reason.

I use it every day. I actually communicate with more people on Facebook Messenger on a daily basis than I do with texting or phone calls. I’m not alone either. This is a trend with most people.

With the explosive growth of Facebook Messenger, tremendous opportunities are presenting themselves.

The untapped potential of this platform is mind-blowing.

Before I get into the emerging opportunities for Facebook Messenger, I have to discuss the phenomenon of Facebook itself.

Facebook on laptop and phone

Facebook: The Business That Helps You Build Your Business

Did you know that Facebook is bigger than the largest country in the world?

Facebook has more users than the largest country


It’s the internet hub for almost 2 billion people, and its number of users just keeps rising…

Facebook Active Users Worldwide


People spend a LOT of time on Facebook too. In 2016, Facebook reported that people spend on average 50 minutes each day on its platforms (not including WhatsApp). Source:

Facebook’s wide-spanning usage has turned it into one of the largest and most robust advertising platforms in existence. And it’s not only among the biggest; it’s also highly effective and highly targeted.

People used to scoff at Facebook, thinking it would forever be a site for college kids to share pictures and post statuses of whatever they were doing. Very few saw its enormous marketing and business building potential.

These days, almost every business has a Facebook page. We’ve got one here at Lurn… Please take a moment to Like it 🙂

Like LURN on Facebook

There are also over 3 million active advertisers on Facebook (Source: It’s changing the way people do business and providing tremendous opportunities for those who are willing to stay ahead of the curve.

Facebook is a marketer’s dream. Why?

People have VOLUNTARILY given Facebook personal information that companies and corporations would have killed for 15 years ago. That gives Facebook the ability to create highly targeted ads, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Facebook Targeted Image Example

Just look at your friends on Facebook, how many of them…

  • Post their relationship status?
  • Have “checked in” at a restaurant or event?
  • “Like” fan or business pages?

Pretty much all of them.

Facebook collects all this information and, to fund its gigantic operation, gives savvy marketers the ability to use that information to target business messages to a very specific audience.

This is why Facebook Ads are so effective.

Here’s an example of a Facebook Ad that I used to promote our Free Success Weekly Training Series

Facebook Ad Example - Success Weekly

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Now back to Facebook Marketing…

Companies have literally built and scaled their brands on the back of Facebook. It’s that powerful of a tool that will continue to revolutionize business.

And now there is a new opportunity on Facebook that will be even more rewarding than traditional Facebook posts and sponsored ads…

Facebook Messenger Marketing: The Soon-To-Be Heavyweight Champ

Facebook Messenger is among the fastest-growing apps in the world. Over one billion people already use it (Source:

Facebook Messenger Users Through July 2016 Chart

Let me repeat that…

OVER ONE BILLION people use Facebook Messenger.

The stats we’re seeing now with Facebook Messenger are staggering.

  • Each month… 17 billion photos are sent between people.
  • Each day… 380 million stickers and 22 million GIFs are sent.
  • Of all Voice Over IP (VoIP) calls, 10% go through Messenger.

But that’s not all…

One billion messages are sent between people and businesses EVERY SINGLE DAY (Source:

One Billion Messages Sent On Messenger Every Single Day

That’s a lot of customer interaction!

Here’s the kicker…

Facebook Messenger’s Marketing Potential Is Virtually Untapped

We’re already seeing some saturation with businesses vying for people’s attention on Facebook. However, the floodgates of Facebook Messenger have just been opened. Facebook only started rolling out Facebook Messenger Ads in November 2016…

It’s brand new.

The potential of Facebook Messenger Marketing goes well beyond the ads. Businesses can now send a Facebook Message to anyone who has commented on their page.

For example, if John Smith comments on one of your posts, you can send John a direct message.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Ad Example


Can you see the opportunity here?

There’s a massive wave coming, along with a huge opportunity to ride it.

Think about it this way…

We live in a time where over one billion people can instantly connect with each other. That is a complete game-changer with potential most people can’t even fathom. And it’s just brimming with great opportunities.

The Unfair Advantages of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has some unrivaled advantages when it comes to marketing and customer relationship management (CRM).

People are getting accustomed to posts, videos and sponsored ads in their Facebook newsfeed. All of that isn’t nearly as captivating now compared to when it was all a novelty.

Facebook Messaging, however, is completely new territory. Because it’s new it will automatically get more engagement.

Facebook Messenger Marketing - Mobile Messaging on the Rise

Facebook Messenger also comes with advantages that the rest of Facebook never even had…

One-to-One = One-to-Won

Facebook Messenger gives businesses a unique opportunity to interact one-to-one with customers. Think of it like a more dynamic, more interactive email exchange.

One-on-one interaction builds relationships and trust with prospects. This allows a business to feel like a small company to their customer, yet still scale up their business.

People hate being sold to, but they love interacting.

I don’t know about you, but I love when brands interact with me personally, especially if there’s a real person on the other end. This build tremendous trust with customers, the kind of trust you can’t get by just running banner ads.

Explosive Growth

As I said before, over a billion people use Facebook Messenger (Source: Facebook is adding new features and tools on Facebook Messenger that are creating new worlds of opportunities for businesses.

Really, there’s so much opportunity here… I cannot stress that point enough.

The Tool That Turns Messages Into Customers

Remember how I said that businesses can message people who comment on their page…

Well, what if we could automate this process? What if we could automatically send a personal message to anyone who interacts with our page or posts?

Sounds like an amazing idea, right?

Well, there is a tool that does exactly that. It’s called…


ChatMatic Home Page

ChatMatic is software that automatically sends messages to everyone who comments on your posts or ads on Facebook.

It allows you to reach people where THEY are, and not make them come to you. This tool is going to revolutionize online marketing!

Let’s say you have a post on Facebook. Any time someone comments on your post, ChatMatic takes every single one of those commenters and sends them a private message via Facebook Messenger.

In this message, you can send them a link to your website, opt-in page, sales page, store… etc. Whatever your goal is for your business.

The message also goes straight to their private inbox. It doesn’t end up in the “Message Requests” box that no one checks.

So this means they’ll see it… probably as a notification on their phone too.

Facebook Messenger Automated

A lot of people don’t click the links on Facebook anymore. But they’re much more likely to click the link in a private message. Private messages imply a relationship, especially after they’ve already commented on a post of yours.

ChatMatic has seen initial messages on Facebook Messenger that have 80% open rates. To put this in perspective… even if we were to say that email open rates were at 40% (which would be a high estimate for most companies*), utilizing this tool, would essentially DOUBLE OPEN RATES IMMEDIATELY!

*Email open rates vary by type of email and across industries. It’s really good to know how a company measures up against other companies in an industry. Here are a couple of great resources that can help you with figuring out where you stand…

The message responder is the introduction to your brand. It builds trust. It allows you to engage with customers On THEIR TERMS on an app they already have and use.

Conversation Is Key

Conversation is an incredibly powerful tool, and being a one-on-one conversation makes it that much more rewarding.

In a ChatMatic survey of 1,000 people, 80% of consumers agree that they’re more likely to buy a product after talking to someone, yet only 10% of online businesses say that they actively engage customers in conversation. Opportunity alert!

By using a tool like ChatMatic, it’s easy to create automated, scalable one-on-one interaction. That’s like the ultimate secret weapon for marketing.

[BONUS] The Secret New Opt-In Strategy

Facebook integration is also creating new opportunities to gain new subscribers and collect emails in completely new ways. Let me show you how…

The Traditional Opt-In Process

The traditional opt-in process looks like this…

  1. You have an ad
  2. People click the ad and are brought to your opt-in page
  3. On this page, they have the option to opt-in by typing their email address
  4. You collect their email address

The Traditional Opt-In Process

This is the traditional process of collecting email addresses that we’re all familiar with.

Well, what if I told you that this process could be simplified and made much more effective?

New Opt-In Process

With ChatMatic, there’s no need to even have an opt-in page.

You can collect people’s emails as soon as they click on the ad link. This skips both the opt-in page and the additional step for people to opt-in by typing their email address.

The New Opt-In Process

ChatMatic allows you to create a “Sign up with Facebook” button that gets people to opt into your list, without them needing to type anything. We just tap into Facebook and grab their email address.

We’ve all done this before. This is essentially what you do whenever you authorize an app to use your Facebook information. This is the beauty of Facebook’s ubiquitous usage.

So the process goes from…

Ad >> Opt-in Page >> Enter Email Address
Ad >> Facebook Authorization + Collect Email Address

It’s simple, making it much more effective in collecting email addresses. Less is more, especially in a world where most people are busy and distracted.

With the increase of mobile devices, the desire to type out your email address is diminishing. Out of a poll of 5,000 people by ChatMatic, 75% said that they would rather opt-in using Facebook rather than type their email address in an opt-in page.

Again, are you seeing the opportunity here?

By leveraging the major use of Facebook and the one-on-one conversation power of Facebook Messenger, businesses can reach new heights.

As you can see, the opportunity here is MASSIVE, for any type of business. Those who learn to leverage Facebook Messenger now will catch this next big wave.

And the best part is, this is just the beginning…

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