Evolved Enterprise Initiative

Entrepreneurship has entered a new age.

Businesses no longer have to rely on geographic location to be successful. The Internet has opened up the entire world to business owners and online businesses are flourishing.

But there is more to this new age of business than independence from location…

There is now so much transparency in business. Consumers can go online to read from a wide variety of news sources, connect with each other, and directly communicate with businesses.

This means companies can no longer exploit people for profit and get away with it. People have too much information and too big of a voice to allow this to happen.

 With this new level of transparency, many progressive-minded companies are growing like crazy! And you can, too.

The evolution of business is happening right now—at this very moment. Now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to build a business that aligns your passions with the ability to help people on a grand scale.

Not only that, it’s becoming more profitable to be a company that is a force of good, because that’s what people are demanding.

And we can help you build the business of your dreams, while we all work together to help others.  As you’re about to find out, you have the opportunity to startyour own business, while simultaneously helping to pull 1,000 people out of poverty.

Think about that—1,000 people pulled out of poverty. 1,000 people working together to build better lives with your help.

The goal here is not simply to make money, but to build businesses and help people in the process.

And #LurnNation is working in partnership with Evolved Enterprise to make this happen.

A Shift in Thinking = A New Business Model

It was founded by Yanik Silver, an amazing man and online entrepreneur I met back when I was first starting out. It’s actually quite the story.

I was young, in college, and struggling to succeed with my online business. Someone told me about Yanik, a really successful Internet marketer who happened to live in my neighborhood. So I decided to reach out to him.

I never even expected this guy to even return my call, but he did more than that.

Yanik showed up in front of my house in a $150,000 Mercedes and took me out to lunch. Now you have to understand that I am a huge car guy. When I saw that car, I sat up and took notice.  I also listened to everything he had to say. And that lunch changed my life!

Yanik is still out there today, helping countless people change their lives. He is using his unique business model to change more lives than ever. Yanik  is even working with the likes of Sir Richard Branson to bring change to the world on a massive scale.

And he’s doing it through his initiative called Evolved Enterprise.

What Is Evolved Enterprise?

This really is about evolution—the evolution of business. We are looking at a new paradigm of entrepreneurship.

This new business model grew from Yanik’s need to do something more, to continue to engage in his passions and operate a successful business. This is Evolved Enterprise.

“The Evolved Enterprise™ is about identifying the true ‘soul’ of your venture that delivers an exponential impact and profound profit.” – Yanik Silver, Evolved Enterprise

Business in the 21st century CAN be leveraged as a multiplier for good. It can go beyond just making the sale. Actually, the most successful companies are the ones who are doing just that.

The Evolved Enterprise business model will not only give you greater profits. It will give you increased joy and help you make a truly profound impact on everyone your business touches.

I mean, let’s face it. You aren’t going to buy customer loyalty simply because you sell them a decent product. And you aren’t going to gain employee loyalty simply because you give them a paycheck.

You need to go far deeper than that. And Evolved Enterprise shows you how to do that.

Plus, this business model offers the best competitive advantage for small and mid-sized businesses. Just think about trying to enter a market that is practically owned by a single company. Yet, Evolved Enterprise is a model that makes this not just possible, but completely achievable.

Small businesses are giving to others on a grand scale and they are succeeding. They are growing from startups into huge companies like TOMS, which launched in 2006. TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair sold. They have given away 35 million pairs of shoes!

That’s a lot of kids with shoes and a lot of profit.

Warby Parker is another great example of a startup that went big FAST.

Neil Blumenthal, Dave Gilboa, Andy Hunt, and Jeff Raider were four guys who met at college. They did the unthinkable. They began designing and making prescription eyeglasses in-house, bypassing the retail channels and selling directly to the consumer.

They also partnered with non-profits to ensure that for every pair of glasses they sold, a pair of glasses would be given to someone in need.

The company was founded in 2010 and today is worth more than $1 Billion!

Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

Evolved Enterprise is such an incredible paradigm shift that some of the best business minds in the world have jumped onboard. Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com. John Paul DeJoria, Billionaire co-founder of John Paul Mitchell & Patron.

This new business model is a part of  a massive shift that’s creating the best business opportunities we have seen in a long time. And it is good for every facet of business. Customers prefer buying a product that creates a positive impact in the world.

“New research from Nielsen shows fifty percent of global consumers (in 58 different countries) are willing to pay more for goods and services from companies that make a difference.” – Yanik Silver, Evolved Enterprise

Not only that, but it has been predicted that within 4-7 years, businesses that don’t have a core impact will be at a competitive disadvantage.

But let’s be very clear—this isn’t simply about giving back. It is about enriching the lives of others. When you do that, everything else will fall into place. You must put your entire heart behind your products and services and your full effort into ethically getting the right people to buy. Only then will you create an Evolved Enterprise.

But remember, this is an evolution. There is a progression from the old to the new way of doing things. This progression takes you from being simply transaction-based to what Yanik calls Transcendence

3 Levels of Business

Level 1: Transactional

Transactional means just that; operating at the level of the transaction, the level of the sale. The official definition of transaction is “a one-time instance of buying or selling something; a business deal.”

This is the old model of doing business. This is the model built on getting that one sale, even if it means selling people something they don’t need.

Sadly, most businesses still operate at this level.

That isn’t to say that these businesses aren’t trying to do something good in the world. They often donate a percentage of their revenues to charity or participate in community service. These actions do help increase sales, but these companies are missing the big picture.

There is much more to operating a business than making the next sale. This is why many businesses are taking it to the next level…

Level 2: Transformational

At the Transformational level, the vision is honed. Partners, suppliers, investors, team members, and customers are brought into the big picture. Each transaction becomes more than just a sale.

 The transformational level is where you begin to figure out how to “bake in” an impact with every purchase.

It is at this level that business is about more than the transaction. It is about doing what is best for the consumer, the community, and business partners, which in turn comes back around and ends up being what is best for the business.

When you engage with your purpose and passion, when you bring your entire business to it, you bring more value and create more long-term success for your business.

You will be expanding and sharing your company’s unique value with others. This can happen through a talent exchange, mentoring, resource allocation, or a sharing of expertise and experience.

The key is that you will make the best use of your team for a higher purpose. This will make them part of something bigger and that is what everyone wants.

This transforms the thinking throughout the entire organization. You can’t help but consider how every aspect of your business can be leveraged to create an impact. And rather than just measuring profit, it is this impact you measure.

This is your true mark of success.

Level 3: Transcending

This is the level at which you uncover the true essence of your business. As Yanik says, it is “the ‘soul’ of your venture.”

So, how do you truly transcend? Through multipliers. Reach out and spread what you know to others. Share what you have learned. Invite others into your work culture. Take your work culture out into the world.

This is the level at which you work synergistically with other players to co-create something amazing.

This partnership will transcend any preconceived notion of what business is or should be. Rather than one business reaping the benefits, every collaborator benefits!

There is simply more to be had from “co-opetition” than from trying to beat out your competition. Yanik quotes John Mackey, Co-CEO of Whole Foods, and Raj Sisodia, from their book, Conscious Capitalism:

“Imagine a business that views its competitors not as enemies to be crushed but as teachers to learn from and fellow travelers on the journey towards excellence.”

Even when it comes to online business, the concept of partnership and helping one another is critical. Teaming up and forming networks helps make more of an impact for everyone.

Transcendence is a form of art in the business world, one that will paint the world in whatever colors you choose.

5 Aspects of the Evolved Enterprise

How does this all happen? How do you get from Level 1 to Level 3 in business?

It is these five aspects that, when embraced together, will allow you to take your business to transcendence. These five aspects are:

  • You
  • Cause
  • Culture
  • Community
  • Creation

Let’s take a look at what these are and how they work together…

1. It All Starts with You


The better you know yourself and what makes you happy and fulfilled, the better able you will be to create your very best work. You will be able to grow and operate your business on a whole new level when you are truly in touch with yourself.
Do whatever it takes to find out who you are. Delve deep and do some real soul-searching.

And you don’t have to put your business on hold while you do this.

You don’t have wait until you come to some great discovery about yourself. This is not a linear process. You can learn about yourself while you work on other aspects of your business.

Discover your passions and follow them. Do something that sets your soul on fire. You are the only one who can take your passions and ignite them.

Passion = Perseverance

Your passion will keep you moving forward. You truly CAN be the change you wish to see in the world. But to do that, you need to make one important, life-changing decision.

You need to decide to play big and make an impact.

2. Your Cause

This is your great big WHY. Why are you doing what you are doing? What do you hope to get out of it?

As Yanik says, “Our why is ‘Changing the way business is played.’”

You want your business and its mission to fit into the big picture of your life’s mission. And you need change the way you do business to make this happen. When you align how your business is played with how you want to go through life, with the kind of person you want to be, something magical will happen.

This means that you are not simply looking for a business venture. That is at the transactional level. No, you are looking for a cause you can start. This is why you need to ask yourself the big questions—so you can determine your higher purpose.
And this higher purpose is your golden ticket.

Everyone has a higher purpose. They just need to get in touch with it. And it is different for everyone, which means that so much good can be done in the world.

3. Culture

Once you have created an alignment between your life’s mission and your business mission, you have to bring that to your team. You have to create an environment in which your team can evolve along with your business.

A business where the employees contribute to the positive influence and overall mission is much more impactful. Employees are happy to work, but they want to work for more than just a paycheck.

In fact, today’s Millennial workforce—the largest living segment of our economy—works for purpose, rather than just a paycheck.

“Giving your young employees a purpose will enable them to envision a future with your company. Young people are fickle. They are on an endless search for happiness. If an organization is unable to map out a road plan, a purpose of employment, it will unfortunately notice a high 0-2 year turnover. Millennials need direction and meaning, an interesting mixture of altruism and self-interest.” – Forbes

Employees want to be able to envision a future. They want to work for someone who has a solid sense of social responsibility.

So, give them what they want! Get everyone involved and make it inclusive.

In this way, they will thrive. They will align themselves with your values and mission. They will help take your business to the next level.

4. Community

Once you have your house in order, you will take it to the community. This is about your customers, your clients, and the members of the community that you want to help.

This is how  your company creates a positive ripple effect in the world. .

I Invite your customers to join you. You will offer your customers a chance to become part of something bigger. You will be making them part of a movement, not just customers.

We have come from an era of business that taught us we had to choose people or profits—we couldn’t have both. This is simply not true. We don’t have to choose people instead of profits, but we do have to value people over profits.

When we value people over profits, we will have more success over the long-term.

5. Creation

When you have your passions, your business, your team, and your customers aligned with a common purpose, you are ready for creation.

Now, you are going to get cooking. This is where you “bake in” your impact. This is about your products and  services, how you determine what you will sell and how you will create it.

It’s about making something that is meaningfully different.

You want to create something of great quality that people love. When people love it, they will share it with their family and friends. This leads to more and more customers.

But you also want to create something that comes with a significant story. Something full of passion.

These together lead to a greater impact in the community and in the world.

Just think about it. The world’s biggest problems are the biggest business opportunities.

Want to be a billionaire? Help a billion people.

Entrepreneurship is truly a force in this world. It is the force that’s changing the world more than anything else. It is made up of people who want to do great things.

Making a Difference

He was ready to kick it off, but he knew he didn’t want to just do another launch. He wanted to make an even bigger difference.

Village Enterprise was already one of their long-term cause partners. Yanik wanted to take that partnership to a new level.

Yanik wanted to bring an ENTIRE village out of poverty.

Village Enterprise has an incredible track record. They have helped East Africans start more than 33,000 sustainable micro-businesses. And after 4 years, 75% of these businesses are still thriving! Yanik wanted to magnify those results.

Just look at what some of the people helped by Village Enterprise are saying:

“It gives me great joy to stand as a woman, not begging, but helping others and playing a role in changing the world in which I live.” – Angela Adeke

“Village Enterprise came like a key in my life. It is Village Enterprise that really opened my eyes and made me who I am today. It was out of the program that made me hope for the future. Because it is this program that made me realize, I can’t continue to stay like this. I have to change.” – Ronald Okello

“Before we were in the group, it was only men who traveled to town to trade. Never women. But now, we stand before the men. We do business with them. We exchange with them! We have truly become empowered women. There is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot also do!”Ageyo Janet Francis

The work Village Enterprise has done is incredible! And we want to do more. But we need your help to make it happen.

So, our goal is to help a village create and sustain 50 amazing new businesses.

This could mean more kids in school. More mothers surviving childbirth. An entire community uplifted by the contributions of everyone.

That is what this initiative is all about. It isn’t about a single book. It isn’t even about you or me. It is about everyone, together. It is about helping each other .

And the journey to an evolved business begins right here and right now. It begins with YOU!

“The seeds of greatness take root in your heart and bloom in service.”Yanik Silver

We want to help a community build 50 small businesses. Each business will benefit an average of 20 people. This will uplift 1,000 people. And the cost to start each business is $500.

This is  where you come in. Are you ready to help yourself and help others? For just $60, you can do BOTH .

$60 is NOT a huge price to pay.

Here’s how  you will be helping others…

50% of the books profits  will go directly to the Evolved Village Project. That is $30 for every purchase that will go toward pulling people out of poverty.

How you will be helping yourself…

For your small investment,  you will receive the Evolved Enterprise Package. Inside this package, you will get the “Evolved Enterprise” book. But there is more.

You will also get the “Write the Business Love Story You Want the World to Buy” book. This is a book that you can carry with you. This is a book that will allow you to write down inspiration as it hits you. It will give you a place to answer questions. It is a valuable companion on your journey.

You will also receive a bracelet that was handmade by East African Artisans. Made by the same people you will be helping! You can wear this bracelet as a reminder of your commitment. It will act as a reminder that you are part of something big—bigger than you or your business.

Yanik will also give you some bonus content, including the following downloads:

Each of these downloads is worth $39. And they will be yours free when you commit to purchasing the Evolved Enterprise Package for $60.

You absolutely must have this package!

Entrepreneur.com named Evolved Enterprise as #1 of their “4 New Books That Can Change Your Entrepreneurial Life” list.

But that’s not all! I have teamed up with Yanik to launch the Evolved Enterprise Village Project and we want you to join us.

When you make the small investment of $60 to receive Yanik’s Limited-Edition Evolved Enterprise Village Visionary Package, I will give you two of my best courses.

There are no strings attached here. When you spend just 60 bucks, you will walk away with the Evolved Enterprise Package plus these two Lurn Nation exclusive bonuses:

Bonus #1: Lifetime access to List Academy

You can no longer buy this course, but when you invest in Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise Package, I will give you lifetime access to this course for FREE.

This is a course that I sold for $2,000. This course teaches you the psychology that has helped me grow my email list to more than 700,000 people. It contains my personal winning templates, emails, subject lines that have helped earn MILLIONS of dollars!

Again, this course is NOT for sale! And it’s yours for free when you purchase Yaink’s Evolved Enterprise Package.

Bonus #2: 10K Formula

In this course, you will learn:

This course is worth hundreds of dollars. And it is yours free when you invest in Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise Village Project.

That is more than $2,000 of free courses I will give you when you invest in Yanik’s Evolved Enterprise Package. All you have to do is make the investment and you’ll have some of the best entrepreneurial tools at your fingertips.

Five days after you make that investment, Yanik will give me the list of who is to receive my free gifts.And then my team  will email you with the information to access those courses.

It’s that simple.

This truly is about so much more than a simple book or even some free courses. This is about creating a snowball effect of positive change in the world.

When you contribute to Yanik’s Limited-Edition Evolved Enterprise Village Package, it is truly a win-win for yourself and others.

You need to make this happen. And at #LurnNation, we are waiting to see your name on Yanik’s list.

CONGRATULATIONS on taking action!

Email Marketing – One of The Best Ways To Make Money Online (My $3 Million a Year Strategy)…

In this post, I’m letting you in on the one of the best ways to make money online. It’s super simple… In fact, it’s only one word, but it has built me multiple 7-figure businesses: Email.

Yes, Email. We all use it every day. It’s so familiar…

But maybe you haven’t noticed the tremendous BUSINESS opportunity of email because it’s been right under your nose.

Email doesn’t have the sexiness of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc. These trendy new platforms dominate the headlines and have a lot of hype around them.

But there’s still only ONE undisputed king. The same king that’s reigned for over 3 decades…


Email is the connective tissue of online business. And it has MASSIVE advantages that social media can’t even touch.

2 Major Advantages That Email Has Over Social Media

Advantage 1: The Sheer Number of People Who Use Email

 More people use Email than anything else. It’s been around longer than anything else and its use continues to rise. Just look at these forecasts from The Radicati Group on worldwide email accounts.

The Numbers:

Email Stats

  • There are over 4.6 BILLION Email addresses and over 144.8 BILLION Emails sent EVERY day! (Source:


  • Facebook only has 1.79 billion monthly active users (Source: Zephoria.com)
  • Twitter only has 317 million monthly active users (Source: Statista.com)

Does that put things in perspective?

Advantage 2: Email Allows YOU to Be In Complete Control of Your Business, Income and Future

There isn’t another marketing opportunity, search engine or social media platform that gives you the CONTROL that Email does.

If you put all of your eggs in one social media basket, that company has the ability to instantly flip the switch and leave you with nothing. You have zero control over these companies’ policies. Why would you build a business on such shaky ground?

Social Media

Editorial credit: REDPIXEL.PL / Shutterstock, Inc.

Here are just a couple of real-life examples from my personal experience:

Example #1: Theft By Google

Years ago, I was generating $600K a year through Google AdWords. I was on top of the world… UNTIL Google shut my account down overnight with ZERO notice.

It was like they STOLE $600,000 from me!

Google Adwords Shutdown

Example #2: Shutdown By Facebook

Just recently, I was kicking butt on Facebook. Sure, I was spending a lot ($5,000+ a day!)… but for every $1 I spent on Facebook advertising, I was bringing in over $2! So, my $5,000 spend would make me about $10,000.

Yet, without any warning or explanation, Facebook shut me down.

Shutdown by Facebook

Combined, that’s about 2.4 million per year that I lost simply because I HAD NO CONTROL.

These examples aren’t exceptions either. This kind of stuff happens all the time. A couple years ago, Facebook changed the algorithms for their fan pages. Overnight, posts were getting a mere fraction of the engagement (views, clicks…etc.) they had before.

Facebook Fan Page Post Reach Drops Overnight

Source: Neil Patel’s Blog

As I’m sure you can image, this was devastating to anyone whose business relied on Facebook.

What Differentiates Email is that YOU OWN YOUR LIST.

No one can take your Email list away from you. Even if your Email service provider goes out of business, you still have your list.

Therefore, building an Email list, and marketing to those subscribers, is the safest business model possible. You continually grow it and nurture it… and it continuously rewards you with engagement and income.

Your Email list becomes your asset for the long haul.

Email lists have been the backbone of multiple 7-figure businesses of mine. 13 years ago, it was the core of my business. Even though my business has grown exponentially, Email still remains the core of my business today.

That will NEVER change.

The Proof – A Glimpse At What’s Possible…

CASE STUDY 1: How I Made a $1,103,086 Payday In Just 12 Days

Listen, not every campaign is going to be a home run. Believe me, I’ve struck out my fair share. But every once in a while, BOOM! In 2014, my home run was making $1,103,086 after just 12 days.

Case Study 1: Income Proof 1.1 Million Dollars

Here’s how it happened:

  1. I teamed up with a great, high-ticket affiliate offer priced at $3,500.
  2. I sent 18 Emails over just 12 days. Yes, that’s more than normal — But the results prove it works!
  3. I added 81,876 subscribers to my list! That means, that even AFTER this rock star promotion, I made quite a bit of money from this list!

I know you may be thinking: “Yes, but Anik, I don’t have the connections and money you have. How could I possibly get those kinds of results?”

While you probably won’t make over a million dollars on your first go, I believe you can put yourself on the fast-track to build your own email marketing business… especially with the simple 5-Step System I’m about to show you.

As the stoic philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Seneca

Here’s a very realistic payday that’s possible for someone using my system.

CASE STUDY 2: How I Made $8,800 In Commissions AND A Prize of $12,000 In The Same Launch

I promoted one of Dr. Joe Vitale’s products in the Personal Development space. It was very inexpensive — just $40! And I set up everything I needed for the campaign in only 45 MINUTES flat. Easy!

Then I waited…

  1. I sold 220 units and made $8,800.
  2. Because I did so well, I even WON a prize valued at $12K!
  3. Plus, I added 6,000 more subscribers to my Email list!

Case Study 2: Income Proof 8800 Vitale Offer

While these types of results may not be typical nor expected, MANY of my students have also been able to create amazing paydays for themselves.

I’m not saying that you’re going to make thousands of dollars off the first Email you send. However, these case studies stand to show you what’s possible. The opportunity is out there for those who are willing to grab it.

And what do ALL of them have in common? They all used…

My 5-Step Email Marketing System (AKA One of the Easiest Ways to Make Money Online)

Email Marketing - Best Ways To Make Money Online - 6 Steps

What if I told you that you could run an online business with virtually no technology or experience?

Well, you can with this simple 5-step system.

You see, technology can be intimidating for most people. But I’ve created a system that leverages simple technology which anyone can implement. Plus, it’s all automated.

Email Marketing has staggering advantages over other online business models. With my system, there is NO NEED to:

  • Spend years building a blog following
  • Struggle to attract millions of website visitors just to make pennies off of Google AdSense
  • Settle for the razor thin margins of eCommerce
  • Build your whole business on a third party platform like Amazon or Ebay (and therefore give all of your control away)
  • Spend months or years creating products for a digital publishing business

My system is the ONLY online business model that:

  • Gives you complete control
  • Takes just a few hours to set up (or less)
  • Gives you great profit margins
  • Becomes an asset for the rest of your life (and beyond)

People want a system that WORKS for them… Not a system that forces them to WORK.

Here are the steps to my proven, easy and reliable 5-Step Email Marketing System…

Step #1: Choose Your Niche

Email Marketing Ways to Make Money Online Step 1

Choose wisely…

The category you pick to build your business around can either have you happily swimming in profits or painfully struggling with disappointment.

All of your results and all of your success hinges on the category you choose.

There are categories that have been proven to work over and over again, and there are other categories that simply aren’t worth pursuing.

While there are a lot of categories, 3 are proven over and over again to be the most profitable: Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Health, Wealth, and Relationships

Choose your category first, and then choose a sub-category within this category. The sub-category is called your “niche.”

For example, “Health” is a category and “Women’s Weight Loss” is a niche within the “Health” category. Another example would be the “Wealth” category and the “Real Estate” niche within that category.

There are literally dozens of categories and hundreds of niches to choose from…

Health Wealth Relationship Niches

If you pick a niche within any of these categories, you have a HUGE advantage from the very beginning.

How to Choose a Niche With the Greatest Profit Potential

Here’s a simple 5-point checklist that helps you choose the BEST NICHE.

Niche 5-Point Checklist

  1. Choose a niche that people really want to learn about.
  2. Choose a niche that is vibrant and exciting for markets today. You may be good at shoe repair, but how many people are repairing shoes today?
  3. Choose a niche that people are willing to buy information about. Bird watching may be fun, but are people paying to learn more about it?
  4. Choose a niche that has a lot of competition. Go to http://www.ClickBank.com to check out how popular your niche is.
  5. Choose a niche that is digital friendly. While learning about essential oils can be done through online, testing and buying those oils is not digital friendly.

Another point that cannot be ignored is PASSION. If you aren’t passionate about a niche, forget it. It will only become another job for you and your prospects will feel your lack of passion.

You want to pick a niche you’re excited to learn about and share with people. My most successful students pick a profitable niche that they’re also passionate about.

Choose your niche carefully. Start your business on the best foot possible by selecting the best niche possible, so you can maximize your ways to make money online.

Step #2: The Only 1-Page Website Ever Needed

Email Marketing Ways to Make Money Online Step 2

Here’s a crippling myth: You need a big fancy website in order to make money online.

This isn’t the case at all. All you need is one single page.

This 1-page website can’t just be any kind of page. It needs to be an OPT-IN PAGE.

The sole purpose of an opt-in page is to entice people to give you their Email addresses. This goes hand-in-hand with the primary objective of any Email marketer.

The #1 goal of an Email marketer is to COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES.

Most websites might look nice and have great functionality, yet the overwhelming majority of people visit and never come back.

If you have an opt-in page, it drives people to provide you with their Email addresses. This ensures continued communication with people who visit your site. This is so important.

Your 1-page opt-in site will ultimately become the engine for your Email Marketing Business. This is what generates quality leads to turn into sales.

High Converting Optin Page Examples

Secrets to a High-Converting Opt-In Page

There are 4 key elements that are essential to a high-converting opt-in page:

4 Key Elements To A Successful Optin Page

1. Opt-In Box

The whole point of an opt-in page is to get people to opt-in, right?

In order to ensure this, your opt-in box must be visible and have clear instructions. Prospects should notice it right away and easily be able to provide their Email address.

2. Headline

Your headline is the first thing people see when they get to your page. It should clearly state what the prospects will receive in exchange for their Email address.

Poor headline examples: “Please Give Us Your Email Address” (Yes, I’ve seen that one before) OR “Get My Free Report”

Good headline example: “FREE Underground Report: Steal My Secrets To Gain 11 LBS of Pure Muscle WITHOUT Lifting Weights”

3. Image of Your Free Gift

People won’t just give you their Email address for no reason. You need to offer something that benefits them in exchange for their Email address.

This is why having a free gift is so important. A free gift could be anything from a downloadable PDF like a free report or an ebook, or something of another format like a free video or audio. It could even be a physical book (although that’s a little more advanced.)

4. Bullet Points

Having bullet points that highlight the value of your free gift will increase your conversions. Though bullet points are optional (I’ve seen pages convert excellently without them), putting in this extra bit of effort can optimize your opt-in page.

Step #3: Choose a Winning Affiliate Offer

Email Marketing Ways to Make Money Online Step 3

Affiliate Marketing: Promoting someone else’s product and getting a commission for every sale you make

Choosing the right affiliate offer is a lot like choosing the right niche.

Some offers will seem to promote themselves and make you money in your sleep (literally), while others will flop even when you try your hardest.

Not all affiliate offers are created equal. This is why it’s so important to choose a winning affiliate offer.

4 Ways To Choose Winning Affiliate Offers

1. Dig a Little

Affiliate offers are all over the internet. You can find many of the best ones in affiliate networks, such as www.ClickBank.com

Clickbank Featured Products Example

And www.JVZoo.com

JV Zoo Affiliate Example

Sign Up To Be A JV Zoo Affiliate Here

Inside ClickBank, check what’s called the Gravity Score. That’s a measure of the popularity of an affiliate offer.
Clickbank Gravity Score Example

With JVZoo, simply look at the Top Sellers.
JV Zoo Top Sellers Example

You can even do a quick search on Google for “keyword + Affiliate Program”. That will give you a good idea of what’s being searched for on Google.

Google Affiliate Program Seach Example

Those are some of the best options to find affiliate programs and ways to make money online…

Red Flag Warning: If you’re having a hard time finding affiliate offers for your niche, stay away from that niche! Believe me, lots of competition is a good thing when it comes to choosing affiliate offers. If there’s nothing available, guess what? Nobody’s interested!

2. Review Their Marketing

Want to know which affiliate offers attract the most customers?

Pretend as if you’re their customer. Watch their video sales letter. Read through their sales page. Is it captivating? Does it make you want to buy? If it does, they probably sell a lot of their products. That’s a good sign.

3. Subscribe to Their Emails

Here’s a great tip. Before you commit to choosing any affiliate offer, get on their Email list. Then read their Emails for a couple weeks.

Subscribe To Their Email Lists

You’ll immediately be able to differentiate the winning ones from the rest.

4. Review Their Product

Most affiliates will give you a copy of their product to review. Once they do, go through it with a careful eye. If it’s great quality, it may be worth going with them as an affiliate offer.

You should only be considering offers that you know will actually help your subscribers. Providing value will give you a genuine, lasting rapport with your list.

Step #4: Create a Great Free Gift

Email Marketing Ways to Make Money Online Step 4

As I said before, people aren’t just going to give you their Email address. So how do you collect Email addresses then?

You need to offer something of value in exchange for someone’s Email address. If you offer a free gift with great value, your conversion rates will skyrocket and your list will grow exponentially.

The most common free gifts are PDF files like reports, ebooks or workbooks. But you can also offer a free video or audio file. Your free gift should simply offer tremendous value to your subscribers.

Here’s an example…

Les Brown Free Gift Report Example

For most niches, a PDF report is a good option. But for something like the meditation niche, guided meditations is an example of a solid free gift.

2 Ways To Create Your Free Value-Rich Gift

  1. The Hard Way – Create the free gift yourself. If it’s a free report, you’re going to write it. The benefit of doing this is that you have complete control of the content. If you’re a solid writer, this could be a good option for you.

The process of writing your own free report doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. While it can be a lot of work, there is a basic process you can follow to make it less daunting.

Here are the basic steps of creating your own report:
Basic Steps to Create Your Own Report

  • Create an Outline – The more detailed the outline, the easier it will be to write.
  • Write the Report – Focus on writing one section at a time. This “chunking” practice will help you avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Format the Report for Digital Download
  • Design a Report Cover
  1. The Easy Way – This consists of hiring someone else to create your free gift. There are so many phenomenal websites out there that connect you with talented writers.

By having an expert create your free gift, you will save a lot of time and many headaches.

The disadvantage with this approach is that it will cost you money. However, on many of the sites below, you can get a free gift created for well under $200.

The best websites to find freelancers:

Website #1: upwork.com

Upwork Freelancer Example

Website #2: fiverr.com

Fiverr Freelancer Example

Website #3: guru.com

Guru Freelancer Example

Website #4: freelancer.com

Freelancer Example

Website #5: iwriter.com

iWriter Freelancer Example
iWriter How It Works

Now you know just how quick and easy it is to create your free report. There’s just one more thing to do… Write your Emails.

Step #5: Send Your Emails

Email Marketing Ways to Make Money Online Step 5

What do you call an Email marketer who rarely Emails their list?


You want to build up to make $1/month off of every subscriber you have. This means with a list of 10,000 people, which is generating $10,000/month.

How much you make per subscriber every month is entirely dependent on your Email strategy.

Here’s a crucial tip: To achieve the levels of income you want, you need to Email your list regularly.

There are 2 ways to send Emails to your list: Autoresponders and Broadcasting.

Don’t worry… both are a piece of cake.

Email Strategy #1 – Autoresponders (Set it & Forget It)

The name says it all.

Autoresponders are Emails that are automatically sent to your list.


This often takes the form of an automated Email series. The first Email might be a thank you Email, the next might be an introduction to a problem your prospect is facing, the third might be a relevant promotion of an affiliate product…etc.

While autoresponders are a great hands-off strategy, I don’t recommend them as your primary means of Email communication. The reason for this is it lacks a personal touch and dynamic adaptability.

For example, what if one of the autoresponders that I set up months ago references a celebrity who recently passed away. Not only do I come across as out-of-touch, I may even offend a certain segment of my audience.

Because of this, I highly recommend using the second Email strategy…

Email Strategy #2 – Broadcasting (The Personalized and Preferred Approach)

Broadcast Emails are my bread and butter. This is the lifeblood of my Email Marketing business.


90% of Emails I send to my students are broadcasted. This simply means that I write the Email and send it. This Email is delivered to my whole list (or a chosen segment of my list if I want).

Essentially, broadcasting is like a personal Email that goes out to a bunch of people. It allows you to add a much more personal touch to your Emails, provide relevant information and adjust according to current trends and/or events.

I’ve seen the greatest results from doing Broadcast Emails, so that’s why I recommend eventually moving to them in a big way.

Now that you know the best way to send Emails, what about the types of Emails to send? That’s what I’ll show you next…

Mix It Up To Create Continuous Engagement

You can’t just Email your list the same exact type of Email over and over again.

If you do this, people are going to either ignore your Emails or unsubscribe pretty quickly. The surefire way to dry up your list is to always send the same kind of Emails. Switching things up keeps your audience engaged and interested.

There are essentially 3 different types of Emails: Content, Promotional and Hybrid.

Type 1: Content Emails – These educate your audience, provide value and share useful information.

An example of a content Email would be workout tips, if your business is in the fitness niche.

Type 2: Promotional Emails – You make money by selling. This is what promotional Emails are for. Remember that the people who joined your list are interested in what you have to offer. So don’t be afraid to promote!

An example of a promotional Email would be an Email that links to a Video Sales Letter.

Type 3: Hybrid Emails – Hybrid Emails are not only my favorite, but the best performing as well. They come across as content and provide value, yet they blend in some salesmanship. Hybrid Emails work so well because no one feels like they’re just being sold to.

The most effective example of Hybrid Emails involves storytelling. When you tell a story, you’re providing captivating content, in which you can seamlessly add a link to a sales page.

Now that you know the best ways to send emails and the different types, I want to talk about the best tool…

I believe the Best Email Marketing Suite out there is Sendlane. Sure, I’m one of the owners, but the part that makes Sendlane stand above the rest is the high level of deliverability. After all, if your Emails aren’t being delivered… what’s the point?

Just for our #LurnNation community, I’m giving you a Free 30-Day Trial.

Sendlane Free 30-Day Trial

Click Here To Get Your Free 30-Day Sendlane Trial

Ok. You’ve got all the steps. But before you get started, there is a special bonus step that is crucial to your success as an Email marketer.

BONUS Step #6: Maybe The MOST Important — Driving Traffic

Email Marketing Ways to Make Money Online BONUS Step 6

What use is all of this if you don’t have people actually visiting your opt-in page?

This is where traffic comes in. No, not the “beep-beep” traffic. I’m talking about hordes of hungry prospects coming to your page and giving you their Email addresses.

Traffic is the fuel of your Email Marketing business. Without traffic, you have no leads. Without any leads, who are you going to market to?

Getting traffic to your site can be a major obstacle for some people, but it doesn’t have to be.

The 2 Major Types Of Traffic

Free Traffic

Free Traffic

Free traffic is basically relying on searches and social media for traffic. It can take months to drive a significant amount of traffic this way. That’s why, for this business model, I recommend investing in traffic as well.

Investment Traffic

Investment Traffic

Some people use the term “paid traffic.” I think of traffic as more of an investment though. When you buy stocks, you don’t say you PAY for stocks, you say you INVEST in stocks. The same principle applies to traffic. Traffic is an investment.

Investing in traffic can increase the number of visitors to your site (and number of subscribers) very quickly. However, if not carefully implemented and rigorously tracked, paying for traffic can be a black hole for your budget.

If you’re smart about investment traffic, it will easily pay for itself and turn you a profit faster than any other kind of business.

There are many, many ways to invest in traffic. Here are just some of them:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • Solo Ads*

*Solo ads are a highly effective strategy where you basically rent someone else’s Email list in your niche. You not only get more traffic and sales, but simultaneously build your list. And the prospects you add to your list are already interested and highly engaged to begin with (because they’re on someone else’s list in your niche). It doesn’t get much better than that.

With traffic, you have to consider TIME VS MONEY. You can put in a ridiculous amount of time and effort in getting traffic, or you can spend a little money and become profitable very quickly.

That’s just the basics of traffic. There’s a lot more to it, but that could be another blog post in and of itself.

After reading this, you now know more about Email Marketing than most Email marketers. How about that?

Let’s summarize a bit…

  • EMAIL IS KING. Remember that. The number of people who use Email is more than any social media platform. Email IS NOT going anywhere either.

Email Users Stats Radicati

Source: The Radicati Group

  • With Email Marketing, you’re in control. No company can cut you off and destroy your business overnight. Having control is powerful in any business.
  • Email Marketing and promoting affiliate offers are the easiest and most effective ways to make money online. I showed you how simple it really is.

All you have to do is follow my 5-Step System…

Email Marketing Best Ways to Make Money Online

STEP 1. Choose A Niche
STEP 2. Build A One-Page Website (AN OPT-IN PAGE)
STEP 3. Choose A Winning Affiliate Offer
STEP 4. Create A Great Free Gift
STEP 5. Send Emails
[BONUS] STEP 6. Drive Traffic

It’s really a simple formula, right? Anyone can do it.

Honestly, this is among the fastest ways to make money online and start a profitable business.

Now you just need to put this into practice.

Are you ready to take action?

To support you in the process of starting your very own online business, don’t miss my Success Weekly Replay, where I cover all of this in great detail.

See you there.

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Master Time Management: 5 Simple Steps to Rule the Day!

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